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[06:09] <The_French_Sim> Cupid grunts
[06:09] <Longdaysend> funky cunts
[06:09] <Longdaysend> (it was too perfect)
<elpemmy> stupid munts
<The_French_Sim> Lucid mints
<frazzmeister> rapid shunts
<The_French_Sim> Rabid guts
<Longdaysend> vapid cuts
<frazzmeister> sapped mutts
<Longdaysend> zapped nuts
<frazzmeister> (ouch..)
<The_French_Sim> crapped butts
<The_French_Sim> ( D: )
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<Longdaysend> Loafie: you around or did you finally pluck up the courage to get food?
<ChaoticNihilist> and then...
<ChaoticNihilist> the room went deadly silent, waiting and waiting for loafie's response
<ChaoticNihilist> while each one watched their own porns
<ChaoticNihilist> don't tell me it's just me.
<ChaoticNihilist> and i say 5:30pm is already time for porn.
<ChaoticNihilist> awwww odo must be one of the cutest aliens EVAH
<Database> ... Alien porn?
<Longdaysend> :P
<Longdaysend> only the best for our CN
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<Loaf> Chii, where is everyone?
<Chii> behind the fridge
<Loaf> ...no, i've checked there
<The_French_Sim> I'm here
<Chii> YOU'RE here? feel these nipples!
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<leunammi> hi guys
<leunammi> hello
<leunammi> i need some help about the sims
<leunammi> anyone here
<leunammi> ??????????????????
<leunammi> ???????????????
<Jon> We don't give help here.
<Jon> We mock and tease.
<frazzmeister> also, we demand nudes.
<frazzmeister> hahah, you suck! now strip.
<frazzmeister> see.
<frazzmeister> we are truely horrible people.
<leunammi> ok
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<Loaf> ouch
<Chii> awww
<Loaf> Chii, shut it! you're getting on my tits
<Longdaysend> ...
* djones curls up beneath a loafie's feet, steals korma
* Longdaysend wishes she was chii right about now
* Chii wishes Longdaysend back with a motherfucker
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<Greenie|afk> What did you fix?
<renske> a lightsocket
<Greenie|afk> Oooh. Potentially dangerous.
<renske> one of those things you can adjust the brightness of the light with
<renske> yes. and soft light is important in my bathroom where i soak in lavender and my own hotness.
<renske> :P
<Greenie|afk> Ooh la la.
<renske> so now it works and doesn't smell like smouldering plastic like before :P
<Greenie|afk> .. Im getting slightly disturbing ideas on how one would soak in their own hotness. :/
<renske> i feel really tough. I think I may need a tool belt
<Greenie|afk> Ill get you a hammer for it.
<renske> my hotness goes fluid in hot water.
<Greenie|afk> That sounds like a bad pickup line.
<renske> ... not much better...
<Greenie|afk> What the hell is with this conversation!?
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<Chii> Don't have a nightmare about a fascist, acid covered retard madly screaming at a metal singer over a fat hell!
<TFZzzz> What the fuck?!
<Greenie> ... Seriously.
<TFZzzz> Chii, can't you say "Sweet dreams" like everyone else?
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<hwkemmy> and now I've lost my notes
<hwkemmy> hrmph
<hwkemmy> brb
<Delphy> Oh sorry that was me
* Delphy regurgitates them
<hwkemmy> ooh, found them!
<hwkemmy> okay, bad timing
<hwkemmy> XD
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* LDE suggles photo
* frazzmeister does too
<LDE> (does photo have a penis? i can't remember)
<photo> Nope
<LDE> i don't think so..
<photo> photo has bewbs
<LDE> oh good, i'm not as mentally defficent as i thought i was
<photo> Hence why photo has a crush on her hot boss
<photo> :D
<Chii> =)
<-- SirEmino has quit (Operation timed out)
<photo> Course I could have a penis and have a crush on him...
<photo> Probably wouldn't have as much of a shot though
<photo> :D
<photo> Aaaaand photo kills the room
* LDE patpats photo
<LDE> you're good at that
<photo> I know
<photo> :D
* photo pokes LDE... Wanna see?
