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<Emm> I need a new idea for a movie...something funny
<SilentPsycho> Someone de-evolving Bush?
<Emm> i have a funny one called DanceDAnce, but I'm regreting not putting the grim reaper in it
<Emm> how would you de-evolve bush?
<SilentPsycho> Easy, take him out of his suit.
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[22:59] Joins: keana (keana@mts2-A2EF6BCD.phil.east.verizon.net) «16 users »
[22:59] <keana> hello
[23:00] <Delphy> Hello.
[23:00] <keana> what are you doing
[23:00] <Delphy> Wondering if you are going to behave this time, what about you?
[23:00] <keana> what
[23:01] <Delphy> I see. That's very interesting.
[23:01] <keana> huh
[23:01] <Delphy> Do you actually need help with anything or are you just here to reply in 1 word answers?
[23:01] <keana> how do you download anything
[23:02] <Delphy> You click on the file attachment link.
[23:02] <keana> where's that
[23:02] <Delphy> Okay I'm assuming you haven't tried looking at any downloads yet.
[23:02] <keana> no
[23:02] <Delphy> Why don't you do that then.
[23:03] <keana> thanks
[23:03] <Delphy> You're welcome.
[23:03] <keana> where do you go
[23:03] <Delphy> Okay first you need to read.
[23:04] <keana> ok
[23:04] <Delphy> Secondly, cast your eyes upwards to the navbar.
[23:04] <Delphy> See where it says "Downloads"?
[23:04] <Delphy> Click that.
[23:04] <Delphy> Find the section with something you want to download and browse through.
[23:04] <keana> ok
[23:04] <Delphy> When you have found something, click on the thumbnail to go to the download page.
[23:04] <keana> what' the thumbnail
[23:05] <Delphy> It's the small picture of the download item.
[23:05] <keana> ok
[23:05] <keana> how do you get a car
[23:06] <Delphy> First you need to be the legal age to drive. Then you have to take your tests and pass. Then you have to buy a car and insurance.
[23:06] <Delphy> A bank might be able to help with the money.
[23:07] <keana> where
[23:07] <Delphy> Try your local high street.
[23:07] <keana> what
[23:08] <Delphy> Is there anything else I can help you with today?
[23:08] <keana> where do you download
[23:08] <Delphy> I believe I have already answered that question.
[23:08] <Delphy> Is there anything else I can help you with today?
[23:09] <keana> no i meant how do you download something that you pressed on
[23:09] <Delphy> You click on the file attachment link.
[23:09] <Delphy> "where?"
[23:09] <Delphy> It's in the thread you clicked on.
[23:09] * Delphy nods.
[23:10] <keana> and then what
[23:10] <Delphy> It seems that you are not reading the download pages, since if you where you would see there is a link right next to the file that says "How do I install this <filetype> custom content?"
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[3:32pm]«@ Delphy» Do you see the "Downloads" link on the left hand side.
[3:32pm]«@ Delphy» Start there.
[3:32pm]« emilyhasarat » wait
[3:32pm]« emilyhasarat » ya
[3:32pm]« emilyhasarat » but i also see a link in red at the top of the page
[3:32pm]«@ Delphy» http://sims2pack.modthesims2.com/index.php?page=3
[3:32pm]« keana » what are yall talking about
[3:32pm]« emilyhasarat » nothing
[3:32pm]« keana » huh
[3:32pm]« emilyhasarat » i need to get rid of some hacks
[3:33pm]« keana » what
[3:33pm]«@ Delphy» keana, please shush.
[3:33pm]« keana » no
[3:33pm]«@ Delphy» If you don't I'll *make* you shush.
[3:33pm]« emilyhasarat » do i need to go to that link or something?
[3:33pm]« keana » no you want
[3:34pm]« emilyhasarat » can i get help with the clean installer?
[3:34pm]« keana » i dont know
[3:34pm] Delphy sets mode: +b *!*keana@*.phil.east.verizon.net
[3:34pm]«@ Delphy» Yes you WILL shut up keana.
