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<SilentPsycho> My breasts - A registered weapon of mass destruction.
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<BeneLeftNouk> uhm.... sssjhhh
<BeneLeftNouk> son't tell em I'm Delphy
<Jessica> besides i dont want you now that you've had tylers babiez
<BeneLeftNouk> :O
<SilentPsycho> Delphy had Tyler's babies?
<SilentPsycho> X)
<BeneLeftNouk> sexy
* ChocolateCake giggles
<SilentPsycho> Little baby Dellers and Typhys
<Jessica> that is so odd
<SilentPsycho> :P
<BeneLeftNouk> cross Tyler with Delphy, Nouk and pescado
<SilentPsycho> ...gack!
* SilentPsycho dies
<Jessica> omg
<BeneLeftNouk> result: Apployon, guard of the abyss
<Jessica> that is just scary
<SilentPsycho> Heheheh
<BeneLeftNouk> angel of death and war
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<HP|Gin> She said she lovededed meeeeeeeee
<Jessica> i know, she said that to me too :(
<BeneLeftNouk> I love everyone :D
<HP|Gin> We were going to make beautiful meshes together!!! *sob*
<ChocolateCake> She didn't say that to me :(
<BeneLeftNouk> I'm such a friendly hippy
<SilentPsycho> Nouk is a generous person.
<BeneLeftNouk> a friendly sexual hippy
<Jessica> cake gave it away without love :o
<SilentPsycho> She wants to share her boobies with everyone]
<SilentPsycho> The world would be a better place if everyone shared.
<BeneLeftNouk> Jessica is the only one who ever paid me so thats UNTRUE in most cases XD
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<Jessica> you dont even miss me when im gone!
* Jessica pouts
<BeneLeftNouk> ye sI do
<Jessica> wb SP
<BeneLeftNouk> I leave you special messages
<BeneLeftNouk> like: are you awake?
<BeneLeftNouk> and: are you here?
<BeneLeftNouk> and: w00t!
<SilentPsycho> and: are you sane?
<BeneLeftNouk> and: I ated the cookie
<SilentPsycho> and: are you naked?
<BeneLeftNouk> and: marry meh
<BeneLeftNouk> and: I cheated on you with ChocolateCake srry thx
<SilentPsycho> and: do you want to know I'm naked?
<ChocolateCake> Noukeh! D:
<HP|Gin> You cheated on me with Jessica and cheated on Jessica with ChocolateCake?!
* HP|Gin sobs.
* HP|Gin is heartbroken.
<BeneLeftNouk> omg she's here
<BeneLeftNouk> now i'm screwed
<SilentPsycho> HP's had a little too much gin..
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<ChocolateCake> Okay, I need some smart-ass things to put under "hobbies" for this information sheet...
<ChocolateCake> Anyone got any?
<Nouk> sitting
<SilentDrying> HP said something about it wasn't pruning properly or something
<ChocolateCake> Good one
<SilentDrying> Anime
<annay49> Typing
<Nouk> pointing
<ChocolateCake> That's not what I was looking for, SP :P
<Nouk> pointing inapropriately
<SilentDrying> Writing fake answers to stupid questions
<ChocolateCake> Rofl, Nouk
<annay49> I need some too but I need them in french
<Nouk> XD
<curly|php|bap> lol, photo...
<Jessica> lol i didnt even realize i still had it on
<photo> lol
* Jessica blames Delphy
<Nouk> jeessica
<SilentDrying> Annoying people
<Nouk> yes
<SilentDrying> Worshipping Lilith
<Nouk> blaming Delphy
<ChocolateCake> Blaming Delphy!
<Nouk> laming Canada
<SilentDrying> Lilith Pleasent.;)
<SilentDrying> Bush-bashing
<Jessica> yes Canada is to blame too
<bene> !cookie
* Chii passes bene a cookie :)
<Nouk> eating can i has cheesburghahr
<bene> WOOT
<SilentDrying> Paint-drying-watching
<Jessica> but its mostly Delphy
<bene> what did Delphy do?
