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<cthru> also, what is a loofah? what's it's use?
<Lethe> it's a back brush
<LeeFish> its a type of sponge
<Lethe> like one of them sponges on a stick
<LeeFish> used for scrubbing bits
<cthru> aaaah
<LeeFish> Basically, her name is scrubber
* Lethe says 'on a stick' in a mexican accent in her head
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<renske> and if the wind was wrong, J's car would be covered in grubby stickiness.
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<HystericalParoxysm> Everyone's off doin' emino's mom.
<emino> wooot
<emino> i hope ill get a new sistah out of that
<HystericalParoxysm> Yes, but the babbydaddy will be Chii.
<emino> ooooh
<emino> persocon sistah
<emino> i can install porn in her
<HystericalParoxysm> ...
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<renske> maybe his brain is in his tiny e-peen and that's why he's a bit... speshul.
<Frenchie> :D
<Frenchie> You girls :3
<renske> ohai :| i keep forgetting that this is not #talkwithyourvagina
<renske> ohh god... that would be a HORRIBLE NIGHTMARE
<renske> you look down in the shower and you hear 'OHAAAAI!'
<renske> and during sex you'd hear 'OM NOM NOM'
<cthru> well if a vagina could talk, a penis should be able to do the same
<Aychpee> They can.
<Aychpee> The hole on the end is a bit slit-like. You can totally make it talk.
<Aychpee> And if you pull the foreskin forward at the same time it looks like a talking sand worm
<Aychpee> "omnomnom teh spice must flow... FROM MY BALLS!"
<Loaf> ...
<Aychpee> Oh, don't you elipses at me young lady it's not like you've never tried to make a dick talk.
<Loaf> i haven't!
<Aychpee> Tell me you've at least tried to make your twatflaps talk.
<Loaf> ...nope
<Aychpee> Damn woman.
<Aychpee> Genital puppetry is one of the great things about being human and you're missing out, big time.
<renske> ...i've tried to make a yin yang sign with my boobs
<renske> does that count?
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<Aychpee> You have a bit of bush sticking into your garage though. ;)
<Aychpee> (That sounds dirty...)
<armiel> haha, i'll move it a little bit
<Flabaliki> its funny, cause even if that was intended to be dirty, it doesnt make any sense :P
<DaveyDaVinci> I think it could mean that your hair is growing into your vagina?
<DaveyDaVinci> Idk
<Flabaliki> lol
<DaveyDaVinci> *Does not know much of female anatomy, nor sexual euphamisms*
<Aychpee> I guess if it got really long...
<Flabaliki> eeew
<DaveyDaVinci> Then you could braid it.
<LadyFrontbum> or if you were tribbing.
<LadyFrontbum> *cough*
<DaveyDaVinci> Wtf is tribbing
<DaveyDaVinci> Seriously.
<DaveyDaVinci> Aussie speak >_<
<LadyFrontbum> scissoring.
<Aychpee> Ahahaha
<Flabaliki> rofl
<LadyFrontbum> lmao
<Aychpee> I prefer "bumping clams"
<DaveyDaVinci> >_<
<LadyFrontbum> lol
<Aychpee> Which is to say I prefer the -term-...
* Aychpee coughs
<armiel> ok, no sticky bushes anymore
* Aychpee cacklesnorts
<LadyFrontbum> HAHA
<Aychpee> I'm sooo 12 at heart
* Aychpee goes back to work on pennisland
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<lewjen> ...wow, imagaine a bucket full of viagra. you'd get a boner from looking at... a sim
<joninmobile> I've gotten boners from looking at sims before
<lewjen> ahem
<DaveyDaVinci> *Watches Hendrix to remove the bad mental imagery*
<lewjen> okay, jon, okay
<lewjen> lol
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<Tom> NO. I classify sex as penitration. from ANOTHER person. masturbation is like.. god's gift to all.
<renske> sex =/= penetration.
<renske> there's a whole lot more to sex than penetration.
<renske> poor poor tom.
<Tom> it so does. its like gays are still virgins, cause they havent done it properly.
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<LadyFrontbum> Im trying to think of another way of telling preppy to pop more.