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<Manga_Moon> But Japan is in europe
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[16:09] <Syera> Chii, make me a Time Lord.
[16:09] <Chii> Go go gadget magic wand!
[16:09] <Chii> *PniG* ... you are a Time Lord.
[16:09] <Chii> I AM THE WIZARD!%*~#~^$~£@
[16:09] <Syera> YES! :D
[16:09] <Syera> Yes, you are the wizard, Chii! *smooch*
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<meyou22> PeTA would love it if you jerked off on their faces so long as you weren't hurting animals.
<Syera> Yes, yes they would, meyou22.
<HystericalParoxysm> meyou22- See, you need to do that and then shriek, "I WAS THINKING OF LASSIE THE WHOLE TIME, BIATTCHH!"
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<frazzmeister> I just spilt coke in my ear...
<LDE|SH5> ...
<Greenie|thegame> ...
<danishani2> O_o
<Greenie|thegame> How?
<meyou22> What the fuck
<frazzmeister> how the hell did I do that....
<LDE|SH5> in your..ear?
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<Longdaysend> oh you're not in create...this guy is just full of lulz
<Longdaysend> in a 'it's rude to point at the handicapped' kinda way
<HystericalParoxysm> Nr hppf. hiud/
<HystericalParoxysm> ...
<HystericalParoxysm> Speaking of.
<frazzmeister> ..
<frazzmeister> ?
<HystericalParoxysm> That was SUPPOSED to say "Be good, guys."
<photo> Suuuuure it was
<frazzmeister> o.0
<Loaf> lol
<viromancy> in what language?
<Longdaysend> well you only missed by..all the letters HP :D
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* Longdaysend just spent half an hour reading wiki articles regarding things that do not interest her
<elpemmy> Hi TFS!
<The_French_Sim> Also, hi everybody!
<Longdaysend> hey frenchie
<photo> Hiya Frenchie
* The_French_Sim is revising networking, hurray
* dj has quit (Operation timed out)
<The_French_Sim> Maybe later in the evening, I'll build some more.
* djones wiki's Longdaysend's articles
<The_French_Sim> Also, LDE, don't worry. Last night, I spent hours reading "More awful than you" threads and such
<The_French_Sim> Made me lol hard though
<photo> Again with that pervy thing Deej
<djones> Oh please, its lde
<Longdaysend> oh god, been there done that frenchie. many a day has been wasted reading those threads
<djones> its actually impossible to do anything with lde and it not be pervy
<Longdaysend> good times,man, good times
* Xianny does lde
* djones tilts head
<Xianny> ... did i say that out loud?
<The_French_Sim> :D I was laughing like an idiot... at 3 am
<Longdaysend> it is? i'm sorry, i guess?
<Longdaysend> how is it that my initials have become synonomous with sex exactly?
<djones> its more the aura you exude
<elpemmy> it's not jsut your initials
<elpemmy> it's just you
<elpemmy> you are synonomous with sex :P
<djones> and id say its smut, not sex
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<djones> photo, this is #social
<djones> we have diploma's in mocking
<photo> I've noticed
<djones> we mock everything, we always have
<photo> :P
<photo> You're bordering on mean right now though.
<TFZmobie> But you don't have a diploma in apostrophe management
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<SirEmino> Sword of Truth series is full of lulz
<Ceyllynn> terry goodkind?
<SirEmino> who can resist a fantasy world, middle age-ish with lesbian dominatrix?
<SirEmino> mhmm
<SirEmino> lesbian dominatrix and manwhore, apparently.
<SirEmino> also, nuns who apparently keeps having sex all the time.
<SirEmino> yes Ceyllynn
<SirEmino> Terry Goodwin
<Chii> Terry Goodwin... Toodwin.