<Nouk> Delphy did it all
<bene> xD
<Nouk> he took bene
<bene> :o
<SilentDrying> Delphy caused the fall of Man
<bene> he took Benny_Boy
<Nouk> Delphy made Pescado do thing with himself
<bene> now Bene took his place :D
<bene> o.o\
<Nouk> Delphy fed bene banana's and cheesebrugers
<SilentDrying> Delphy caused a star to implode
<SilentDrying> Delphy fired the Death Star
<Nouk> Delphy invented MacDonalds
<Nouk> and Iran
<Jessica> Delphy's going to kill you all
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<Nouk> In highschool a teacher told us
<Nouk> he teaches biology
<Nouk> he had a class and the subject was bloodtypes and dna and stuff
<Nouk> and parentage and genetics
<photo> you have GOT to be KIDDING ME
<Nouk> you coudl test your own bloodtype for fun
<SilentDrying> Hmmm?
<Nouk> he had his class do it
* SilentDrying pokes photo
<Nouk> he found out for one girl that she could not be her father's child
<SilentDrying> Ack!
<Nouk> the girl asked him if the test was faulty
<Nouk> he just said yes
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<SilentPsycho> Rawr
<Delphy|COH> Meep
<SilentPsycho> Moo
<Delphy|COH> Argh
<SilentPsycho> Meow
<Delphy|COH> Kablam
<SilentPsycho> Rattatata
<HystericalParoxysm> Pew pew!
<Delphy|COH> fun fun fun
<Delphy|COH> with a laser gun
<HystericalParoxysm> Ready aim fire, ready aim fire, ready aim fire at a pepsi can.
<Delphy|COH> bow chikka bow chikka bow wow wow wow ow ow wiki wiki
<SilentPsycho> Blow them up, Blow them up, Don't forget the naplam!
<Delphy|COH> its cold outside
<Delphy|COH> there's no kind of atmosphere
* HystericalParoxysm squirts Delphy with a mango juice laser.
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[23:17] * Targ inserts WANG by accident
[23:18] <JK11> oh
[23:18] <JK11> :/
[23:18] * Bubo|Brainwashed wanna see!!!!!
[23:18] * Targ presses NIPPLEZ because he doesn't notice this
[23:18] <Jessica> you want to see targ insert his wang?
[23:18] <Safyre420> that's exactly what I was thinking jess
[23:18] <Safyre420> lol
[23:18] <Bubo|Brainwashed> no teh quote you nutbolt
[23:18] <JK11> someone submit that as well
[23:19] <Bubo|Brainwashed> although the wang would be nice....
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[18:04] <JK11> You're a he?
[18:04] <Bubo> http://s120.photobucket.com/albums/o199/Blacksmith_05/?action=view&current=Untitled-1copy.jpg
[18:05] <Bubo> no im a transvestite and in sucking on my boobs
[18:05] <JK11> Note to Bubo: I used a capital "P"
[18:05] <Bubo> of courde im a her!
[18:05] <JK11> lmao
[18:05] <JK11> We shall quote that
[18:05] <Bubo> whoopes
[18:05] <JK11> whiterider add it to the topic!
[18:05] <Bubo> of course im a he
[18:05] <Bubo> ah shit
[18:05] * Bubo headesks
[18:05] <Bubo> dman it
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[23:07] <JK11> Bubo's screenshot has a Windows folder with "pr0nz" as the name
[23:08] <Bubo> ?
[23:08] <Bubo> no it doesnt!
[23:08] <JK11> Yes it does
[23:08] <Jessica> did you have to go look at it again bubo? lol
[23:09] <Bubo> yes....
[23:09] <Jessica> lmao
[23:09] <Bubo> where?
[23:09] <JK11> can't you see it?
[23:09] <Bubo> no
[23:09] <JK11> Bah
[23:09] <JK11> you are blinds then
[23:09] <Jessica> bubo....your answer should be "i dont have a folder called pr0nz" or something like that
[23:10] <Jessica> not..."i dont see it"
[23:10] <Bubo> are we loooking at the same pic
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<Cazzy-Tchan> everyone died
<Cazzy-Tchan> delphy went on a pretty bloody impressive killing spree
* Cazzy-Tchan (Cazzy-Tcha@mts2-21962A1B.dsl4.localdial.com) Quit ([irc.modthesims2.com] Local kill by Delphy (No I didn't. You saw nothing.))
