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<Corrie> Stuff you've been Mass Debating at home, by yourself?
* Tree just said that out loud, and lol'd at the result.
<cthru|HMM> mass debating?
<cthru|HMM> who did that? :P
<cthru|HMM> you confused me
<cthru|HMM> :P
<Corrie> Say it out loud really fast.
<Tree> :P
<cthru|HMM> LMAO
* Corrie patpats innocent cthru
<cthru|HMM> naaaw, I wasn't mass debating
<cthru|HMM> :P
<cthru|HMM> shaddaaap
<cthru|HMM> XD
<Corrie> Sure you weren't cthru...
<Corrie> sure you weren't.
<Tree> Is that any of your business, Corrie? :P
<cthru|HMM> no, I wasn't :P
<Corrie> Not really, but still... she was clueless about it till a few seconds ago.
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<Greenie> Im supposed to go to Hollywood tomorrow. To see a German/Latin/French/CountryWestern/Polka/Jazz fusion thing.
<Greenie> It sounds horrible. D:
<Database> :/
<elpemmy> Yeah, it does...
<daluved1> indeed
<Greenie> I dont even get it.
<Greenie> How can you mix those things.
<Greenie> Its like trying to cross apples and ceiling fans to get a new type of lampshade.
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[09:07] <cthru> use IE if you have it?
[09:07] <Tree> :O
[09:07] <Gangreless> :O
[09:07] <Tree> NONONONONO!
[09:07] <Gangreless> NOOOOOOO
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<cthru> I go away to wash the dishes for like..5 mins
<cthru> and vague pink tits?
<cthru> ::
<cthru> ..
<cthru> ok, don't answer that
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<Corrie> I found it myself. I'm smat
<Corrie> I mean smart.
<Corrie> -.-
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[17:44] <Sparkle> I had some cheese balls, but they're soggy
[17:44] <Sparkle> Cue innuendo in 3,2,1
[17:44] <Gangreless> I can't think of a good one, Sparkle.
[17:44] <Sparkle> Soggy cheese balls?
[17:44] * Gangreless makes joke amount cheese, smegma, and soggy balls.
[17:45] <Sparkle> You mean you can't seriously think of innuendo about that?
[17:45] <Gangreless> I just did, see "Gangreless makes joke"
[17:45] <Gangreless> .. and that should have said "about" not "amount"
[17:46] <Gangreless> Let's try this again..Sparkle: I have soggy cheese balls.
[17:46] <Gangreless> Wash them more often?
[17:46] <Sparkle> Or eat them, and not just leave them on my bed?
[17:47] <Gangreless> Well, if you're in to that kinda thing.
[17:47] <Sparkle> I meant the food product
[17:47] <Gangreless> haha
[17:48] <Sparkle> And don't leave cheese snacks
[17:48] <Gangreless> Well if you're going to buy cheese, you should probably keep it refrigerated.
[17:48] <Gangreless> Definitely don't keep it in your bed like some sort of organic masturbation device.
[17:48] <Sparkle> And I still have a pot of salad on my desk
[17:49] <Sparkle> I meant the food -_-
[17:49] <Gangreless> Sparkle, dear, food is for eating, not for masturbating. Well, ok, some food is for masturbating, but not cheese and salad. Silly.
[17:50] <Sparkle> Forget it.
[17:50] <Gangreless> haha
[17:50] <Safyre420> dick cheese and tossed salads?
[17:50] <Gangreless> exactly saf
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[19:39] <Liz> I'm so bored.
[19:39] <Sparkle> I would say the same, but chatting here, I can never be bored
[19:40] * Gangreless gives Liz a shiny.
[19:40] <Sparkle> This chat is really entertaining
[19:40] <Liz> What kind of shiny?
[19:40] <Gangreless> A shiny one.
[19:40] <Liz> I approve.
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<HystericalParout> Damn it, Gangreless, having a nick that's a True Blood reference might actually make me like you. Stop that!
<ZOMG|TeacupHuman> haha
<ZOMG|TeacupHuman> I thought you already liked me :(
<ZOMG|TeacupHuman> Ah.. good times.
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<Lethe> so this game is doing it's very best to scare the living shit out of me
<Lethe> it's good at it
<Frenchie> Which game, Lethe?
<Lethe> Bioshock
<Lethe> also, totally love the forties almost communist meets art deco architecture
<Lethe> yes, i just spoke of the architecture in a game about shooting things
* Lethe is such a girl
* Frenchie petpets Lethe
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[20:23] <Djones> Zack: What would get a 10?
[20:23] <Djones> Steve: Waking up and your skin is clear and you can see all of your organs and stuff and then you look closer at your stomach and there is a little baby man inside it and he's smiling back at you.
[20:23] <Djones> Zack: Steve. What the hell?
[20:23] <Djones> Steve: You asked for a 10, I gave you a 10.
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[20:43] <Jekyll> i can't waste liquids at the moment, sorry
[20:44] <Djones> even salty tears of sadness?
[20:44] <Gangreless> Well I guess masturbating's out of the question.
[20:44] <Jekyll> yeah
[20:44] <Djones> Cn masterbates dry.]
[20:44] <Gangreless> How sad.
[20:44] <Jekyll> i couldn't even go to uni, and i'm nauseated, and i'm hungry, but i can't eat
[20:44] * Jekyll weeps
[20:45] <Jekyll> dry masturbation sounds sad, yeah D:
[20:45] * Djones hugs a CN and provides water
[20:45] <Jekyll> for masturbation?
