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<elpemmy> omnomnom sausage and chips
<ArtsyFrenchie> We all know you like sausage, Emmy
<Database> hur hur hur
<elpemmy> oh, fuck you. :P
<Database> she also likes chips.
<Database> strange
<Database> most girls don't
<elpemmy> ...chips? I think I'm missing the innuendo
<Database> ...
<Database> Oh god Emmy, you are clueless XD

[ ten minutes later... ]

<elpemmy> ...okay now I'm lost.
<elpemmy> Can someone please explain the chips thing?
<Longdaysend> still stuck on that eh?
<elpemmy> yup
* Database falls over laughing.
<Database> Did you get it, LDE?
<Longdaysend> indeed
* Database is just checking it wasn't his terribly English.
<Database> Ems, want me to put you out of your misery?
<elpemmy> :(
<elpemmy> YES!
<Database> Chips = tiny pen0rs.
<elpemmy> Ohhh.
<elpemmy> I'd say sausages are pretty small, tbh.
<Database> ...
<Database> What kind of sausages do you eat?
<Database> Also, hur hur Emmy eats tiny sausages.
<Database> God this conversation is twisted XD
<Database> We don't have a gutter... we have a swimming pool.
<ArtsyFrenchie> Emmy's going to get disappointed when she reaches age of consent...
<elpemmy> Pah, Frenchie, what makes you think I'mma get laid the second I turn 16?
<Database> Emmy: Because you liek secks?
<Longdaysend> you hang out here?
<Database> Yes, one of us is going to sex you, Emmy :p
<ArtsyFrenchie> Ok, I'd say "after she reaches age of consent"
<elpemmy> Hang on, lemme calculate something.
<Database> And "one of us" is probably French :D
<Longdaysend> emmy once you hit the age of consent lock your doors and install anti-frenchman security devices
<elpemmy> I turn 16 2011. My birthday is on a friday.
<elpemmy> I think this means I will be at home.
<Database> In other words, the Union Jack, amirite?
<elpemmy> Frenchie is not coming to my house.
<elpemmy> If he can find my address, I will be amazed.
<Longdaysend> *sigh* fine ems, i'll give you a chasity belt for your birthday
<Database> Emmy, we already know what school you go to.
<ArtsyFrenchie> I'm totally sure I could find your address
<Database> Finding your address would merely be a case of trial and error.
<elpemmy> Fuckbuckets.
<ArtsyFrenchie> Only, I won't bother :D
<Longdaysend> how many smoking hot 14 yr olds are there in england? like 12 tops!
<Database> LDE: You mean GENUINELY hot, right?
<Longdaysend> it'll be easy to find you ems
<elpemmy> I SPY A DATA
<Database> ...
<Database> Buggernuts!
<Database> I've been spotted!
* Database evades.
* elpemmy shoots
* elpemmy SCORES
<Database> ...
<Database> Emmy, that is the whole point!
<Database> We've been trying to get you to score for months!
<elpemmy> I HATE YOU GUYS.
<Longdaysend> oh god i love you guys so much. i haven't laughed this much in weeks
<elpemmy> FUCK YOU ALL.
<Database> GLADLY
<Database> PLEASE DO