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<Loaf> ...playing mambo no. 5 at full volume at 9.30 in the morning? ugh.
<Loaf> now i remember why i don't usually sit in the SU
<Angel> lmao
<Angel> i got woken up by builders hwo thought it was a good idea to drag steel fencing up the dune.
<Angel> of course, when i got up, they stopped...
<Corrie|KH> "Alright men, today's mission is to wake up as many people as possible, however, if you hear someone get up, leave the site immediately" "Yes sir!"
<Corrie|KH> "The only thing you can use is the steel fencing. Time to get CREATIVE!"
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<PhenominalOne> hey how is Delphy like
<Rye> XD
<daluved1> idk
<PhenominalOne> Delphy seems very funny
<daluved1> I heard he once killed a man
<PhenominalOne> lmao
<daluved1> with his bare hands!
<PhenominalOne> not lmao
<Rye> :O GASP!
<daluved1> And a hard drive
<PhenominalOne> not the hard drive!
<daluved1> Ooooh yes
<PhenominalOne> !cookie
* Pillze passes PhenominalOne a cookie :)
<PhenominalOne> ty
<PhenominalOne> !hard drive
<Qbuilderz> Dude, I SAW him kill that guy. It was intense
<daluved1> wasn't it!
<PhenominalOne> ow
<PhenominalOne> !water
<daluved1> Then he used the mouse as some sort of nunchuck thing
<Rye> would anyone here download LOZ paintings/posters for TS3? :p
<PhenominalOne> it serves coffe but not water
<daluved1> What's a LOZ?
<Rye> ...
* Rye stares at dal
<Qbuilderz> OMG! I remember that! He was like *Woosh! Woosh! SLAM FWAP!*
* daluved1 stares at Ri
<daluved1> I felt kinda bad for the poor guy
<Qbuilderz> I heard, that his motive was some guy kept on saying his name...o.o
<daluved1> I mean he was clearly dead...but he just kept going
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<The_French_Sim> I woke up with a giant WTF moment
<Lethe> that's called morning wood sweetie
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[17:02] <Gangreless> and I was just thinking, "That seems kind of difficult. It would be much easier to just have sex with animals."
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<Inge> I am starting a paysite called BeggyZone
<Inge> no content, just a paypal button for donations
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lpemmy Zomg I have a hairbrush down here. Timing has never been so perfect
16:49 elpemmy zones out
16:49 Gangreless oh god
16:49 Database ....
16:49 FurryPanda i read that as "down there" and wondered why you felt the need to share
16:49 Gangreless what.. umm.. what are you doing with the hairbrush?
16:49 Database I am finding that very difficult to not guttermind at XD
16:49 HystericalParoxysm I'm glad we all read that the same way.
16:49 Gangreless Indeed.
16:49 elpemmy What, I jsut got lemonade in my hair.
16:49 Database Yup, we're all pervs. XD
16:50 Gangreless ha
16:50 FurryPanda why are you putting lemonade on hair?
16:50 Gangreless haha
16:50 FurryPanda there are far better colorants
16:50 FurryPanda and anyone looking that you want to see it wont notice
16:50 Gangreless Lemon fresh scent?
16:50 elpemmy I spilt it because I fail at drinking and now I won't be able to get it out oh god don't tell me lemonade colours hair because I will hit you if you do
16:51 Gangreless haha, lemons will actually bleach your hair if you leave it on long enough
16:51 elpemmy Must. Brush. It. Out.
16:51 Gangreless No, must -wash- it out.
16:51 elpemmy Though, a bleached streak would be pretty cool.
16:52 elpemmy And it's not real lemonade. It's morrisons crappy cheap fizzy muck.
16:52 Frenchie noms Emmy and goes to bed
16:52 *** Frenchie quit (Quit: Quitte)
16:52 elpemmy Which tastes very nice when mixed with robinsons fruity squash stuff.
16:53 Database Emmy is going to make a great alcoholic. XD
16:53 elpemmy I am? Good to know, I guess.
16:53 Database :P
16:54 elpemmy I can't work out if it's my hair that is sticky or my hand
16:54 Database ... once again, out of context.
16:54 elpemmy Well read the context then, and get over it :P
16:54 Database We're #social. Context is irrelevant whenever we feel like it.
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<Lethe> actually, do you have two exes?
<Lethe> if you're on xp you need to try the other one
<renske> more than that i'm afraid.
<Lethe> .exes sweetie
<renske> OH.
* renske headdesks.
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[18:16] <ILov2Run> I'm a writer. It drives me nuts not to use caps, etc.
