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* jhd1189 (webchat@fd-D9F653A8.lightspeed.cicril.sbcglobal.net) has joined #midgetporn
* HP|Popcorn sticks a chicken in jhd's ear
<jhd1189> What is this, the salmonella convention?
<HP|Popcorn> Yup!
<leefish> ?
<HP|Popcorn> Oh, I'm sorry, you feel left out
<jhd1189> HP stuck a chicken in my ear, lee
* HP|Popcorn sticks a chicken in lee's ear
<jhd1189> This is how plagues start
<HP|Popcorn> I'm almost certain it's not.
<HP|Popcorn> TeeHeeHee, you know medical shit, do plagues start from sticking chickens in peoples' ears?
<HP|Popcorn> (I"m pretty sure this is totally an acceptable thing to ask people with medical knowledge. Much better than "Hey, can you look at my rash?")
<Nysha> Psh
<Nysha> THH is a thoroughly modern medicine man. He'd have to do randomised controlled trials of sticking chickens in people ears to find out what the effects are.
<Nysha> And I think, I just, you know, I have this tiiiiny slight niggling suspicion
<Nysha> That funding might not be forthcoming for that particular project
<jhd1189> Of course not. Anyone with the money to fund such an enterprise can already anticipate all of the risks
<jhd1189> i.e. disease
<HP|Popcorn> You guys, I have like four chicken legs in the freezer.
<HP|Popcorn> And no fucks to give.
<Nysha> And you have two children
<Nysha> That's almost a sample!
<Nysha> One per ear!
<HP|Popcorn> I'm not gonna do that to MY kids, damn, have some decency.
<HP|Popcorn> I was gonna run out and accost random passersby and jam chicken legs in their ear.
<Nysha> Oh fine, go hang around behind the cafeteria at a local school
<HP|Popcorn> I mean, GAWD Nysha, be serious.
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<mustluvcatz> i forget- if you're using an alpha does stdMatAlphaTestEnabled need to be set to 1?
<leefish> ummmmmmmmmmm
<leefish> no idea
<leefish> You need MLC
<leefish> Oh wait
<mustluvcatz> lol
<leefish> you ARE mlc
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<SeeMyu> okay! Close to being finished with revising! :D
<Nysha> When's the exam?
<SeeMyu> revising the rubrics :D
<SeeMyu> lol
<Nysha> Pah, doesn't count :p
<leefish> what is the level 3 quality guideline of ts3 patterns 3 score?
<leefish> You have 4 seconds
<leefish> 1 2 3 4
<leefish> FAIL
<leefish> next
<leefish> :D
<SeeMyu> O_o
* SeeMyu flails
<leefish> the answer was 3
<Nysha> What does the level 3 guideline score? 3
<Nysha> Yeah, no shit :P
<leefish> :P
<leefish> am not UNFAIR
<leefish> just terrifying :D
<SeeMyu> you've got that right lol
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[19:24] HystericalParoxysm: Well, if ya stick with it, take a while to read through Techknitter's stuff. Actually getting all the underlying concepts and stuff is mind-blowing and makes it so much easier to figure out how to do stuff you want to do.
[19:25] PharaohHound: Mmm, I've perused a little bit of their stuff. It's so COOL
[19:25] PharaohHound : :D
[19:26] *leesester: sounds the knitternerd alarm
[19:26] HystericalParoxysm: DEPLOYING COUNTERMEASURES
[19:27] leesester: and now, while the klaxon wails, I shall boogle off to bed
[19:27] *HystericalParoxysm: watches as yarn shoots from the air vents like silly string
[19:27] leesester: :D
[19:27] leesester: lol what
[19:27] PharaohHound: Oooh, yarn!
[19:27] *HystericalParoxysm: gets poison darted in the neck by a flying sock needle
[19:27] *PharaohHound: runs after
[19:28] *PharaohHound: trips over confusing pattern instructions and breaks her leg
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<Nysha> On the one hand, I am glad that I live in a world where I can find vector graphics of pubes on the internet
<Nysha> On the other hand, I am less glad that I have to scroll past my little pony hentai to get to them
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<HystericalParoxysm> !tea Deadly
* Pillze gives Deadly a cup of tea. :)
<HystericalParoxysm> !soup Deadly a fluffy pillow, a warm blanket, and
* Pillze gives Deadly a fluffy pillow, a warm blanket, and a bowl of soup. :)
<Tikva> Damn, you've been practising
<King_Deadly> Awww Thank you!
