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<Lethe> delphy really needs to learn how to spell 'their'
<Loafkitteh> heh. where'd he mix it up this time?
<frazzkitteh> eh, I need to learn to spell usually and mabey and...some othe word i always fuck up....
<frazzkitteh> maybe
<frazzkitteh> tounge
<frazzkitteh> ...toungue
<frazzkitteh> ....
<frazzkitteh> tongue
<ABCRic> loo
<ABCRic> ...lok
<ABCRic> ...lol
<ABCRic> lol.
<Lethe> dude
<frazzkitteh> stupid words! all of them!
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* djones is now known as kittehdeej
* frazzmeister is now known as frazzkitteh
* The_French_Sim is now known as Le_Chat
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ChaoticNihilist> A***nal Footb*** Club
<TFZzzzz> Arsenal is classy: even censored, it sounds wrong.
<TFZzzzz> And with those thoughts, off to bed!
<ChaoticNihilist> heh
<tmm> so instead of arse, it's anan?
<tmm> anal
* FurryPanda has quit (Operation timed out)
<ChaoticNihilist> it seems so
<ChaoticNihilist> Anal Football...
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Gemificus: hey is HP around
TVParoxysm: Nope.
Gemificus: awww darn
Gemificus: was hoping to catchher all quick
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curlybap: viro: are you getting my msnings?
curlybap: my wireless cut out, and pidgin doesn't like starting conversations with offliners...
viromancy: is not offline here. Kiss me, you barely legal Irish fool!
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<Loaf> ...frazz, are you somehow controlling your kitty-self?
<frazzmeister> yes.
<frazzmeister> I has evil powers.
<Loaf> then make it stop clawing up my kids toys =[
<frazzmeister> evil powers of pixel pussy control.
<frazzmeister> :p
<Loaf> dammit, she was nice until she got pregnant!
<frazzmeister> muh pussy likes to claw!
<frazzmeister> eep, my pussy doesn\'t want to has kittunz!
<Loaf> teehee - too late now :P
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<Lethe> wait, where the fuck did top gear get a space shuttle
<frazzmeister> oh, you know,.. in the usall way...
<frazzmeister> *usual
<frazzmeister> ..i hate that word, no matter how I type it it looks wrong
<Delphy|Out> It's like with thier
<Delphy|Out> their
<Delphy|Out> Whatever
<frazzmeister> indeed.
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<The_French_Sim> Wow.
* The_French_Sim is roaming some dating site for the lulz
<The_French_Sim> Some people really know how to present their pictures...
<meshemmy> XD
<The_French_Sim> There's someone VERY pale, with the head lolling to one side and a TOTALLY blank expression.
<Delphy|Out> Emo
<Delphy|Out> Probably a closet vampire, hence, emo
<The_French_Sim> Zmobie.
<Delphy|Out> On an avoidance scale of 1 to 10 that'd be a B
<The_French_Sim> Oh no, the worst part is her career :/
<The_French_Sim> Make up rep.
<Lethe> delphy, htat made no sense
<The_French_Sim> It contrasts severely with the picture.
<meshemmy> XD
<Zicon> the_french_sim: What is she? A motivational speaker?
<The_French_Sim> A make up representative, it seems.
<The_French_Sim> She apparently advertises make up... or something like that?
<The_French_Sim> But the pose reminds me of the thumbnails of zombie sims.
<The_French_Sim> :/ I see lots of FGAS, too.
<Lethe> she's an Avon lady?
<The_French_Sim> Nah, a person from Hampshire, it seems.
<curlybap> ...rofl.
<The_French_Sim> Sometimes it's funny to see the profiles.
<The_French_Sim> There was that girl who showed off her boobs on each of her pictures, yet was apparently "seeking friends"
<Lethe> boob liking friends
<The_French_Sim> Male ones.
<frazzmeister> ...
<The_French_Sim> And had, IIRC, "Must not be seeking intimate encounters" in her profile :D
<The_French_Sim> Purpose defeating at its best
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<Lethe> 4chan is like that weird bar down the road
<Lethe> everyone knows it's there, and we know what they all talk about cause they're so damn loud
<Lethe> but you don't really want to go there, cause the floor is sticky and the glasses are smudged
<Lethe> I mean, it's kinda a cool place, but you might pass out and be gang raped in the hallway to the toilet
<Lethe> that kinda thing
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> Zicon rubs frazzy
> frazzmeister kittens Zicons arse
<Bubo> frazz: kitteh has claws :P
<frazzmeister> so does zics arse.
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* Dark_horse_spirit (Dark_horse@AD7D5375.D6D57B33.D610AA3D.IP) has joined #social
<Dark_horse_spirit> can any one tell me how to kill a sim...
<Dark_horse_spirit> this sime follows me around picking fights all day
<Dark_horse_spirit> It's very anoying
<Jon|WoW> No clue.
<Dark_horse_spirit> everywhere I go there is this sim wanting to fight..my character is a wimp, so he always loses..
<Delphy|Out> I got the new dashboard earlier
<Delphy|Out> It's... ok... I'm glad they kept the blades interface on the xbox button though
<Delphy|Out> Dark_horse_spirit: Err, the usual way?
