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* Delphy is now known as Delphy|DIY
<Cey> oh oh.. is that a scarey thing?
<Heavyweapunzemmy> Delphy does DIY? *snicker*
<whiterider> He's sandpapering his leg
<Heavyweapunzemmy> X.X
<Cey> no comment
<Loaf> pirate!Delphy?
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<frazzmeister> last time I had my eyes checked, the lady was like '...you didn't drive here did you?' 'I don't have a license' 'oh, thank god.'
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<The_French_BEWBAGE> I think that pondering Erato's character is hardening me. NOT IN THE SEXUAL WAY :D
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<Longdaysend> oh i get it..i get it so hard..you don't even know
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<cthru> oh my gosh, I leave for a sex, leave you as leaderererer and HWAT HAPPENSS?? NO SANDWICH!
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<Angel> Renske, how old are you? Because i don't remember it being so necessary to shave when i was a teenager.
<renske> 24
<Angel> 6 years younger than me
<Angel> almost 7 :(
<Delphy|PG> Pft, Angel is yougn compared to me :P
<Angel> oh shut up D!
* Angel huggles The ancient Delphy
<Delphy|PG> Ow me back
<renske> d is not that old
<renske> lmao
<frazzmeister> ye olde delphy
<renske> rly? how olde?
<Delphy|PG> 42
<HystericalParoxysm> whut
<cthru> like mah dad
<Delphy|PG> ...or maybe younger
<Delphy|PG> :P
* renske not buying it
<Delphy|PG> How old do you THINK I am renske?
<frazzmeister> I thought 34,..
<Angel> 42? Wow... And i thought your ancient. You must remember the time when you still used wooden dollars...
<Delphy|PG> Wooden dollars? Fancy? I remember when it was 2 sticks and a bang on the cave wall was equal to a sheep
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<dj> You know.
<dj> Canada is hundreds of times the size of england, and has half the population.
<whiterider> So's your face
<Data[BHA]> That's what /she/ said.
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[21:44] <Liz|SortaMaths> I'm starting to see the entire world in terms of triangles.
[21:44] <Liz|SortaMaths> I'm starting to freak out, "oh my god i only know the length of TWO SIDES, I need to figure out the third!"
[21:44] <Liz|SortaMaths> But I'm looking at like. a sandwich.
[21:45] <Liz|SortaMaths> I am overcome with this urge to calculate the length and angles of my sandwich.
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<jaaaj> hi. can anyone tell me why can`t I see images on motdhesims2.com downloads section?
<HystericalParoxysm> See the big message at the top of every page on the site?
<The_French_Sim> It says there's a pen0r on your head!
<HystericalParoxysm> Uploads, downloads, and thumbnails are all down...
<The_French_Sim> Quick, get it off!
<The_French_Sim> UR MOM IS DOWN
<jaaaj> ok. when will it be up again?
<HystericalParoxysm> UR MOM IS DOWN
<The_French_Sim> o_o
<HystericalParoxysm> AND THEN SHES UP
<HystericalParoxysm> AND THEN SHES DOWN AGAIN
<HystericalParoxysm> UP AND DOWN ALL THE TIME UR MOM
<HystericalParoxysm> LULZ
<The_French_Sim> MY COCK IS UP
<jaaaj> mine too
<HystericalParoxysm> SWORDFIIIIIGHT
<The_French_Sim> What have I done...
* jaaaj has quit (Quit: Live Chat Java User)
<The_French_Sim> :D
<Database> XDDD
<The_French_Sim> We're so good.
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* Delphy is now known as Delphyzzz
<jolien> :)
<jolien> why the zz ?
<jolien> going to bed?
<frazzmeister> no, he's morphed into a bumble bee clearly.
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<Zicon> Oh, and Willy.
* Zicon loves Willy.
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<BoobLoaf> dude, i do not want twigs in my cunt.
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<Database> SEXYTIEM
* Frenchie coughs
<Database> ..