[18:17] <HystericalParoxysm> What kind of stuff do you write?
[18:17] <ILov2Run> I'm a romance writer.
[18:17] <ILov2Run> paranormal romance
[18:17] <HystericalParoxysm> So like... zombie fucking?
[18:17] <ILov2Run> mmm...yup
[18:18] * HystericalParoxysm makes a joke about stiffs, and then moves on
[18:18] <ILov2Run> Zombie's fuck?
[18:18] * Frenchie|Away has quit (Broken pipe)
[18:18] <Database> Frenchie doesn't like necrophillia.
[18:18] <HystericalParoxysm> He's French, they'll do -anything-.
[18:19] * HystericalParoxysm remembers that one conversation about a year back where Frenchie admitted to fucking a shoe
[18:19] <ILov2Run> A shoe? I'm sorry I missed that.
[18:19] <Database> me too.
[18:19] <Loaf> a...shoe?
[18:19] <Loaf> really?
[18:20] <HystericalParoxysm> Yeah. It gave him a lot of tongue, apparently.
[18:20] <Database> That was a TERRIBLE pun. XD
[18:20] <HystericalParoxysm> He totally ruined the relationship though. He was a real heel.
[18:20] <Database> DAMMIT HP. PUNDORA'S BOX.
[18:20] <HystericalParoxysm> It's okay though. She wasn't his sole mate.
[18:21] <HystericalParoxysm> Okay I think I'm done.
[18:21] * The_French_Sim (The_French@F775FBB7.8FD7CD5B.F81F1451.IP) has joined #social
[18:21] <HystericalParoxysm> HI SHOEFUCKER
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8:48] <HystericalParoxysm> writingandsinging- You were here earlier.
[18:48] <writingandsinging> ....
[18:48] <HystericalParoxysm> As Lufferkinz
[18:49] <HystericalParoxysm> You have the same IP address. :)
[18:49] <writingandsinging> whos lufferkinz?
[18:49] <HystericalParoxysm> You are.
[18:49] <writingandsinging> u mean my sister.
[18:49] <HystericalParoxysm> You sure it wasn't your cousin/dog/invisible friend?
[18:50] <Gangreless|LaMICA> No, HP. It was her cat.
[18:50] <HystericalParoxysm> That would be new and different.
[18:50] <writingandsinging> im not kidding.........
[18:50] <Database> mah guinea pig haxd my account. i is ssad :(
[18:50] <Night_Racer> her senile old grandma hijacked the computer
[18:50] <writingandsinging> ooooook
[18:50] <writingandsinging> by
[18:50] * writingandsinging has quit (Quit: Live Chat Java User)
[18:51] <poetryemmy> Liek dood, i share lappys with my unborn baby. IT MUST HAVE BEEN HIM/HER/IT
[18:51] <HystericalParoxysm> emmy - How do you fit a keyboard up there?
[18:51] <Database> That says a lot about Emmy.
[18:51] <Gangreless|LaMICA> Maybe it's one of those flexy rollup keyboards
[18:51] <HystericalParoxysm> Buckettwat?
[18:51] <poetryemmy> You don't want to know, HP :P
[18:52] <Crowbar> cavernous meat wallet
[18:52] <Database> I vote we all call Emmy "buckettwat" from now on. :p
[18:52] <poetryemmy> Nooooooooo
[18:52] <HystericalParoxysm> I second Data's suggestion.
[18:52] <Crowbar> thirded
[18:52] <HystericalParoxysm> Motion carried and passed.
[18:52] <poetryemmy> D:
[18:52] <HystericalParoxysm> Emmy is now buckettwat.
[18:52] <Database> Sweet!
[18:52] <frazzmeister> :D
[18:52] <poetryemmy> I hate you people.
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<lilmisschatterbox> where do i find 'help'? lol..sorry :P
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<Djones> Thats not a euphemism for my penis.
<elpemmy> rofl
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<Djones> There was a joke to be made.
<Corrie> there was?
* Corrie would like to hear this joke.
<Djones> Yes, a very shakespearean one at that.
<Djones> The faux pretension of gender based humour derived from disguise and conceit.
* Corrie sits in and listens.
<Djones> If you were from the 16th century, you would of pissed yourself into the grave it was that funny.
<Djones> Trufacts.
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[19:05] <StitchionaryParoxysm> Sigh.
[19:05] <StitchionaryParoxysm> I reloaded this game and now anyone remotely near the safari exhibit is convinced all the animals in it are chasing them.
