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[17:44] <Sparkle> I had some cheese balls, but they're soggy
[17:44] <Sparkle> Cue innuendo in 3,2,1
[17:44] <Gangreless> I can't think of a good one, Sparkle.
[17:44] <Sparkle> Soggy cheese balls?
[17:44] * Gangreless makes joke amount cheese, smegma, and soggy balls.
[17:45] <Sparkle> You mean you can't seriously think of innuendo about that?
[17:45] <Gangreless> I just did, see "Gangreless makes joke"
[17:45] <Gangreless> .. and that should have said "about" not "amount"
[17:46] <Gangreless> Let's try this again..Sparkle: I have soggy cheese balls.
[17:46] <Gangreless> Wash them more often?
[17:46] <Sparkle> Or eat them, and not just leave them on my bed?
[17:47] <Gangreless> Well, if you're in to that kinda thing.
[17:47] <Sparkle> I meant the food product
[17:47] <Gangreless> haha
[17:48] <Sparkle> And don't leave cheese snacks
[17:48] <Gangreless> Well if you're going to buy cheese, you should probably keep it refrigerated.
[17:48] <Gangreless> Definitely don't keep it in your bed like some sort of organic masturbation device.
[17:48] <Sparkle> And I still have a pot of salad on my desk
[17:49] <Sparkle> I meant the food -_-
[17:49] <Gangreless> Sparkle, dear, food is for eating, not for masturbating. Well, ok, some food is for masturbating, but not cheese and salad. Silly.
[17:50] <Sparkle> Forget it.
[17:50] <Gangreless> haha
[17:50] <Safyre420> dick cheese and tossed salads?
[17:50] <Gangreless> exactly saf