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<viromancy> So, him, Twaites and pink-shirt-boy. I'll pay the rail fare. But let me know if they need chloroforming and shipping in restraints. It's more expensive
<SilentPsycho> Probably will need the clhloroform and restraints. I haven't spoken to any of them since Halloween
<viromancy> Point out that I'm a cool executive with a good pension plan, an independent financial advisor, and a gaping hole in the "Who To Leave My Life Insirance Too"
<viromancy> But I'm also not stupid so any attempt to bump meoff for it will result in someone else's blood on the walls
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<Kelly> Screw sims.
<PreciousAlly> Yeah
<PreciousAlly> Screw them
<Delphy|Away> I would screw them, but the hole in the CD is too small and I'd get stuck...
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[03:43pm] * Sexy is too sexy for this chat. I mean to SEXYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!
[03:43pm] * Sexy (Sexy@mts2-FD92B53E.buff.east.verizon.net) Quit (Quit: modthesims2.com)
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[03:01pm] <PreciousAlly> Delphy!?!?! Asleep my ass...
[03:02pm] <Delphy> Your ass is asleep? You might want to massage that...
[03:04pm] <PreciousAlly> I need someone to do it for me, I cannot massage my ass.
[03:05pm] * Nurrah checks to make sure this is channel social
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* Bink13y writes a tutorial on more obnoxious ways to beg for help on impossibly easy questions in the #social chat
<Bink13y> Rule 1: type all in caps
<Bink13y> Rule 3: type the same question every 0.3 seconds
<Bink13y> Rule 3: type the same question every 0.3 seconds
<Bink13y> Rule 4: insult anyone who dosent jump to help you instantly
<Bink13y> Rule 5: demand complex questions be answered in one word or less
<Bink13y> Rule 6: ALWAYS try and get someone else to fix it for you espicaly if it's impossible
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[01:25am] <Kelly> You just keep working your tongue out and getting it wet and it loosens up.
[01:25am] <Sesmo> LMAO
[01:25am] <Kelly> ....
[01:25am] <Kelly> shut up.
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* Beck_Beck is now known as Becky_unloved_and_hated
* HystericalParoxysm plays the world's smallest violin for Becky and her excessively long name.
* Becky_unloved_and_hated smiles weakly....then continues to cry
* Becky_unloved_and_hated is now known as GothChild
<HystericalParoxysm> Look! A baby bat! Beat it with sticks!
<GothChild> huh?
* HystericalParoxysm pats Becky on the head and gives her a cookie.
<GothChild> thank you HP
* GothChild eats the cookie very slowly and sadly
<HystericalParoxysm> You've got some crumbs stuck in your black lipstick there, hon.
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[09:02pm] <Sesmo> Oh man. Ripped out Bible pages...I'd be in heaven.
[09:02pm] <Sesmo> Wait...
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<Kelly> Oi, kath, who's going to hold it then? lol
<kathy> I'll just mount it
<kathy> oh god thats sounds wrong
<Delphy> Might get some nice angles that way though
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<MANDY_CAKES> ok i'm out chau
* MANDY_CAKES has quit (Quit: modthesims2.com)
<HystericalParoxysm> ...chau?
<flash3389> chow is what he is saying
<HystericalParoxysm> Chow?
<flash3389> it means bye
<HystericalParoxysm> No, that is "ciao."
<flash3389> i forget if it was slang or
<flash3389> shrug
<HystericalParoxysm> It is Italian.
* HystericalParoxysm weeps for the future of mankind.
<flash3389> lol
* flash3389 was just trying to prounce the word lol
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<KillerHamster> hello?
<Kelly> Goodbye.
<KillerHamster> why is it so quiet?
<Kelly> Cause it is.
<KillerHamster> oh, rught
<KillerHamster> right*
* KillerHamster (KillerHams@mts2-F262853A.hsd1.nj.comcast.net) Quit (Quit: modthesims2.com)
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<Nova> this is my job, to sit on my ass and do nothing all day :(
<@ShadowDragon> are you sure you aren't kathy?
<~kathy> I need to give someone a reach around
<~kathy> huh?
<@ShadowDragon> rofl
<~kathy> Listen motherfucker
<~kathy> I do shit all day
<@ShadowDragon> hahaha
<~kathy> I clean the house
<~kathy> Cook
<~kathy> Do laundry
<~kathy> Deal with the accounting
<~kathy> Masterbate
<~kathy> Watch pr0n
<@ShadowDragon> rofl
<~kathy> Masterbate
<@ShadowDragon> bitch at us
<~kathy> Do dishes
<~kathy> Masterbate
<~kathy> Deal with the site
<~kathy> Masterbate
<~kathy> I fuckin work all day long
<Nova> ohhhh shut up
<Kelly|Out> lmao
<Nova> bitch bitch bitch
<@ShadowDragon> lol
<Nova> i make my kids do the dishes, clean the living room, pick up all there shit ect.
