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<Cookiemonster> WTF, Narriator is still talking even after closing the window
<AllegedLunatic> is it talking to you?!
<AllegedLunatic> is it telling you to...kill someone?!?!?!
<Cookiemonster> No
<AllegedLunatic> phew
<Cookiemonster> I don't think my computer is possesed
<Cookiemonster> ..or is it?
<Sheldrake> My computer was possessed
<Sheldrake> Every night at around 11:00PM, it would start playing some music, a viagra ad, or some sports game
<Sheldrake> Even if I closed all the windows, it would still play
<Sheldrake> Turns out it was a virus, but it still creeped me out :/
<FurryPanda> the cure for possession of a computer is holy water
<Sheldrake> Yep
<Sheldrake> Dunk it into a tub full of holy water
<Sheldrake> Problem solved
<FurryPanda> you tilt it so the USB port or CD drive is parellel to the ground, and then dump holy water in
<Sheldrake> Well....THAT problem is solved :P
<Cookiemonster> It breaks your computer, ending in you needing to get a new one
<FurryPanda> you will see the sparks of divine redemption
<Sheldrake> Hehe
<FurryPanda> it is appropriate, but unnescessary, to sing a hymn here
<FurryPanda> once the sparks of divine redemption go away, and you have dealt with any divine fire damage, you can then reactivate the computer
<FurryPanda> and there shall be a heavenly chord (assuming you changed the setting for "OMG ALARM BEEP" to "heavenly choir"
<FurryPanda> and there shall be a beautiful blue expanse, with blocky white text
<Cookiemonster> And it shall be known as Bliss
<FurryPanda> and you shall know the love of thy lord, for your computer shall hiss and make mechanical whining
<FurryPanda> and there's more, but most people replace their computers (and desks) at this point