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<SilentPsycho> "Away, you bottle-ale rascal, you filthy bung, away!"
<SilentPsycho> "Thou spleeny spur-galled pignut!"
<SilentPsycho> "Your bedded hair, like life in excrements, start up and stand on end."
<adrisole> Filthy bung
* adrisole dies
<adrisole> I keep thinking of those things we used in Chemistry
<SilentPsycho> You think of school science, I think of buttplugs...
<SilentPsycho> What does that say about us?
<adrisole> We need hobbies?
<elpemmy> You know I always pictured buttplugs as looking identical to the bungs in chemistry
<elpemmy> Not that I picture butt plugs a lot... uhh...
<elpemmy> shit.
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<whiterider> \o
<Qbuilderz> One armed man cheering?
<speedfish> we rejected the other arm
<speedfish> was badly textured
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* SeriousAboutSkillets raises hand
<SeriousAboutSkillets> You forget that I'm cool?
<traelia> >.>
<MagnificentRack> Suuuure you are. You keep on believing! :D
* SeriousAboutSkillets is cooler than the otherside of the pillow
<SeriousAboutSkillets> Okay maybe not with a name like SeriousAboutSkillets >>
<SeriousAboutSkillets> But you get the point!
<adrisole> No, that's kind of ironic chic.
<SeriousAboutSkillets> iron...ic...
<SeriousAboutSkillets> Like Iron Skillet? :D
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<DaveyDaVinci> My toaster gets more ass than Tom
<Tom> fuck you
<Tom> lol
<DaveyDaVinci> Actually
<DaveyDaVinci> lol
<Tom> ew
<Tom> wait
<DaveyDaVinci> You're like my toaster in many ways
<Tom> what are you doing to your toaster...
<DaveyDaVinci> For one, you guys both pop up too quickly
<DaveyDaVinci> Two, it's deep in the closet right now, like you are
<DaveyDaVinci> Three, neither of you go with my decor
<DaveyDaVinci> xD
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* whiteybook (circusfish@fd-82FB725C.adsl.wanadoo.nl) has joined #supersecretstaffchannel
<whiterider> ...
<whiterider> My... netbook is in my bag...
<whiterider> Well, that was nice and weird. It started up from being asleep, whilst in its case, to inform thin air that the battery was low and it needed to suspend
<Arisuka> Wow, it's got the personality of a cat
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<PoliteFinn> is it polite to talk about womens frontal parts?
<adrisole> Depends on context.
<adrisole> If you're talking about being knee deep in clunge, then I'm going to vote "no".
<MadamFish> ....
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<renske> and if i'll be menstruating on my wedding SO HELP ME I WILL CUT A BITCH PROBABLY J'S MOM.
<Nouk> Just shift your menstruation with your pill
<renske> i'm not on the pill.
<Nouk> Go to the doctor and get it shifted temporary, they have something...
<elpemmy> wait. Aren't there thingies you can get that like induce the period now so you don't have to deal with it some other place?
<renske> some other place? like... my nose?
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<missroxor> Lee, where are you from?
<LeeFish> Lancashire
<LeeFish> Coronation street accent
<missroxor> naw, I didn't even know you were a Brit <3 I've been there once I think, Chorley
<LeeFish> Yea, its just round the corner
<missroxor> hah, please tell me you say, "Orite Duck?"
<LeeFish> Not duck - duck is Sheffield. Yorkshire.
<missroxor> ugh, my first boyfriend was from Sheffield, I'm not a fan
<missroxor> lol
<LeeFish> Aww, I loved Sheffield
<LeeFish> I lived in the south side though. North side is a bit rough
<missroxor> I like Yorkshire though, my best mate is from there
<LeeFish> Its ok
<missroxor> and it's purty
<missroxor> well, the country bits where she lived were
* LeeFish is a Lancastrian - am not liking Yorkies - is tradition.
<missroxor> lol
<missroxor> well, traditionally I'm Scottish and you're English so....*moons Lee*
<LeeFish> Roxor - am English by Birth - but its all Scots Irish - like a lot of lancastrians
<LeeFish> Came to work in the factories etc
* missroxor sheepishly pulls her kilt back down over her butt
<LeeFish> Yea
<LeeFish> Mother's maiden name is Kirkham
<missroxor> moan the Scots!!
<DeadlySpiderMonkey> im guessing that you roxor and lee are from Europe?
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<whiterider> lol. I'm ill. I'm allowed to be a bitch this evening. Sorry :p
* armiel makes whitey some nice hot blueberry soup
<heaven> Blueberry soup???
<Jaguwar> blueberry soup???? Really???
<Jaguwar> sniped! LOL
<ForeverCamp> BLUEBERRY SOUP?!
* ForeverCamp is mindblown
<armiel> is good, healthy, and good when you are ill
<armiel> could you guys yell any louder?
<whiterider> You... blueberry?
<missroxor> blueberry?!
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* Database writes the term "pity poker" down.
<Djones> Again, part of life.
<Djones> Database, it -is- a good one, right?
<Database> incredibly
<Database> I may steal it
<Djones> It also lets you say things like "Oh just fucking fold that hand of pity poker, I've got a royal flush of pain and misery that pisses all over your abject social anxiety like a stab in the stomach from a disenfranchised mother."
<Database> ...
* Database writes that down too.
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<Ren> like... does a 2d octopus also need 2 legs? or 4?
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<&whiteybook> I reckon sleep causes nightmares
<&whiteybook> Think about it
<&whiteybook> Have you ever had a nightmare whilst not asleep?
