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<SickPsycho> Lethe, PC is on the route to recovery! :D
<Lethe> wooooooo
<SickPsycho> Tech Guy discovered what might have been causing my problem.
<Renske> haii
<Renske> ooh ooh did he short out your circuits?
<Renske> hm?
<SickPsycho> :P
* Lethe snorts
<Renske> poked his screw driver in your case?
* SickPsycho pushes Renske back into the gutter where she belongs
<Renske> hm?
<Renske> :D
<Lethe> plugged your sockets
<Renske> i make this gutter look good.
<SickPsycho> :P
<SickPsycho> Nahh, he just discovered the minor fact that my PC core was running at 88 Degrees.
<Lethe> but his sata in your hard drive
<Lethe> power up your cpu
<Renske> ah you were so hot you really needed a good fanning?
<SickPsycho> Yep. ;P
<Renske> :D
<Djones> fannying
<Renske> THANK you.
<Djones> Quite welcome.
<Lethe> this conversation, had by three women
<Lethe> would make people over at slashdot die in a pool of geeky orgasm
<SickPsycho> Heheheh
<Lethe> we wield such power