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<frazzmeister> I read 'glittery gay spankey' then 'gliettry monkey spunk'
<GSMnanny> *proud!
<frazzmeister> *glittery
<glittysupermonkey> lol
<glittysupermonkey> lmao in fact
<GSMnanny> hehehe
<glittysupermonkey> dirty mind frazz!
<frazzmeister> yes.
<GSMnanny> reeeally dirrrty!
<frazzmeister> I can't help but think glittery spunk would be pretty....
<glittysupermonkey> lol
<glittysupermonkey> it probably would...
* GSMnanny shuts GSM's ears
*** glittysupermonkey is now known as emspp
<emspp> oh lord, first the huuuge boobies, and now the glittery spunk
<frazzmeister> and at least you could see where its gone... its bad searching a freinds curtains for what you need to clean off....
* GSMnanny faints
* emspp giggles
<emspp> I don't know
<emspp> glitter is a pain to get off
<GSMnanny> tell me!I clean up GSM's mess!
<frazzmeister> I doubt they'd mind glittery curtains,.. its just spunky curtains people seem to have a problem with....