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<revisingemmy> is it bad that I'm procrastinating by reading articles on "how to study for a test?"
<revisingemmy> Previously, I've procrastinated by reading articles on how not to procrastinate
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<levini> what does [rstn] mean
* Sparkle doesn't know what it even means XD
<whiteybook> Registered, strip formatting, topic protection, no outside messages
<levini> oh ...
<whiteybook> Makes much more sense now huh? ;)
<HugeLunatic> You register, then strip, use protection and don't listen to anyone outside the room.
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* mileyMM (mileyMM@27943BD7.7E016320.C4E70AAF.IP) has joined #create
<mileyMM> hi
<mileyMM> how do i download the sims2 for free?
<KaylaRox> You dont
<mileyMM> no
<KaylaRox> you spend 30 dollars and buy it
<KaylaRox> not that much these days
<mileyMM> o buyn it with real money>
<mileyMM> itcosts real money?
<Rikachu> Yes.
<mileyMM> o
<mileyMM> aww
* mileyMM has quit (Quit: Live Chat Java User)
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<whiteybook> I just remembered part of my dream last night...
<Lethe> what was it about
<whiteybook> Ian Richardson was trying to convince me to shag him because he was dying
<Lethe> do i know ian richardson? is he hot?
<whiteybook> No. He's a brilliant actor though. Voice of Death in the Pratchett films, and he was also the lading character in a '60's drama in which he played a corrupt politician. That was his catchphrase when talking to his pet corrupt journalist >.<
<whiteybook> My cutting riposte was to say "You may very well think that but I couldn't possibly comment", and sweep off
<Lethe> fairly hot for an old persoln
<whiteybook> Apparently he's already dead
<whiteybook> So I guess it's a good thing I turned him down
<Lethe> :O
<Lethe> it would be all kinds of wrong regardless
<whiteybook> I know right. He's a TORY
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<fanseelamb> and the individual graphs will be the same new type of graph?
<Delphy> Yes
<fanseelamb> ooh yeah realtime is neat... it was always a day behind
<Delphy> I'll probably have them opening up in a facebox with a flash graph inside it, maybe
<leefish> so you can see em being dld in REAL TIME
<fanseelamb> lol now my max level is 760
<Delphy> fansee ...
<Delphy> step away from the graphs
* fanseelamb throws some leather jackets at HP instead
* HystericalParoxysm recolours them with blue buttons, green buttons, red buttons, white buttons, and happy gay rainbows. LOOK I'M FANSEE LOL
<fanseelamb> rofl
<fanseelamb> Wait I want them for teens! Make them for teens!
<fanseelamb> And make them for girls!
<fanseelamb> And for cats!
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<rens|awaaay> did your country piss of god?
<rens|awaaay> *off
<rens|awaaay> piss of god.. D:
<whiterider> This time I went with very waterproof boots with terrible grip = cold thighs
<rens|awaaay> Holy Jarate.
<frazzmeister> yes. we did, but the droughts. floods, fires, heat, and cyclones are usually enough
<rens|awaaay> so now you've collected them all! \o/
<TipsyPsycho> ...I read that as <renske> did your country piss gold?
<frazzmeister> it used to piss gold, actually.
<rens|awaaay> that would seriously mess up the sewage system.
<frazzmeister> half the blood country is flooded too atm...
<frazzmeister> *bloody
<frazzmeister> place near where my mum lives, got almost a years rainfull in 24 hours.
<TipsyPsycho> Austrailia, the land covered in blood and gold!
*** ChocolateCake has quit (Quit: Live Chat Java User)
<frazzmeister> *rainfall
* TipsyPsycho prospects in frazzy's mine.
<rens|awaaay> ö
<rens|awaaay> so... it's yours now?
<TipsyPsycho> I can sharee if you pay rental fees.
<rens|awaaay> i dont think i am comfortable with you pimping out frazzy's mine.
<TipsyPsycho> But it's such a good mine!
* frazzmeister pushes you both down an opal mine and goes to the pub.
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<TipsyPsycho> By the way, exactly HOW would Midsomer Murders improve baking?
<rens|awaaay> because it features lots of bake sales.
<rens|awaaay> holland doesnt do bake sales.
<rens|awaaay> or baking competitions in a tent.
<TipsyPsycho> Ahh
<rens|awaaay> but my mom got all 'oooooooh i can bake apple pie!'
*** ChocolateCake has joined #social
<rens|awaaay> the cake ritual at our house is that you go to visit and at some point you are presented with home baked cake/pie. you rub your hands together before eating it, while going 'mmmm i have been looking forward to this for MONTHS'
<rens|awaaay> :D hai cake
<ChocolateCake> Hewwo.
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<renske> you know, one day i'm going to get to the point where i am convinced i should have a comedy show. i expect you guys to keep me from it.