<Tikva> I thought we'd all forgotten how to do that kind of fancy shit with the bot
<HystericalParoxysm> I only recently remembered soupings. :D
<HystericalParoxysm> !soup Tikva a fancy glitter tiara, a pinch on the bum, and
* Pillze gives Tikva a fancy glitter tiara, a pinch on the bum, and a bowl of soup. :)
* King_Deadly gets comfortble drinks a bit of tea and eats his soup
<PharaohHound> o.O
<Tikva> Well, that was a slightly incongruous series of 'gifts'
<HystericalParoxysm> Well, Deadly's sick, for you, I just had to make some shit up
<heaven> Who wouldn't want a pinch on the bottom?
<Sparkle> !cookie Sparkle and a glass of lactose free milk
* Pillze stuffs a cookie in Sparkle and a glass of lactose free milk's mouth :)
<Sparkle> ....
<Sparkle> Fuck you Pillze
<Tikva> :D
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* SeeMyu has joined #create
* Jaguwar pounces on See and licks his face
* Jaguwar then has an internal giggle at the visual
<SeeMyu> HAG!
<SeeMyu> ...
<SeeMyu> fuck
<SeeMyu> JAG*
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-->| TeeHeeHee (TeeHeeHee@1AB7F211.83C878DC.89DC23C0.IP) has joined #social
[11:22] =-= Mode #social +o TeeHeeHee by ChanServ
[11:22] Aychpee: Hound and THH keep coming in at about the same time.
[11:22] Aychpee hmmmmmms.
[11:22] PharaohHound whistles innocently
[11:22] TeeHeeHee whistles innocently
[11:22] PharaohHound: :D
[11:22] TeeHeeHee: in stereo
[11:22] Aychpee: Okay seriously, two innocent whistles = TOTALLY NOT INNOCENT
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* HystericalParoxysm cannot stop laughing: http://huntereyessimblr.tumblr.com/post/64980485229/infernalhomo-doctorhortonhearsawho
<armiel> should have known it had something to do with dildos
<HystericalParoxysm> It is kind of my specialty.
<lewjen> HP and dildos again? lol
<lewjen> Is it now at the point where it's just expected that dildos will crop up at some point in staffchat? :P
<HystericalParoxysm> Sure, I just planted a fresh crop of 'em over in the corner.
<armiel> :(
* HystericalParoxysm spends far too long considering what "dildo seeds" would be.
<armiel> but I usually sit/lurk on the corner...
<lewjen> good, because you can keep them warm by sitting on them
<lewjen> ;)
<armiel> thanks.
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<jhd1189> I walk quickly with LONG strides
<jhd1189> which is a problem with other people
<jhd1189> because I forget that not everyone has legs that start in their armpits
<Nysha> Does that mean that, if you were a woman, your twat would be between your boobs?
<Nysha> Because that would be a very popular setup
<jhd1189> It mostly means that I am exaggerating
<jhd1189> But I feel like I need to come up with a name for what you just described now
<Nysha> Awww
<jhd1189> I do have really high hip bones, though
<jhd1189> Silly high
<leefish> at least it is not duck disease
<jhd1189> OH
<jhd1189> Call it "the marina"
<leefish> which many english men have
<jhd1189> Come for the motor boating, stay for the fish
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<HystericalParoxysm> Also I should go help D hose off the crotchfruit.
<HystericalParoxysm> ... by which I mean our children, not his testicles.
<jhd1189> ........................................................
<lidiqnata> hey what happened to MOCCA and LATTE awards?
<Tikva> HP: go on, hose his testicles too
<Tikva> I drank them
<Tikva> ...the MOCCA and LATTE awards that is
<leefish> uhuh
<leefish> not the juice of the crotch fruit
<SeeMyu> lol
<leefish> Stealinng OJ from little children
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<SensuousPear> anyone want a wikihow article on how to fake their own death?