<LadyFrontbum> as in the features.
<LadyFrontbum> I feel bad saying the same shit over and over.
<Aychpee> How about... she's got a cute look content-wise and is well presented, but her actual features seem a bit soft and generic - try a little more work with the sliders to make her facial features more unique - perhaps find a picture of a real person to model some of her features off of, to create a more distinctive and realistic look.
<LadyFrontbum> you are good at this.
<LadyFrontbum> lol
* LadyFrontbum copies and pastes.
<LadyFrontbum> BAM
<Aychpee> ohhh yeah, reject that sim, reject her hard!
<LadyFrontbum> lmao
<LadyFrontbum> Yeah she likes that.
<LadyFrontbum> *sleazy look*
<Aychpee> Oh yes you're a naughty little pudding aren't you? I'm gonna hack your sliders all. night. long.
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<Loaf> my tribble needs new batteries =[
<Djones> ...bad gutterbrained daniel
<Lethe> oh i could so read that out of context
<Djones> bad.
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<&HP|Out> Oooooohhhhhhhh
<&HP|Out> Old MacDonald did ur mom
<&HP|Out> Because she's a ho
<&HP|Out> Aaaaaand on that farm she bobbed his knob
<&HP|Out> Because she's a ho
<&HP|Out> With a suck suck here and a blow blow there
<&HP|Out> Here a suck
<&HP|Out> There a blow
<&HP|Out> Everywhere ur mom's a ho
<&HP|Out> Old MacDonald did ur mom
<&HP|Out> Beeeecauuuse sheeeee's a hoooooooo
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<viromancy> Yes, well, I bet harry potter fans aren't even aware they're supposed to be competing against small, prepubescent teenage christian doormats who think castrated Mormon vampires who sparkle are the most scary things of darkness out there.
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<HystericalParoxysm> Fuck it, imma just use yours LFB and if anyone asks I'll be all liek, "DUDE NO THAT IS MY SKIN LIEK 4REALZ"
<LadyFrontbum> Rofl go for it
<dal> lol
<LadyFrontbum> When ppl say "zomg hp's totally using your skin" I'll be all "INORITE KTHX BAI"
* LadyFrontbum just wanted to type INORITE
<LadyFrontbum> Aw thanks dal
<HystericalParoxysm> INOUDID
<dal> NO WAI
<dal> *hair flip*
<HystericalParoxysm> LIEKYA
<HystericalParoxysm> *eyeroll*
<LadyFrontbum> hahaha
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<Nubie> hey the clock is wrong
<Nubie> the numbers are wrong jon
<fanseelamb> Umm.. that is an excellent observation, Nubie. It's sideways. :/
<Davey> I knew something was weird!
<fanseelamb> I didn't look close enough to try to read them.
<Davey> Yeah you need to rotate it 90% clockwise
<Davey> Omg
<fanseelamb> clockwise!
<fanseelamb> Davey made a funny!
<Davey> I did!
* fanseelamb highfives Davey again
<Davey> Gah, Dane Cook here I come!
<Davey> ^5
<fanseelamb> :D
<Davey> God...this is why I'm at home on a saturday night
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<daluved1> And now..a nap
* daluved1 is now known as dal|nap
<Arisuka> I dunno what it is, but the panelling and the plants are the elements I'm trying to look for :)
* WWW falls asleep on Dal's boobs
<Arisuka> have a great nap!
<Sparkle> Cookie filled dreams!
<WWW> Yeah, they're totally awesome! I get what you mean!
<joninmobile> dal's boobs are totally awesome?
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<Loaf> i feel both sorry for the tribble kirk sits on, and yet envious at the same time.
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<FurryPanda> white, is that link safe
<Djones> God no
<Djones> It's a giant vagina
<whiterider> It depends on how perceptive those around you are
<renske> giant vaginas are unsafe?
<whiterider> There are no *actual* vaginas involved
<FurryPanda> take that as a no
<Djones> renske, bigger surface area
<renske> i think giant vaginas are benign beings
<Djones> More risk of accidental you know
<renske> accidental what?
<renske> falling into it and drowning?
