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<Database> first rule: never, ever tell a woman she's fat. even in a nice way. XD
<Database> I think that is one of the only "rules" that actually does blanket-apply to everyone.
* The_French_Sim doesn't equate "overweight" with "unattractive" though :p
<Pescado> Databases: That depends on whether you're trying to be nice.
<Pescado> I'm not, so I'm free to call a whale a whale.
<Database> See, you are the exception to the rule, Pes
<Database> You aim to insult, so the rule doesn't apply. :p
<Pescado> And you should follow my example!
* The_French_Sim actually aimed to tell Loafie that her weight isn't demeaning to her looks, and that she looks cute, overweight or not :p
<Pescado> Notice how well it works!
<Pescado> And Loaf, you are fat and stupid.
<The_French_Sim> o_o
<Pescado> Just like your fat, stupid face.
<Loaf> aww, love you too Pescado