<Database> Anyway, time to head off.
<Longdaysend> fuck it. you guys are so one track minded
<BoobLoaf> dude, i do not want twigs in my cunt.
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<TFS> We are #social. We are legion. We do not forgive n00bness. We do not forget BOOBIES.
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* Dj rubs lethe vigourously till she sets fire, then uses her heat to warm his tendons to a blazing fury, snapping his arm at a right angle and pulling tightly, twisting the tendons to form a loveheart then branding it across lethes bosom.
<Lethe> that's... disturbing, dj
<Dj> yet oddly romantic?
* Lethe will assume it's a compliment anyway
<Lethe> no... not oddly romantic, no
<elpemmy> more sickening than romantic, Dj
<Lethe> not what i'd call romantic, per se
<Dj> Damn.
<Lethe> slightly less gore next time
<Dj> Guess I missed the slightly creepy yet oddly romantic line today.
<Lethe> you got the heart thingy right
<Renske> yesh.
<Renske> i doubt that you can even SEE the line from where you are, dj
<Lethe> lol
<Dj> so it was so creepy that interfered with some of the romantic stuff?
* Lethe giggles madly
<Dj> or there just needed more romance?
<Lethe> less creepy, dj
<Dj> If there were additional roses stuffed up o...oh...I see.
* Lethe patpats dj
<Dj> one of these days I'll get it!
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*** Loaf has joined #social
<NotLoaf> ...
<Dj> No nickserv? ZOMG. Emergency.
<missangelica> If you're not loaf, who are you? :o
<curlybap> LOAF
* curlybap prods Loaf with a stick
<curlybap> i mean
<curlybap> notlaof
<The_French_Sim> Loafie, they have the same hostmask as you :p
<curlybap> loaf
<curlybap> LOL
<Dj> snrk.
<NotLoaf> ...
<NotLoaf> what the shit?
<Dj> Its you.
<NotLoaf> how the fuck?
* The_French_Sim rubs Loafie... calm down Loaf, calm down.
<curlybap> or rather
<curlybap> it's Not you.
<The_French_Sim> You may be running two instances of XChat?
<NotLoaf> how the hell did i just re-join...?
<Dj> This has the potential for epic win, or epic fail.
<NotLoaf> but i'm not!
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[18:30] <simmies2> i have sims3 peoples
[18:30] <simmies2> WOOP
[18:30] <simmies2> simes2 is rubbish to be now
[18:30] <Frenchiedesu> :/ Sims 2 isn't rubbish just because Sims 3 was released...
[18:33] * frazzdesu scribles out the '3' on a sims 3 case, draws on a '4' and throws it at the ravenous consumers.
[18:33] <HystericalParoxysm> OMG it's soooo much bettter!!!!11111one
* simmies2 scribbles 3 of box and puts 1000000000000 enjor chucks in shop window
[18:37] <whiterider> What the hell is an enjor chuck?
[18:37] <simmies2> enjor*
[18:37] <simmies2> engoy*
[18:38] <whiterider> That doesn't really make much more sense, but ok
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* Melpomene has arrived. Prepare to feel miserable, #social
<Delphy> How about... no
* Delphy sets a ban on *!*db51@fd-FB26A026.cos2.cable.ntl.com
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[13:29] <Delphy> Dont get *tight* boxers
[13:29] <Delphy> Get loose ones
[13:29] <Delphy> Even if you have to go up a size
[13:29] <Djones> tight underwear can lower the sperm count.
[13:29] <Delphy> Sperm production is dependant on the heat of the scrotum
[13:29] <Delphy> Which is why it's OUTSIDE the body
[13:30] <Delphy> It needs slightly cooler temperatures to actually produce optimum amounts of Ren's favourite dish.
[13:30] <Renske> wait what?
[13:30] <Renske> shrimp come out of your penis?