<THH> I'm alright thanks
<whiterider> Been there, done that
<SensuousPear> alright, but if the need arises let me know
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[22:36:38] @PharaohHound> Can't kick then ban them, because you can't ban people who aren't here. :P
[22:36:57] @armiel> sure you can
[22:36:57] @Buckley> How are you doing it? With CTU and S3PE?
[22:37:05] King_Deadly> only CTU
[22:37:12] @HystericalParoxysm> You can't ban people with CTU
[22:37:15] @HystericalParoxysm> Silly Deadly
[22:37:16] @SeeMyu> lol
[22:37:21] @armiel> :D
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<jhd1189> Whoops. Did I miss the deadline for Q's thing?
<SeeMyu> Still have 19 hours :)
<jhd1189> Ah. All I could find was "August 5th, Hawaiian time"
<jhd1189> Thanks :)
<SeeMyu> lol, no problem :)
<whiterider> Hawaiian time? Er, why?
<PharaohHound> Date line?
<PharaohHound> Maybe Q just wishes he were in Hawaii
<jhd1189> He picked it in luau of a better time zone, I guess
* PharaohHound groans
<jhd1189> :D
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[12:42] <@TeeHeeHee> ooh, dwagie
[12:42] <@TeeHeeHee> *dawgie
[12:42] == PharaohHound [chatzilla@fd-2D5B2429.eastlink.ca] has joined #create
[12:42] == mode/#create [+o PharaohHound] by ChanServ
[12:42] <@TeeHeeHee> I spy a hound!
[12:42] <@PharaohHound> Oui, c<est moi
[12:42] <@armiel> wow that minion is fast
[12:42] <@TeeHeeHee> I can see her before she arrives in the room!
[12:42] <@armiel> before dawg is on channel
[12:42] <QBUILDERZ> Holy shit.
[12:42] <@PharaohHound> Ger.
[12:42] <@PharaohHound> Stupid keyboard
[12:42] <@TeeHeeHee> we're just that in touch
[12:42] * King_Deadly is mind blown
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<whiterider> All you need now is an invisible Sex McNutty's rug on the walkway
<heaven> Walkway?
<HystericalParoxysm> You can walk behind the falls.
<heaven> Oooh, that's lovely!
<armiel> I still have it open on a tab cause it's so gorgeous http://25.media.tumblr.com/86ebdb5d44e30dc057cba86ef16aa597/tumblr_mqkeyliIpv1sbkhoko2_1280.jpg
<armiel> ^ HP's pic
<heaven> Wow.
<whiterider> See? Who could resist fucking there
<HystericalParoxysm> Hmm.
<HystericalParoxysm> I'll see if I can make the walkway fuckable.
<HystericalParoxysm> ... um.
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<PharaohHound> Buzz!
<Buzz> Dawg!
<PharaohHound> Or armi?
<Buzz> Nah, is me. :P
<PharaohHound> Just checking :P
* PharaohHound climbs into Buzz's lap for a quick snuggle
<Buzz> :)
<PharaohHound> How's the Finn treating you?
<Buzz> Good enough.
<Buzz> Oh, who am I kidding?
<Buzz> She's also spying on the screen...
<HystericalParoxysm> So you had a steering wheel installed on them then?
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TeeHeeHee: Q said my house was boobies, or words to that effect
PharaohHound: The moustache is totally boobies
QBUILDERZ: Not just boobies, the best part of the boobies.
QBUILDERZ: You're welcome!
lewjen: o.O
lewjen: 'best part'
SeeMyu: best part of the boobies?
SeeMyu: I thought boobies all together were the best?
PharaohHound: It's hard for me to pick a favourite part
SeeMyu: the best of the best? :P
QBUILDERZ: * The best individual part of the boob, assuming said boob was in parts
QBUILDERZ: There -- pendanticism for clarity :P
PharaohHound : You cut the boob up?
PharaohHound : is confused
QBUILDERZ: No, no, I didn't cut the boob up, It was already in par-...
TeeHeeHee: lets not consider this in too much detail
QBUILDERZ: The tits are the best part of the boob. FACT.
PharaohHound : How was it in parts?
TeeHeeHee: just wants to enjoy a whole boob
QBUILDERZ: Of course! We all want to enjoy said "full" boob
PharaohHound: Or do you mean in the sense that they're all attached, but we're considering them individually?