<Frenchie> Nope
<Frenchie> I'll push you do make it come true
<Frenchie> And it'll be an awesomely silly show with stupid puns
<renske> you could be my punchline-enhancing drummer.
<Frenchie> :D
<renske> and then after the show has ended we can hang out backstage and snort cake off a hooker's ass
<renske> COKE
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<Sheldrake2> Oh, renske
<renske> hm?
<Sheldrake2> I have no carpet in my bedroom
<Sheldrake2> Just a dirty wooden floor, my desk, and two matresses
<renske> ... this is the worst pick up line ever.
<Sheldrake2> Haha, it wasn't supposed to be
<renske> i thought it was a euphemism and that you actually meant you shaved all your pubes.
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<Frenchie> Renske, thanks for making sex into a hilarious matter.
<whiterider> Dude, sex has always been hilarious
<renske|zomgsims> psh. with me, sex is ALWAYS a hilarious matter.
<renske|zomgsims> not in the least because i tend to.. fall over.
<renske|zomgsims> and stuff.
<renske|zomgsims> <.<
<Frenchie> I've always thought of it as "enjoyable", not "hilarious"
<renske|zomgsims> if my sex life had a sound track, it would be yakety sax.
<renske|zomgsims> well, not always.
<renske|zomgsims> i should just... stop... talking.
<renske|zomgsims> i used to have a post-it on my pc screen that said 'are you SURE you want to say this'. but i lost it, apparently.
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* Bambi_08 (Bambi_08@fd-39469E81.cfl.res.rr.com) has joined #social
<Bambi_08> hi ive got a question? it might sound dumb
<whiterider> No, your mum's not coming back. :'(
<emino|m11x> :'(
<HugeLunatic> rofl
<HugeLunatic> I think she was my roast tonight :P
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<lew|Away> woooaaah
<lew|Away> my hands are really veiny
<HitFish> yup yup
<HitFish> manly hands
<HitFish> or too much squeezing....
<lew|Away> omg
<lew|Away> lol
<Cookiemonster> Squeezing what, exactly?
<lew|Away> ...
<HitFish> indeed
* HitFish waggles monobrow
<Cookiemonster> Actually, with Lew, I have a good idea what
<lew|Away> you sure you wanna know?
<HitFish> We guessed
* Cookiemonster waggles eyebrows
<lew|Away> http://s865.photobucket.com/albums/ab218/Zmobie_Pikz/?action=view¤t=modernlot11.jpg
<Cookiemonster> You squeezed the lot?
<lew|Away> ...
<lew|Away> it's something called a cock
<lew|Away> you heard of one of those?
<lew|Away> lol
<Cookiemonster> TMI Lew
<HitFish> tell me thats white paint on those walls
<HitFish> and on that note........
* Cookiemonster ROFLs
<Cookiemonster> Niiiiice
<lew|Away> oh my
* HitFish scurries off
<lew|Away> if a man could produce that much... um... he'd deserve a medal :O
<Cookiemonster> XDDDDDDD
<whiteybook> No he wouldn't
<whiteybook> He'd deserve a clip round the ear and a bottle of washing powder
<HitFish> yea, its a small pic
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<porkypine> What are people working on? I FINALLY got my game fixed! Mainly by getting a 2 terabyte drive and completely rebuilding my OS. :0)
<HystericalParoxysm> I've mostly been squashing stupid sparkly shit in TS3.
<porkypine> You no like sparklies? lol
<HystericalParoxysm> I don't like stupid flashy game effects that really give me no additional information.
<HystericalParoxysm> Like the random puff of sparkles when you do any social interaction.
<porkypine> Wouldn't it be funny if sparklies effectgs affected us in real life? lol
* Sparklycookie has joined #social
<Sparklycookie> Oh god
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<Tree> Will I get away with uploading a picture of a tree as my yearbook picture this year? :D
<Sparkle> ROFLAMO
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<Sheldrake> Then I should be a fucking genious!
<Sheldrake> genius*
<whiterider> Reason 1: Irony is fun :D
<Sheldrake> How is that ironic?
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<HystericalParoxysm> DO ANY OF YOU KNOW GEOMETRY
<HystericalParoxysm> EMMY
<HystericalParoxysm> DO YOU KNOW GEOMETRY
<Frenchie> I know geometry.
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* daluved1 has joined
<daluved1> So mcdonalds has these awesome straws that change color when you drink out of them
<whiterider> Normal straws change colour when you drink through them
<daluved1> BUT
<whiterider> WHUT WHUT
<daluved1> these turn blue powerade to pink...powerade
<daluved1> SO HA
<HystericalParoxysm> Do they change everything to pink powerade? Like if you're drinking sprite, suddenly WHOA it's pink powerade?