[13:30] <Delphy> EWWW
[13:30] <Delphy> OH GOD NO
[13:31] <HystericalParoxysm> Dude you're gonna give him nightmares.
[13:31] <Delphy> Little feelers poking out your wanghole
[13:31] <Delphy> slowly coming out
[13:31] <HystericalParoxysm> He's gonna dream about those scary monster shrimp onna stick with the legs and eyes shooting out of his wang.
[13:31] <Delphy> then out comes an eye
[13:31] <Database> Aaaaaaaargh.
[13:31] <HystericalParoxysm> Making crunching noises...
[13:31] * Database closes legs quickly.
[13:31] <Database> GAH STOP IT
[13:31] <Delphy> But the kicker is
[13:31] * Database is terrified. Fascinated, but terrified.
[13:31] <Delphy> When it comes out, you have an shrimpgasm
[13:32] <HystericalParoxysm> You squirt cocktail sauce after it?
[13:32] <HystericalParoxysm> GET IT. COCKtail sauce???
[13:32] <Delphy> ...
[13:32] <Database> hur hur hur
[13:32] <Renske> yes. yes, i got it. i laughed. leave me alone.
[13:32] <Delphy> Here, have the iphone app
[13:33] <Renske> PA DUM TISH
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<Miss_Tinker_Bell> if you dont then vous sucez
<ArtsyFrenchie> ...
<ArtsyFrenchie> That was lame.
<HystericalParoxysm> You're welcome to hit her with a shoe, Frenchie.
<Database> The French is not impressive, mate.
<Miss_Tinker_Bell> I know
<Miss_Tinker_Bell> Hehe
* ArtsyFrenchie hits Miss_Tinker_Bell with a shoe factory
<Miss_Tinker_Bell> Hmm..
* Database cheers o/
* Miss_Tinker_Bell Thinks "Oh F*** you all..."
<HystericalParoxysm> Oh, don't worry, he'll surrender after he calms down.
* Database falls over.
* ArtsyFrenchie flicks HP :p
* HystericalParoxysm fleeeees!
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<Lethe> hihi
<Djones> lowlow
<Djones> You're looking lovely today Lethe, wonderful in fact. I find your mere presense intoxicating...wait....ugh, hard to breath, your beauty suffocating.
<Lethe> :p
* Djones dies all over lethe and gets her arrested for the crime of MURDER BY SEXY
<Lethe> ok, that's kinda flattering
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<jhd1189> Uhhh... hmm. I'm not sure what facebook is trying to tell me, but it keeps giving me ads asking if I'd like to watch videos of rattlesnakes mating.
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* Jon sighs.
<Jon> I have issues with killing kids.
<Lethe|buildy> good
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*** Ginolion has joined #social
<Ginolion> hi
<Ginolion> can some one tell
<Ginolion> me how to see my uploads???
<Ginolion> pls
<Ginolion> help me
<Lethe> in your profile?
<ArtsyFrenchie> It's a funny way of typing.
<ArtsyFrenchie> Like a poem
<Lethe> you're a haiku!
<ArtsyFrenchie> Only, you fucked up the rhymes
<Ginolion> thx i ll check
<FurryPanda> no, 4 syllable first line
<ArtsyFrenchie> Can someone tell me/How to see my uploads, please/I am so confused
<Lethe> confused nublets
<Lethe> asking questions
<Lethe> they go away eventually
<Ginolion> i didn t find it
<Ginolion> can you write my steps
<Ginolion> pls
<ArtsyFrenchie> UR MOM HAS UPLOADS/She cannot found them either/She may need some help
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<Greenie> ... I thought steamy was generally good...
<jhd1189> Well, steamy in the uncomfortable French foreign film way, I guess
<jhd1189> So I guess I meant "edgy"
<jhd1189> Or "risque"
<jhd1189> Or "some other word that will help me dig out of this awkward hole I just dug"
<Greenie> But I LIKE awkward holes!
<jhd1189> O_O
<Greenie> [Thats what S/HE said!]