[20:46] <Gangreless> Water doesn't work very well for masturbation.
[20:46] <Djones> more to replace the moisture lost from weeping, but w/e
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Loaf> ugh
<Loaf> i hae creaming things
<Loaf> it takes so much effort
<Database> hur hur hur,.
<Database> wait, no.
<Loaf> *hate
<Loaf> ...
<Loaf> dammit
<Loaf> not meant to be dirty, people
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<cthru> pffft, it's not my fault I couldnt THINK what massdebating could sound like
<cthru> I are not engriiish
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* Longdaysend slumps into frenchies embrace and proptly falls asleep
<Longdaysend> propmtly*
<Longdaysend> (fuck it)
<cthru> (ekeke)
<Longdaysend> (is that the sound of my shame?)
<cthru> (no, it's the sound of massdebating)
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<HystericalParoxysm> DO NOT GOATSE YOUR MOTHER
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* Greenie has quit (Quit: Greenie|cleaning)
* Greenie (squee@ip98-171-183-249.sb.sd.cox.net) has joined #social
<Greenie> Okay that was stupid.
* Greenie is now known as Greenie|cleaning
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<Database> first rule: never, ever tell a woman she's fat. even in a nice way. XD
<Database> I think that is one of the only "rules" that actually does blanket-apply to everyone.
* The_French_Sim doesn't equate "overweight" with "unattractive" though :p
<Pescado> Databases: That depends on whether you're trying to be nice.
<Pescado> I'm not, so I'm free to call a whale a whale.
<Database> See, you are the exception to the rule, Pes
<Database> You aim to insult, so the rule doesn't apply. :p
<Pescado> And you should follow my example!
* The_French_Sim actually aimed to tell Loafie that her weight isn't demeaning to her looks, and that she looks cute, overweight or not :p
<Pescado> Notice how well it works!
<Pescado> And Loaf, you are fat and stupid.
<The_French_Sim> o_o
<Pescado> Just like your fat, stupid face.
<Loaf> aww, love you too Pescado
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<MobileEmino> Malaysian squat toilets is the aolution to many marital problems that start with toilet seats arguments!
<renske> squatting is NEVER the answer
<Database> I never understood that.
<Database> How hard is it to move the seat?
<frazzZZzz> Squating to poo is healthier...
<renske> but what do you do with your pants
* Database suspects anyone who argues with him abou toilet seat placement will get a raised eyebrow and "move it then!"
<renske> i argued with J that the seat must be down in 3/4 of all toilet situations, and therefor it's more efficient to put it down.
<Sparkle> I use Vista, and can't find it
<Tikva> You can't find the toilet seat?
<renske> vista toilet control?
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<renske> wtf is up with you people and your weird schedules.
<Angel> Didn't you get the memo?
<renske> aw they always 'forget' to send me the memo
<renske> and i made a pie chart and everything!
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[17:37] * The_French_Sim is now known as DarkwingFrenchie
[17:50] <HystericalParoxysm> GODDAMMIT FRENCHIE
[17:50] <DarkwingFrenchie> ?
[17:50] <HystericalParoxysm> NOW I HAVE THAT THEME SONG STUCK IN MY HEAD
[17:51] <DarkwingFrenchie> I AM THE TWAT THAT FLAPS IN THE NIGHT
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[16:33] <Pescado> That does explain that echo, though.
[16:33] <Gangreless> That's just all the empty space in your head, Pes.
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[20:55] <daluved1|physics> This might be a big duh but EA is too damn lazy!
[20:55] * Gangreless smacks Jeamo with the DUH stick
[20:55] <daluved1|physics> ow =.=;;
[20:55] <daluved1|physics> ANYWAY!
[20:55] <NotATree> Can I... can I touch it?
[20:56] <Gangreless> No.
[20:56] <NotATree> Can I smell it?
[20:56] <Gangreless> Well... ok.
[20:56] <Gangreless> But no touching!
[20:56] * NotATree leans in closer to the stick, snatches it, and runs off, laughing maniacally.
[20:56] <daluved1|physics> HA HA
[20:57] * Gangreless throws the STOP rock at Tree's head. TIIIMMMBBBEEERR
[20:57] <daluved1|physics> LOL xD
[20:57] <NotATree> ...ow.
[20:57] <NotATree> X.X
[20:57] * Gangreless leisurely walks over to the fallen Tree and proceeds to make many more DUH sticks from the body.
[20:57] <NotATree> Oi!
[20:58] <daluved1|physics> -snicker-
[20:58] <NotATree> NOT a tree. NOT!!
[20:58] <Gangreless> Well not anymore.
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[16:07] <Loaff> oh goddamit
[16:07] <Loaff> i've lost my fucking orgasm
[16:07] <Loaff> AGAIN
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<frazzmeister> right, i should shutup
<frazzmeister> ...er *shutdown
<frazzmeister> ...
<Sparkle> LOL
<frazzmeister> I'm fucked, aren't I?
<Sparkle> Yep.
<Sparkle> And quoted.
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[13:59] <Qbuilderz> oh god...ohhhh god
[14:00] <Gangreless> We don't need to hear your masturbatory sounds, Q.
[14:00] <Lee|FishLord> ?
[14:00] <Lee|FishLord> heh
[14:00] <Qbuilderz> *goes to PM*