<Dark_horse_spirit> I would hate to start a new game as this one has been running for a while
<Delphy|Out> Pause and enclose them in walls
<Delphy|Out> Or there are various objects you can get to kill sims
<Dark_horse_spirit> likw what..I'd love to budgeon this one with an axe
<Delphy|Out> Somebody has probably done an axe :)
<Dark_horse_spirit> or blow it's head clean off it's shoulders
<Dark_horse_spirit> or maybe hire a hitsim..
<Jon|WoW> Dude, you need to go outside and run around or something. All this negative energy is bad for your health.
<Dark_horse_spirit> ya I think that your right..see ya later..
* Dark_horse_spirit has quit (Quit: Live Chat Java User)
<curlybap> ...
<Delphy|Out> lol
<Delphy|Out> Jon 1, newbie 0
<Bubo> lol
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[16:34] <frazzmeister> fat hairy gay medico?
[16:34] <Medico> Yes, yes, halfway, yes.
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<create|emmy> mine is not a resizing issue...
<escand2> god, it's like talking to a girl with a bad boyfriend.
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<Manga_Moon> Im glad im not on the qdb
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[07:38] <viromancy> Is it just me, or was that exchance just a bit "More talk for me now! Want talk. Here now. Talk me. You here for talk me, you talk me long time!"
[07:38] * elpemmy replaces talk with sex
[07:38] <elpemmy> wait
[07:38] <photo> Sounds good to me
[07:38] <elpemmy> I meant, I read that as sex
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[06:25] <MissLoaf> Evening
[06:26] <Medico> Mornin'
[06:26] <MissLoaf> mornin'? it's half 7 in the evening here :P
[06:27] <Medico> 0630 here.
[06:27] <Jon|Fallout3> Yes, we call that "time zones."
[06:27] <Jon|Fallout3> Welcome to the real world.
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<Greenie> Awh man. I need to clean up my waffle. D:
<tmm> clean... waffle?
<tmm> I thought you ate them before then :|
<frazzmeister> ....euphamism?
<Greenie> Rofl.
<tmm> oh dear
<Greenie> I just realized I didnt quite say that right.
<Greenie> **I need to clean up the mess my waffles made.
<Greenie> ... Now that we have the euphemism comment, that doesnt help, does it?
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[20:36] * Chii gives Bubo a semi see-through bra. :)
[20:36] <Bubo1> yay!
[20:37] <Bubo1> now wtf am i goinng to do with a bra?
[20:37] <&HystericalParoxysm> Tie it around your head and pretend you're a fly?
[20:37] <Bubo1> ooh
[20:37] <Bubo1> BUZZ
[20:37] <Bubo1> BUZZZZZZZZZ
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* ems|mesh coughs
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<Cliff> Boobs are quite simple... A-Almost There, B-Barely There, C-Cant Complain, D-Dang!, Double D-Double Dang!, E-Enormous, F-Fake, G-Get A Reduction, H-Help Ive Fallen And I Cant Get Up, J-JESUS!!
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<curlybap> also, that reminds me. how'd your ritual go?
<curlybap> =/
<emspp> Do I want the ritual details? :P
<Lethe|spore> i want ritual details...
<cthru> me too!dunno why
<Tyler> What details? I was naked and touched myself.
<Lethe|spore> oh, since when is that a ritual
<Lethe|spore> they just call that masturbation
<Tyler> rofl
* curlybap chuckles
* emspp giggles
<HystericalParoxysm> Ritual masturbation? Shit, I'm pretty sure at least half of all geeks do that daily.
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<&HystericalParoxysm> 44 fuzzy llamas on the wall, 44 fuzzy llamas... you take one down, hug it tightly, 43 fuzzy llamas on the wall.
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<Lethe> dude, aren't you, like, 13
<IMjustKYLE> wtf
<IMjustKYLE> im like 20
<IMjustKYLE> going on 21 three months
* Lethe points to kyle's nick, which screams '13' with every one of it's needlessly capped letters
* curlybap giggles
<IMjustKYLE> ive alway sused this name D:
<IMjustKYLE> it was just me at the time stoned going IM JUST KYLE and then using that
<Lethe> so change it :p
<IMjustKYLE> though I guess seeing as how im an adult and all *rolls eyes* I should just come up with something more mature huh XD
<Lethe> i started out as Lady Something
<Lethe> now look where i am
<IMjustKYLE> ok how about this
* IMjustKYLE is now known as Mr_Kyle
* Lethe chuckles
<Mr_Kyle> does this say im a mature well rounded adult of society...
<Lethe> actually, 'mr kyle' says 'i try to hard to be mature' to me
<Lethe> why not just be Kyle
<Lethe> you're the only kyle here
<Mr_Kyle> hmmm
<Mr_Kyle> I guess that would work
* Mr_Kyle is now known as Kyle
<Kyle> lol
<Lethe> :)
<ems|mesh> I know a guy called Kyle
<ems|mesh> he's an idiot
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<Vie> its iTunes, it breaks everything it touches, its quite symple: iTunes break time=(Q/P^Q)N
<Vie> Q being Quality of the song, P being number of times played
<Vie> N being a random number generated by counting steve jobs pubes til you find a grey one
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<emspp> wow I can cause much dramas by spreading my legs...
<emspp> wait, that came out wrong
<frazzmeister> ....
<cthru> ems....
<frazzmeister> theres a right way for that to come out?
<VkToriA> lol
<cthru> close those legs...
<emspp> I meant...
<cthru> I know,I know