QBUILDERZ: But your house isn't the boobs, it's the tits
lewjen: Monoboob for all!
QBUILDERZ: The best indivi- I give up.
QBUILDERZ: You're house is crap.
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(18:56:16) whiterider: Nope, best food in the world is my Mum
(18:56:19) whiterider: ...
(18:56:22) whiterider: FUCK YOU TOO ENTER KEY
(18:56:28) whiterider: My Mum's macaroni cheese.
(18:56:34) whiterider: Motherfucking enter key.
(18:56:48) whiterider fucks off to make a pasta bake
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(23:31:07) SeeMyu: Ugh. I hate drunk people.
(23:31:22) SeeMyu doesn't have a good experience with drunk people
(23:37:13) maybesomethingdunno: let me guess....someone has peed on your floor, has passed out in the puddle on the floor, and you're now stomping your feet and waving your hands because they are giving you routing issues. just put your plate or your newborn on the floor next to the person and puddle...then grab a nice book to read.
(23:40:46) SeeMyu: LMAO
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(22:42:18) SeeMyu: -________-
(22:42:33) SeeMyu: Facebook.. how dare you say my profile picture is too small
(22:42:56) SeeMyu: What.. need bigger profile pictures to satisfy your pleasures?
(22:43:01) SeeMyu: I see
(22:43:11) SeeMyu: How ungrateful!
(22:43:59) SeeMyu: I'll just go find someone else who appreciates my profile picture size
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(15:03:53) armiel: erhhh...
(15:04:03) armiel: how does one upload things to this site, again? xD
(15:04:11) PharaohHound: LMFAO
(15:04:21) PharaohHound points and laughs at armi
(15:04:27) SeeMyu: LOL
(15:04:30) SeeMyu: Poor Armi!
(15:04:38) PharaohHound: Use the Create menu, dear.
(15:04:40) kiwi_tea snickers.
(15:04:47) Sparklycookie: XD
(15:04:55) Sparklycookie: Create-upload wizard
(15:05:11) Buzzler: Make sure you read the guidelines first!
(15:05:44) PharaohHound: Good point, Buzz!
(15:05:54) Sparklycookie: Remember that you need nice clear screenshots
(15:05:59) kiwi_tea: *sigh* Just another thing we'll need to make giant red and sparkly.
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(23:17:22) spladoum: I proudly admit that once I heard "body hair" and "shower sex," I was totally sold on Gen.
(23:17:34) SeeMyu: LOL Splad
(23:17:45) SeeMyu: Those features are quite nice
(23:17:47) SeeMyu: >:D
(23:18:00) spladoum: To hell with wedding parties. Screw prom.
(23:18:13) spladoum: Rub-a-dub-dub, honey.
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(00:22:57) SeeMyu: The HIIILLLSSS are ALLLIVVE.... with the sound of MUUUSSIIICC
(00:23:05) daluved1: LOL
(00:23:07) SeeMyu: Okay. I really need some sleep
(00:23:10) Fukothepixie: You alright there SeeMyu? :P
(00:23:13) QBUILDERZ: This isn't Austria, Seemyu, get your shit together!
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(17:59:23) (Qbuilderz): God. Damn it. My mother made me chocolate fucking pudding. Do you know how infuriating it is to eat only jello and pudding and milkshakes?
(17:59:26) (Qbuilderz): I hate everything.
(17:59:37) (Qbuilderz): All I want is a steak. A big, delicious steak
(17:59:56) (Qbuilderz): NOW. EXCUSE ME while I go and eat my seventh FUCKING BOWL OF PUDDING.
(18:00:05) ChatBot: /nick (Qbuilderz) (Q|EmotionalBreakdown)
(18:02:55) armiel: teethy business.
(18:03:09) Jaguwar: Yeah, I kind of guessed. Poor Q, that's no fun. :(
(18:03:14) Jaguwar: Soon Q, hang in there!
(18:03:21) Jaguwar: brb, time to put the nachos in the oven
(18:03:26) armiel: LOL (18:03:28)
(Q|EmotionalBreakdown): My spoon fell into the pudding. This is just the worst day ever.
(18:03:32) armiel: was that not intentional??!
(18:03:37) armiel: ROFl