* &whiteybook employs Politician Logic
<gelis> yes
<gelis> I accidently watched big brother
<&whiteybook> rofl
<gelis> that was a night mare
<&whiteybook> Well ok, sleep and inexcusable fault of the victim
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<Delphy|Work> Ren_Forrest_Ren: That Ancient Aliens doc is hilarious
<Delphy|Work> Did you know there is an entire TV series of the same thing?
<Delphy|Work> How the hell they manage to stretch that out over multiple *seasons* is beyond me
<Ren_Forrest_Ren> ON
<Ren_Forrest_Ren> ON THE EDGE
<Ren_Forrest_Ren> OF REASON
* Delphy|Work whispers "Atlantis is real"
* Ren_Forrest_Ren rageflails
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<Jaguwar> The absolute sweetest looking plumber I've ever seen in real life just left my house. Face like a boy+smile like Mark Walhberg=swoon!
<&HystericalParoxysm> Jag - You clearly have to ask him back over to... lay some pipe.
<Jaguwar> hehehe I wish! Perhaps I'll see him around, but this is an apartment, so I don't control when they come.
<&HystericalParoxysm> Jag - Sure you can, you just press on the base underneath the shaft.
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<ForeverCamp> Bah, so our connection is going to be like that today?
* ForeverCamp has quit (Broken pipe)
<frazzmeister> I'm going to say yes.
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<Ren> pishing is the art/hobby of catching fish by peeing on them, stunning them.
<Ren> it's a very male-dominated sport.
<Bakafox> I dunno Ren, apparently women have won several pissing contests at the chili cookoff south of here
<gelis> catching fish by peeing?
<Ren> where I come from the 'ooh what shall we do today I KNOW LET'S PEE ON THINGS' is a very male thing.
<Bakafox> usually is here too, but apparently women can dominate when they decide they'd like to pee on things too
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<frazzmeister> The sterotypically gayest man I know is straight, he does everything except the whole being attracted to men thing,.. afaik.
<emino|m11x> frazzy, stop talking about me like that :(
<frazzmeister> oh emi, you know I'd never describe you as a man.
<emino|m11x> :D
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<&whiteybook> Also, I would fuck profiteroles too, if it weren't for the fact that I'd rather eat them
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<&whiteybook> And kittens are quadrapedfaciephytal
<gelis> and I don't get you whitey once again
<&whiteybook> Four legs + faceplant
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<CN> is that popeye dressed as sailor moon?
* CN 's brain explodes
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<PharaohHound> We need a guide - "how to read instructions"
<PharaohHound> not that anyone would read it
<whiterider> 1. Open eyes. No, I said OPEN. That thing you do so light hits your eyeballs and you can see. Right, good. Now. 2. Direct eyes at screen. At the screen. Come on. Yoohoo. Hello? You still with us?
<PharaohHound> I think you should just say "idiots who can't read simple directions will be disqualified."
<PharaohHound> We also strongly recommend against procreation: for the sake of future generations of moderators
* heaven is wondering if PH is HP in disguise.
<whiterider> There are similarities...
<HystericalParoxysm> PH knits, too.
<HystericalParoxysm> :D
<PharaohHound> WE'RE LIKE TWINS
<HystericalParoxysm> Obviously, this means we should exchange pics of our boobs.
<PharaohHound> That is the natural course of action
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<whiterider> At this rate, I'm gonna enter a TS3 calendar pic of a couple getting divorced
<whiterider> Just to even things out
<PDawg> lol
<PDawg> you totally should, there's a ridiculous amount of lovey-dovey mushy stuff
* PDawg is allergic to lovey-dovey mushy stuff
<LeeFish> I know
<LeeFish> Use a depression pose and call it February.
<whiterider> Maybe I'll check what time of year arsenic flowers and do a poisoning
<LeeFish> Is my typical Valentines Day anyway
<PDawg> I could do a dog mauling
<LeeFish> lol
<LeeFish> August: National Dog Mauling Month
<whiterider> November: Sim gets slpashed with muddy water and sleet by a passing articulated lorry
<whiterider> That'll show 'em. Happy people.
<LeeFish> Aww
* PDawg hates happy people
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<Ren> are you drunk, sheldrajke?
<Ren> drjunk?
<Ren> AW MAN
<whiterider> I can't tell if the AW MAN is because you spelled "drunk" right the first time, or because you noticed that he left half an hour ago
<Ren> white: the latter.
<Ren> i should go help J get the pc up and running
<Ren> and by help i mean stand behind him drinking wine and critisizing everything he does
<Ren> i probably did not slepp that right
<Ren> *spell
<Ren> o_0 it's get-off-the-internet-o-clock
<Ren> nini people
<Loaf> night Ren =]
<Ren> i can still spell things though, look. 'colloquialism'
* Ren has quit (Quit: Ik ga weg)
<whiterider> That's... actually quite impressive
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<DalBook> Booooooobs
* fanseelamb puts shirt back on
* Phae wonders if her web cam is on...
* DalBook dusts skirt and walks off
<LeeFish> I miss ALL the good bits
<LeeFish> There is fansee meshing half naked and all I do is blather on about mesh groups
<fanseelamb> well you did grab my handles
<LeeFish> story of my life
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<Lethe> holy hell there's brynjolf slash
* FrazzMEISTER is now known as frazzmeister
* Elexis (Elexis@fd-CEC33479.static.zebra.lt) has joined #social
<Lethe> and it's half an hour later
<Lethe> damnit
<Lethe> that will be an interesting convo with my boss tomorrow
<Lethe> "yes, i was working on the presentation, but then i got distracted by slash involving a side character in a game'
<frazzmeister> Distract with a kitten?
<Lethe> emergency kitten!
<Lethe> always carry one with you
<frazzmeister> yes.
<frazzmeister> "you're under arrest, you have the right to remainOMGKITTEN"
<Lethe> indeed