<Nova> that is why i had kids right?
<@ShadowDragon> I hope you don't make your kids Masterbate O.O
<~kathy> uhm No
<Nova> yes
<Nova> rofl
<~kathy> You make them masterbate?
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<lyrikal> can u hav children in sims 2?
<Kelly> No.
<Kelly> All sims are sterile.
<lyrikal> yo that sucks
<lyrikal> but aint in the starting movie theres kids
<HystericalParoxysm> Yeah, lyrikal, but they didn't release them because they were buggy.
<lyrikal> damn sh1t
<lyrikal> dat sucks
<Kelly> I know.
<Kelly> Looks like you'll have to go back to Sims 1.
<ShadowDragon> yeah, and you can get help on that from irc.modthesims1.com
<Kelly> Or modyourpanties.com
<ShadowDragon> or pressing and holding alt and then F4 works too
<HystericalParoxysm> Yeah, that works especially well, ShadowDragon.
<lyrikal> i was mad as hell afta i got urbz
<lyrikal> now this 1 sucks cuz theres no kids
<HystericalParoxysm> lyrikal, the word is "after," not "afta."
<HystericalParoxysm> Please type out whole words here. It's against the rules to use that shorthand chatspeak stuff.
<lyrikal> yo u stupid prepy brat, leave me alone
<Kelly> Uh oh.
<lyrikal> i tlk how i wanna tlk
<Kelly> I feel a kick coming on.
<ShadowDragon> bye.. been nice knowing you
* lyrikal was kicked by HystericalParoxysm (Bug off.)
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* HystericalParoxysm has feet!
<Kelly> NO!
<HystericalParoxysm> Yes! It's true!
* Kelly dies from the shock of such news.
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* rit2067 (rit2067@mts2-930E77C6.ipt.aol.com) has joined #social
<rit2067> hi
* rit2067 (rit2067@mts2-930E77C6.ipt.aol.com) Quit (Quit: modthesims2.com)
<Kelly> Well then.
<Kelly> A fly by assault.
<Kelly> O_o
* rit2067 (rit2067@mts2-930E77C6.ipt.aol.com) has joined #social
<Kelly> Back for more?
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<Jon|CountingCowZzZzZz> I started counting sheeps, but sheep make a lot of noise when thrown over a fence to count. So I tried pigs. Same difference. Eventually, I came to cows. Cows don't make much noise and they know they can't be thrown over a fence. Problem solved.
<HystericalParoxysm> I'd go for chickens, personally.
<HystericalParoxysm> Nice little clouds of feathers.
<Jon|CountingCowZzZzZz> Chicken makes noise though. I'm a light sleeper.
<HystericalParoxysm> Gag them first?
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<Kelly> Owwie. I hurt right behind my right boob...
<Kelly> I was going to say my heart hurts... but that's not where my heart is.
<Kelly> lol
<kathy> lmao
<Kelly> Shaddap.
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<Terry> just picture a 5 year old girl with blonde hair, in a bikini! thats Geena
<Kelly> Well that's not vague.
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* Becky eats a chip very very noisely to annoy people. ;)
<Kelly|Mall> Becky... you annoy us anyways. :P
<Becky> i try my best to, kelly. rofl
* SilentPsycho kills Becky with a noisy chip, although how a chip can be noisy, she doesn't know. [Note: SilentPsycho is from England. Chip = Fries]
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<Delphy|Nap> We need a Q-Xpress flash ad
<Delphy|Nap> But in the style of a viagra commercial
<Delphy|Nap> Downloads folder feeling a bit small? Jealous of your friends large custom content? Feeling unsatisfied in your game playing? Q-Xpress is the answer to your Sims 2 pleasure experience. Natural game enhancement. 12 easy payments, easy to swallow and no side effects. Download now - you wont regret it!
* Delphy|Nap renamed Q-Xpress to Simagra: Natural Game Enhancement