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[20:59] <writingemmy> You wouldn't believe how weird touching cracks blindfolded is.
[20:59] <renske> especially when your underwear is sliding in there
[20:59] <writingemmy> You have to put your hand all over it.
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*ChocoLDE molests frenchies horse leaving frenchie alone and un-fondled
<ChocoLDE> hang on...
<ChocoLDE> no
<ChocoLDE> NO!
<elpemmy> What about meeeee?
<ChocoLDE> no time ems!
ChocoLDE> i hearby retract anything i said in the last 10 minutes
<elpemmy> You don't love me anymore?!
*elpemmy weeps
<ChocoLDE> thus making it illegal to put it on any type of database
<ChocoLDE> whew
<TFS|TF2|GiddyUp> It's so QDB'd now.
<ChocoLDE> i'm covered now
<ChocoLDE> frenchie i hate you
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<cthru> OH, when will it be updated?? I was reading the qb yesterday
<cthru> the whole qdb, I'm sooo silly
<cthru> :/
<Lethe|worky> as soon as we can blinky delphy so much
<Lethe|worky> delphy will go and do it
<Lethe|worky> isn't that right, delphy
<Lethe|worky> delphy doesn't seem to be responding
<cthru> delphy will certainly do it since you asked ;)
<Lethe|worky> I hope nothing is wrong with delphy
<cthru> delphy might be busy D:
<Lethe|worky> delphy could very well be busy
* Delphster snickers
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* KevinRudd is now known as Tee
<elpemmy> ><
<Tee> WTF?
* Tee is now known as Tree
<Corrie> Tee
<Billybob> Plain white?
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<Corrie> We got someone screaming Llama while running with her shirt over her head...
<Corrie> wait, Humping.
<Corrie> shit..
<Corrie> Jumping*
<Tree> XD
<Tree> Fail.
<Sparkle> LOL
* Corrie crawls into the corner and dies.
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<ZOMG|Patterns> Why am I singing Christmas Carols to myself?
<frazzmeister> you're seasonally challenged?
<ZOMG|Patterns> Weird
<ZOMG|Patterns> I think I do it a lot, actually, now I think about it.
<ZOMG|Patterns> Like when I want to sing, I think I just mindlessly sing them because I know the lyrics the best.
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<Tree> Honestly, "Forks"? If that is an -actual- place, then I will do something ridiculous, like dye my hair pink.
<Sparklesimming> I can't believe I couldn't find a copy of Dracula at the libary
<Sparklesimming> XD
<Sparklesimming> I bet the next town was called Knives
<Tree> In the state of Cutlery.
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* renske imagines frenchie in a tutu waving his wand about
<renske> .. WAIT STRIKE THAT
<renske> stuff comes out all WRONG today!!!!
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<Loaf> oh, fuck it.
<Loaf> i've lost my orgasm now :/
<Database> ... XD
<Loaf> thought it was in my work bag, but no.
<Loaf> dammit, don't QDB me again!
<elpemmy> rofl
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<Loaf> i just wanted a cute makeup bag to keep on me all the time
<Loaf> not a fuckijng huge sack :P
<elpemmy> Renske- the internet?
<TFZzz> :p But you already have a huge sack
<renske> you\'re better off without a sack
<TFZzz> I saw it with my own eyes!
<renske> :O
<Loaf> this is half the size of the one i bought to silent\'s =D
<elpemmy> Who has a huge sack?
<elpemmy> O.o
<renske> loafie!
* Corrie|inFamous backs away....
<Loaf> what?
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[14:00] * renske hugs vaginas
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<Ryan220> Anybody one????
<Safyre420> two
<Tree> three.
<Ryan220> I need to speak to a moderator
<Ryan220> Someone i can report a innapropriate thing too
<Canoodle> Last dance. That was the drifters. :s
<Canoodle> Mhm..what's the problem Ryan?
<Ryan220> On the other chat i logged i and i was created with a very bad message one that shouldnt be on this site
<Canoodle> What chat?
<Ryan220> No Canoodle is a Modertaor
<Ryan220> The social chat not this one
<Ryan220> i took a pic with my computer for proof lol
* Tree takes a quick peek at #social.