<Djones> projectile spunking
<FurryPanda> shklurching
<whiterider> Accidental vaginal nommage
<Djones> I'm not sure I want to continue this conversation
<renske> well at least you'll have a womb with a view
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<renske> there are pink things in nature
<renske> like ponies
<renske> ..
<renske> i. am. DUMB.
<renske> strike the ponies, replace with \'flowers\'
<elpemmy> rofl
<elpemmy> Unicorns are pink and white stripes. Like zebras. Only with horns.
* elpemmy nodnod
* renske and elpemmy live in a really speshul world
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<elpemmy> We were told at the beginning of the year "Your hair stays the colour it is right now for the WHOLE YEAR" so many people have died it's ridiculous.
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<ShinyhappySparkle> You're crazy
<Tree> No, I'm Tree. Pleased to meet you.
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<Gannon> anyone intersted in a project
<Gannon> a victorian manor
<Gannon> with a basment with a shrine to hell
<Gannon> the devil
<Gannon> Anyone have a devil worshipping shrine i can borrow
<DaveyDaVinci> Oh sure
<DaveyDaVinci> Let me go grab it
<DaveyDaVinci> It's right next to my stairway to heaven
<DaveyDaVinci> And the pot of gold I mugged off of that leprechaun
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* Davey curls up in a ball
* Sparkle curls up into a triangle
<Sparkle> Ouch
<Davey> o.O
<Davey> Pics or it didn't happen!
<Davey> Lol
<Sparkle> Actually, it should be folded into a triangle
<Davey> Like one of those pool-side foldy chairs
<Sparkle> Only Sparkle-shaped
* Davey hugs HL
<Davey> Yes
* Davey sits on the Sparkle chair
* Sparkle folds up again
* HugeLunatic wonders what a sparkle chair looks like..
<Davey> One of those pool-side foldy chairs, HL
<Sparkle> XD
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[23:40] <SirEmino> womanhood = priceless
[23:40] <Sparkle> For everything else, there's Mastercard
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<HystericalParoxysm> Yes, I know, I'm a HUGE Who fan and Ten is my favourite Doctor.
<fanseelamb> I only watched Ten's series. New guy does not interest me at all, and I never watched it before. But Ten is <3
<HystericalParoxysm> Matt Smith is -way- funnier to watch as the Doctor after hearing a lovely story someone told on another forum.
<fanseelamb> ooh do tell
<HystericalParoxysm> Their friend apparently dated him for a while.
<HystericalParoxysm> And when in bed, he would shout, "DO YOU LOVE THE COCK?!" and if the answer wasn't a resounding, "YES, I LOVE THE COCK!" his erection would wilt and he'd go and sulk in the corner.
<HystericalParoxysm> So now me and Renske want to go to Who conventions with "DO YOU LOVE THE COCK?!" posters.
<fanseelamb> You must! OMG. ROFL
<fanseelamb> And and at the Q&A put up your hand all innocently, then when they call on you ask "DO YOU LOVE THE COCK?!" We'll write you in jail!
<HystericalParoxysm> ROFLMAO I'm laughing so hard Delphy went "SHHH"
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<&Letheopteryx> please tell me why i'm a dinosaur
<Safociraptor> so you can eat humans?
<&Letheopteryx> humans and dinosaurs lived in different eras
<&Letheopteryx> and would never have met
<Safociraptor> but if we're dinosaurs then we can eat humans because humans exist now lol
<&Letheopteryx> you have a point
* Safociraptor sets up a table of various marinades, glazes and sauces to be used on teh hoomanz
<&Letheopteryx> oh, we're nouvelle quisine dino's?
<Safociraptor> of course :D
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<Sparklycookie> Heya POah
<Phae> iz not a good name
<SkankBenSkank> Oooh, wait, you weren\'t here for that. :-x
<Sparklycookie> *Phae
<Sparklycookie> Stupid keyboard
<SkankBenSkank> Psh, my name is mamazing.
<Phae> sparks, congrats, thats the worst i\'ve seen my name messed up
<Sparklycookie> ROFL
<SkankBenSkank> Hahaha, that\'s pretty good. :)
<Sparklycookie> Blame this stupid klit
<Sparklycookie> *little keyboard