* djones points out ot cazzy that drawing attention to your self when delph is in the homicidal irc mood
<djones> ...
<djones> yeah
<djones> that
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* MizzKitty|Discombobulated taps her foot at her nerdy boyfriend and decides that because of the flowers alone he will get another half hour to wrap up his nerd session
<Safyre420> maybe you just need to talk to him like you're from the internet to get some food lol
<Targ> omg can I be in ur foodz lol?
<Safyre420> or "I can has fooz plz"
<Safyre420> foodz*
<Targ> I can has cheezburger
<Safyre420> or just go open the fridge and yell "I'm in ur fridge stealin ur foodz!"
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<ChocolateCake> i haz a question
<Safyre420> I haz a answer
<ChocolateCake> i can has cheezburger?
<sheepbap> i haz cheezburger
<ChocolateCake> pls give cheezburger kthx
<Safyre420> I made u a cheezburger but I eated it :(
<Safyre420> =^.^=
<ChocolateCake> u eated mah cheezburger?
<Safyre420> yah soz I'm frum teh intranetz
<ChocolateCake> o ish ok lolz
<Safyre420> lulz
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<FurryPanda> stop tiping da letter F
<Blake> F
<Noukeh> f
<GreenStraws> F!
<jhd1189> EFFF
<FurryPanda> FU!!
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<Pescado> There's no 15 or 16.
<Pescado> This is all still 12.
* SilentPsycho pushes Pescado into the FOuntain of Youth.
<viromancy> Only in your unique ageing system, Pes
<busybap> 3, actually, viro
<Pescado> My system just happens to be shared by the game itself, so that should tell you something.
* Database then drags Pescado out of the Foundain of Youth and drowns him in a vat of Elixir of Life.
<MizzKitty|Hidden> Well, Pes, it's hard to do it your way... then he has to be 12 . 5 or something
<Database> I don't play that game, Pescado. :P
<busybap> ...how do you drown someone in an elixir of life?
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<DanTycoon> there's no alaskan time zone
<ChocolateCake> They have no time?
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<Delphy> he pm'd me
<Delphy> "Can you delete your MTS2 account?"
<Delphy> I replied:
<Delphy> "Yes, I could delete my MTS2 account. :)"
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<Jenn|Ryzom> I upgraded my armor and now my character has butt crack.
<Angel> pics!
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* &Commodore64 has 2 Gig RAM
<&Commodore64> Er...
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* SilentPsycho sighs.
<SilentPsycho> Of all the times for Lethe to not be here.
<SilentPsycho> I found something she might find amusing.
<SilentPsycho> http://www.amazon.com/Banks-Lethe-James-L-Grant/dp/1600760511/ref=pd_bbs_sr_1/102-5312459-8775337?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1185369171&sr=8-1
<SilentPsycho> But alas, Lethe is not here, so we cannot annoy her by making innuendos out of the title 'On the Banks of Lethe'
<FurryPanda> comment: dot dot dot
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<Zicon> Why the heck would one respect someone who uses chatspeak? Chatspeakers are, like, the green mold that grows in the channel corners... :p
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Greenie|Piratey-Things> And if you buy 720 or more, theyre only 30 cents each!
<Greenie|Piratey-Things> xDD
<Cazzy-Tchan> !!!!!
<Greenie|Piratey-Things> Ahahahaha.
<Jessica> what exactly would you do with over 700 piratey rubber duckies?
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* Greenie|CanSpellTongue coughs up the fuzz stuck in her mouth.
* frazzmeister read fuzz as frazz.
* Greenie|CanSpellTongue would wonder what the hell was going on if Frazz was stuck in her mouth...
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<Chocolate> Arg, I'm freezing
<Cream_Puff> Why?
<Cream_Puff> Baker put you in the freezer?
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* Chocolate creis
<Chocolate> ceis
<Chocolate> creis
<Jessica> lol
<Chocolate> Eh..
<Chocolate> I typo'd my typo