[19:05] <StitchionaryParoxysm> Liek, srsly dude, you're walking up on the walkway above it in your tie dye shirt and backpack and the animal's down below taking a dump, THEY ARE NOT OUT TO GET YOU.
[19:06] <Gangreless> Sometimes a particularly aggressive animal (usually the carnivores) will see a guest standing a bit close and will start stalking/chasing it.
[19:06] <StitchionaryParoxysm> They're getting freaked out by gazelles
[19:06] <Gangreless> Well that's just retarded.
[19:06] <StitchionaryParoxysm> I had this same issue a while back with fennecs, the last time I started playing this.
[19:07] <StitchionaryParoxysm> But dude, it's a fennec fox. Even if it escaped and came running after me I'd be all, "DAWWW! C'mere so I can cuddle you, you widdle cutie pieeeee!"
[19:07] <Gangreless> I've only had it with things like the T.Rex and Secretary Birds.
[19:07] <Database> ... secretary birds?
[19:07] <Gangreless> Yes
[19:07] <StitchionaryParoxysm> Big angry chickens
[19:07] <Database> "Can I have your details please, BAWK?"
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* Djones licks angel
* ChanServ sets mode +a #social Angel
* ChanServ gives channel operator status to Angel
<Djones> ...my tongue gives ops?
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<whiterider> Think about it though - Gordon Brown has one eye, spent most of his life thinking about money, grimaces a lot and looks like his face is melting. He is clearly a pirate.
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<xianny> its mostly girls here
<xianny> our farts smell like roses and we're too delicate to handle swearing
<xianny> so watch it
<xianny> or ill beat you
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<frazzmeister> pfft, half your weight is surely just pure sexiness. the scale has a boner!
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[19:54] <Gangreless> How the hell is it that I have about 42 highlighters and never one near me?
[19:55] <daluved1> jesus hates you
[19:56] <Gangreless> The feeling's mutual
[19:56] <Zucabr> Which one?
[19:56] <Gangreless> Which one what? Which feeling?
[19:56] <Zucabr> IE, which Jesus? Is this the same one that hates fags?
[19:56] <Gangreless> ah
[19:56] <Gangreless> I'm assuming
[19:56] <Zucabr> Coz tell him that he had TWO DADS, for Hissake.
[19:57] <Gangreless> hur
[19:57] <Zucabr> I like my family's Jesus better.
[19:57] <Gangreless> I have a general problem in christianity telling everybody that one particular guy was so special that he was the son of god
[19:58] <Gangreless> Besides, I thought we were -all- god's children.
[19:58] <Gangreless> Therefore..
[19:58] *** Gangreless is now known as Jesus
[19:58] <Zucabr> XD
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Gangreless> I used to think gnomes lived in the tv and made it work
<whiteybook> I used to think that if I pressed my eye right up to the door, I'd be able to see through the gaps between the molecules
<daluved1|physics> wow...white...
<Gangreless> I use to think that with water
<Leopardflower> that is quite a funny mental picture
<whiteybook> Well, logically, it sorta made sense...
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<Gangreless> My intertubez is clogged.
<Sparkle> *puts flash down it*
<Gangreless> Amazing
<Gangreless> as soon as you said that, it started to work XD
<Sparkle> It leaves it sparkling clean
<Sparkle> LOL
<Sparkle> I have the magic touch
<Sparkle> New Flash- it gets your internet working in no time!
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* The_French_Sim would totally nomnom his baby fat
<The_French_Sim> I can pretend to be a shark
<The_French_Sim> "I'm a shaaaaaaaark! I'm a shaaaaaaaark! Suck my diiiiiick! I'm a shaaaaaaark!"
* The_French_Sim is convincing
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<Gangreless> fuck anime
<Gangreless> I'm so glad they relegated it to only one night a week
<Davey> cowboy bebop is fantastic
<Davey> the music is amazing
<Gangreless> I only watch anime if it involves hermaphrodites and tentacle penii.
<Ri> ...
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[13:59] <Qbuilderz> oh god...ohhhh god
[14:00] <Gangreless> We don't need to hear your masturbatory sounds, Q.
[14:00] <Lee|FishLord> ?
[14:00] <Lee|FishLord> heh
[14:00] <Qbuilderz> *goes to PM*
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<frazzmeister> right, i should shutup
<frazzmeister> ...er *shutdown
<frazzmeister> ...
<Sparkle> LOL
<frazzmeister> I'm fucked, aren't I?
<Sparkle> Yep.
<Sparkle> And quoted.