<Safyre420> nobody but you has said anything in there for a few hours lol
<Ryan220> I know it wasnt said by someone
<Tree> Oh, the thing up the top?
<Ryan220> it was Welcome **************** i will not say
* Tree giggles.
<Ryan220> no
<Safyre420> caringforyourvagina
<Ryan220> yea haha


<Canoodle> #social is just a bunch of hedonistic savages waving their willy's at everyone.
* Safyre420 scribbles out willy's and puts tits
<Canoodle> that too
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[16:00] <Liz> I'll become a prostitute
[16:00] <Corrie|Maths> it's not as bad as you think.
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<Dj|food> Also I just accidentally e-stalked attractive blondes twitter.
<Database> You accidentally her whole twitter?
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<HystericalParoxysm> People seem to mistake me for a guy a lot. Probably because I type with my penis.
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[19:12] <Qbuilderz> WHAT THE EFF -HOW do you spell peek...peak...UG
[19:13] <Qbuilderz> are they both right or soemthing?
[19:13] <Gangreless> yes
[19:13] <Gangreless> depending on your context
[19:13] <Qbuilderz> "pe?ked my interest"
[19:13] <Gangreless> piqued
[19:14] <Qbuilderz> WHAT THE HELL!
[19:14] <Gangreless> haha
[19:15] <Gangreless> "I took a peek at the girl undressing." "I climbed to the peak of mountain so I could see that girl undressing." "That girl undressing piqued my interest."
[19:15] <Qbuilderz> XD
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<Database> ZOMG 1337
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[19:42] * cthru would ask you WHAT you were doing under the desk
[19:43] <cthru> but I can imagine :P
[19:43] <cthru> catching a peeeeen
[19:43] <cthru> *pen that is
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<Loaf> if i could interner-order at home, i'd have my orgasm right here and now ><
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<Jon> You think stabbing myself in the leg just to find out what it feels like - research for a scene in a story - is a little much? :P
<djones> no shit jon.
<Jon> I dunno. My insurance will pay for it and the doctor will probably get a laugh.
<Jon> I'm seriously considering it.
<djones> shrug
<Jon> Besides, it would pay off in realistic narrative.
<djones> Because self harm is always a good idea.
<Lethe> question is, is realism good reading
<Lethe> reading "AAAARgharagh it fucking hurts'
<Lethe> doesn't exactly progress a storyline
<Jon> I dunno. Tom Clancy makes millions of dollars writing fairly realistic books.
<Jekyll> just don't go for the arteries and remember to take pics, jon
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<ArtsyFrenchie> You know it only requires a private place for me to help you find some orgasm ;)
* ArtsyFrenchie chuckles
<Loaf> :P
<Lethe> dudes: get a pm
<frazzmeister> and a webcam for the rest of us....
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<Loaf> super orgasm has sparkly bits...
<ArtsyFrenchie> Loaf: it's called the "afterglow" :D
<Loaf> oh, hush you :P
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<Loaf> ooooh
<Loaf> ooooooooh
<ArtsyFrenchie> Loaf is coming... o_o
<Loaf> orgasm is only £18 on the NARS website...
<NumbPsycho> 0_o
<ArtsyFrenchie> Whut
<Jekyll> ... uh
<Loaf> ...#
<Loaf> erm
<Loaf> i should clarify
<Loaf> it's a blusher
<NumbPsycho> Yes, you should.
<Loaf> a really, really good one...
<Loaf> you can also get 'the multiple orgasm', which is a handy creamy stick of it
<frazzmeister> ..
<Loaf> erm
<Loaf> that sounds dirty too...
<frazzmeister> you think?
<Loaf> i'm gonna get QDB'd, aren't i?
<frazzmeister> yes.
<ArtsyFrenchie> :D
<Loaf> but it's so damn good...
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<Database> deej, you are simultaneously the most elegant and the most fucked-up person I know.
* Djones unlocks the achievement : Fulfill your personal lifetime goals.
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<&whiterider> Huh
<&whiterider> One of HP's IP addresses is banned
<absentlamb> :/
<&whiterider> ..five of them, actually
<Canoodle> :D
<Srikandi> that HP, such a troublemaker