<SirEmino> i imagine him being a very perverted old man with some sense of fantasy fetishes
<Ceyllynn> knew it was terry something
<SirEmino> Terry Goodkind
<SirEmino> nice last name btw rofl
*** viromancy has joined #social
<viromancy> brief hellos chaps
<Ceyllynn> hiyas viro
<SirEmino> heya V
<viromancy> hi ceyllynn, hi emi
<SirEmino> im having a blast with these book, that seemed to be written by you, in spirit
<SirEmino> books*
<viromancy> oh?
<viromancy> what books?
<SirEmino> Sword of Truth series
<SirEmino> it haz lesbian dominatrix in it
<SirEmino> and nuns that slept around
<viromancy> Ah. I don't know them. I only know the Sword of Knowledge trilogy
<viromancy> So anytime you read about lesbian dominatix nuns you think of me?
<SirEmino> mhmm
<SirEmino> only you can pull off that twisted idea
<viromancy> Emi, I don't know how to break it to you after all these years...but...I'm not a lesbian. Or a nun.
<SirEmino> but you have dark minds
<SirEmino> capable of pulling off that kind of shits
<viromancy> well I may be a little warped, here and there. But flagellating young ladies with a riding crop while dressed in a wimple is not one of my pecadillos
<SirEmino> also, a dominion spell that works by slashing off left nipple seems like very you
<Ceyllynn> who wrote sword of knowledge?
<viromancy> I'm very fond of nipples. I don't go round cutting them off just to boss someone around. I usually find that sticking a clothes peg on a guy's left nipple is enough to get a little submissiveness
<SirEmino> you might cut them for your personal vault though... *hides*
<viromancy> I don't have a nipple vault, emi. I barely have enough room in the house for the washing machine and vacuum cleaner. I'd put in more bookshelves before I'd set space aside to store the severed nipples of my enemies
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<Jon|GTAIV> I crashed, flew through the windshield, then the car rolled over me and I died. :(
<frazzmeister> fun
<frazzmeister> shoulda worn a seatbelt :p
<Greenie> ...
<Greenie> harsh.
<frazzmeister> indeed
* Greenie has quit (Quit: nap. i feel sick. bleh.)
<Jon|GTAIV> I just ran over a group of nuns
<frazzmeister> win
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<whiterider> Your mum's been practising!
<frazzmeister> god, i hope not...
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* tek is now known as twat
<Chii> Master?
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<LDE> Chii has no sense of time. she's like a dog who greets you happily when you come in the door, even if you just forgot your keys 5 seconds ago
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<curlybap> what did you use your whip for, frenchie?
<The_French_Sim> Fun. Like, whipping around. *whip whip whip whip*
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* Longdaysend poofilates photo in a disturbing manner
* djones reads cookies as condoms...for some reason
<djones> poogasm!
<photo> roffle
<meshemmy> Dj, leave me alone now, please? :(
<cthru> oh, god deej :P
<Longdaysend> gee i wonder why deej
<djones> Protip, the neural chemicals released when you poo is the same as when you orgasm, just in different quantities
<cthru> I doubt LDE could eat condoms :P
<djones> So if you held in a poo for like...a week
<djones> it would be like a mini orgasm when you went
<Longdaysend> ...dj..no more fun facts please
<cthru> you'd have an orgasm? :P
<HystericalParoxysm> My niece only poops once a month, she says
* photo dies laughing
<djones> Now you know why!
<cthru> ehehehehe
<HystericalParoxysm> Didn't say anything about how awesome it is when she does though.
<Longdaysend> and now we have a poop discussion going on, thank you dj
<HystericalParoxysm> I told her she was full of shit. :D
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* Longdaysend blows to frenchie
<Longdaysend> ...er bows
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<HystericalParoxysm> I think that would require him to grow a giving-a-shit-about-Facebook gland.
<whiterider> True
<Safyre420> lol
<whiterider> Can I act as a representative of MTSN? :p
<HystericalParoxysm> You're welcome to create one though, whitey. You can be our Official Boob... yes.
<whiterider> :P
<HystericalParoxysm> I was going to say our Official Boobful Representatitty.
<HystericalParoxysm> Representitty?
<HystericalParoxysm> Something like that.
<Frenchie> Representittyve.
<HystericalParoxysm> Amboobsitor