<whiterider> They're still not as good as Cadbury's straws, aka chocolate fingers
<whiterider> Have you ever bitten both ends off a chocolate finger then sucked milk through it?
<HystericalParoxysm> Is anyone else confused, and aroused?
<daluved1> This is the most amazing straw
<daluved1> I'll never throw it away
<daluved1> EVER
<whiterider> Also does it work backwards, so the pink powerade backwash turns back into Sprite?
<daluved1> yes
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* fanseelamb gets video camera and instructs Loaf & Irrelephant to commence the show
<Loaf> rofl
<Irrelephant> Xxzxcuzx
<Irrelephant> Ok.
<Irrelephant> good enough for me.
<fanseelamb> haha :D
<Irrelephant> Also.
<Irrelephant> No.
* Loaf crosses 'exhibitionism' off the kink list
<fanseelamb> LOL
<Irrelephant> bugger.
<Irrelephant> are you using pen or pencil for that crossing out?
<Loaf> :P
<Irrelephant> Just so I know.
<Irrelephant> Because i have *sunglasses*
<Irrelephant> a rubber.
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<Lethe> alright
<Lethe> i'm going to play Amnesia
<Lethe> knowing full well that this is supposedly one of the scariest games of the last few years
<Lethe> and also knowing that a level in goddamned Thief 1 could scare me shitless
*** Lethe is now known as Lethe|Amnesia
<Lethe|Amnesia> chat is now officially my lifeline
* Lethe|Amnesia salutes
<Lethe|Amnesia> the things i do for a living...
*** Loaf has joined
<Lethe|Amnesia> i am currently hiding in a closet
<Lethe|Amnesia> like a little girl
<Lethe|Amnesia> ...
<Loaf> :/
<Loaf> what's happened, Lethe?
<SilentPsycho> XD
<SilentPsycho> The game, Loaf, not actually
<Lethe|Amnesia> something growled at me
<Loaf> oh
<Loaf> phew
<Lethe|Amnesia> hahaha
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<Irrelephant> Dear HystericalParoxysm.
<Irrelephant> Go get a film called Frequently asked questions about time travel
<Irrelephant> Thanks,
<Irrelephant> Awesome people.
<HystericalParoxysm> Dear Awesome People,
<HystericalParoxysm> Okay, thanks.
<HystericalParoxysm> Sincerely,
<HystericalParoxysm> HP
<Irrelephant> Dear HystericalParoxysm,
<Irrelephant> Quite obliged. We hope you enjoy the show.
<Irrelephant> In digitum,
<Irrelephant> Awesome people.
<whiterider> Dear Delusional People,
<whiterider> Shaddup.
<whiterider> kthxbai
<Irrelephant> I wonder who that was to.
<whiterider> Me too
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<mikey> well, I must be missing some cc on the lakeside house, I have stuff floating on the side of the lot
<hugelunatic> Lol
<mikey> I hate that
<mikey> now I need to find out what I dont have
<hugelunatic> Probly river Jew stuff
<hugelunatic> WTF
<hugelunatic> Riverview stuff
<mikey> was wondering what the hell you were talkin about
<hugelunatic> rofl
<mikey> geez, friggin nazi
<hugelunatic> Stupid auto correct
<hugelunatic> Well I am german
<mikey> hmmm, well, ok then
<hugelunatic> I'm authentic so it's ok
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<fanseelamb> hi mikey!
<mikey> hiya Fansee
<mikey> nightmare time again?
<daluved1> hehehe when I was little, nightmares was what we called sex when my friends and I played with our barbies
<fanseelamb> o.O
<fanseelamb> you are an odd duck, dallyllama <3
<daluved1> Well you sure as hell didn't want to be caught saying sex when you're 9
<fanseelamb> lol!
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<leefish> I thought Numenor did a post on that
<HugeLunatic> Yep, looking at it
<leefish> He made some sort of tool thing but can also do manual
<werismyki> must have pictures
<werismyki> big ones too
<leefish> of Numenors tool?
<leefish> Are you SURE?
<whiterider> I sure am!
<HugeLunatic> I am! :P
<werismyki> amazing how the convo can go south so quick :p
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<LinuxFrenchie> I forgot how to get that azerty kb layout
<LinuxFrenchie> Dqmmit
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<Renske> *sigh* i want to pimp my bike now.
<Renske> but i cant because i just bought a winter goat and new jeans
<Renske> *coat
<Renske> i dont have room for a goat
<whiteybook> Is a winter goat different from a summer goat?
<Renske> i think it's warmer?
<Renske> thicker.
<Renske> even thicker than a regular goat.
<frazzmeister> THICK GOAT
<Renske> and goats are quite thick anyway.
<whiteybook> How do you know how warm it is? -.0
<Renske> D:
<Renske> fyi, my new goat is really nice.