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[23:23] enjeru: *pokes angilica's side* yeah. :P
[23:23] missangelica: angilica does not exist so you are poking air. ;p
[23:24] enjeru: then what am i actually poking? oO
[23:24] missangelica: the air around you
[23:24] enjeru: so... the air has boobies?
[23:25] missangelica: in your world, enjeru. in your world.
[23:26] enjeru: Iiiim just gonna go beforeI get myself into more problems.
[23:26] enjeru: oh! I meant angelica
[23:26] missangelica: haha ;p
[23:26] Flash3389: what mod?
[23:26] enjeru: *pinches angelica's butt* BYE! *runs off*
[23:26] *** enjeru has signed off IRC (Quit: modthesims2.com).
[23:27] missangelica: ...
[23:27] Flash3389: lol
[23:27] TBGL: lol
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[09:30pm] <Beck_Beck> http://photobucket.com/albums/e309/fangulouse/
[09:30pm] <Kelly> Um.
[09:30pm] <Kelly> Honey?
[09:30pm] <Kelly> Those were drawn with a sharpie.
[09:30pm] <Beck_Beck> um, no thjey werent
[09:30pm] <Beck_Beck> *they
[09:31pm] <Kelly> Yes, they were.
[09:31pm] <Beck_Beck> all our black sharpies were killed 2 years ago by my dog
[09:31pm] <HystericalParoxysm> lol
[09:31pm] <HystericalParoxysm> Those are TOTALLY black sharpie.
[09:31pm] <Kelly> You can see the lines in the damn butterfly wing.
[09:31pm] <missangelica> wow definite sharpie quality.
[09:31pm] <Kelly> If those were real and your dad just gave them to you, for one, they would be red and puffy as all hell.
[09:31pm] <Kelly> For two, they would be covered up.
[09:31pm] <Beck_Beck> for 3, my dad uses ointment
[09:32pm] <HystericalParoxysm> Uhm, yeah, and real tattoos kind of sink into the skin. Those are laying on top of the skin.
[09:32pm] <Kelly> So what?
[09:32pm] <HystericalParoxysm> Paint, marker, anything like that.
[09:32pm] <Beck_Beck> for 4, i dont swell easily, and i dont get red from ANYTHING
[09:32pm] <Kelly> Bullshit Beck
[09:32pm] <HystericalParoxysm> Black tattoo on white people looks slightly blue, too.
[09:32pm] <HystericalParoxysm> You're such a liar, it's funny.
[09:32pm] <Beck_Beck> you can put my hand on a burner and it wont reden
[09:32pm] <Kelly> B.U.L.L.S.H.I.T.
[09:32pm] <missangelica> ROFL
[09:32pm] <Beck_Beck> <censored> you kelly.
[09:32pm] <Beck_Beck> and alot of them ui have had for years
[09:32pm] <HystericalParoxysm> And crazy. Don't forget crazy.
[09:33pm] <Beck_Beck> *i
[09:33pm] <Kelly> BULL.
[09:33pm] <HystericalParoxysm> That's some lasting permanent marker.
[09:33pm] <Kelly> No one in their right mind would tattoo their child that young.
[09:33pm] <missangelica> I thought you said your dad had a rule of has to be 14?
[09:33pm] <missangelica> aren't you 14 now?
[09:33pm] <Beck_Beck> yeah
[09:33pm] <Kelly> Oooh, good catch, Angelica.
[09:33pm] <Beck_Beck> since january
[09:33pm] <HystericalParoxysm> Also, if you DID get those tattooed onto you (which you didn't) then you have bad tattoos.
[09:33pm] <HystericalParoxysm> As they are ugly.
[09:33pm] <Kindnia> actually, it is permanant marker
[09:34pm] <Beck_Beck> I did them MYSELF
[09:34pm] <Kindnia> AHA
[09:34pm] <HystericalParoxysm> With MARKER.
[09:34pm] <Kindnia> IT IS PERMANANT MARKER
[09:34pm] <Kindnia> as i said!
[09:34pm] <Beck_Beck> <censored> ALL OF YOU! i told you you dont know me at ALL!
[09:34pm] * Beck_Beck Quit (Quit: modthesims2.com)
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[11:31pm] <Kelly> Touche, mum.
[11:31pm] <kathy> no it's touch me
#74 · added 19 March 2006 · vote up / 6 / vote down - from social
<Lethe> "This is Bunny. Copy/Past Bunny in your sig and all over every post you make to annoy the hell out of moderators."
* Delphy takes off and nukes Bunny from orbit
<Lethe> the bloody things really do breed like rabbits
<HystericalParoxysm> "98% of teenagers have tried smoking pot. Copy-paste this line in your sig if you're one of the 2% of people who believes in imaginary statistics."
<Delphy> yeah I shold write a nifty piece of code that replaces them with something nasty
<Delphy> rofl I'm so doing a string replace on that
<HystericalParoxysm> You're quite whimsical sometimes. I likes it. :D
<Lethe> 98% of teenagers have never tried porn. Copy/paste this line in your sig if you haven't been able to crack the parental lock on your pc.
<Delphy> Hrm according to the database only 1 person has that 98% sig
<Delphy> the other is
<Delphy> 80-something% or teenagers have tried smoking pot, if youre anooyed by hearing this all the time, copy and paste this into your sig.
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[01:35am] <Delphy> I can supply you with much hentai goodness.
[01:35am] <Delphy> Games, anime, manga... all for one low low price
[01:36am] * Delphy ... digital pimp, hard at work. :)
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<margz> anyone help me please
<SilentPsycho> Hi, how can we help?
<margz> i have a problem with my downloads in OFB, it wont show up even i enable dthe custom content.
<margz> it only shows the objects but the hair and clothes and the accessories didint show.
--> Lethe (Lethe_s@540C6B68.91960830.A8033186.IP) has joined #help
--- ChanServ sets mode +a #help Lethe
--- ChanServ gives channel operator status to Lethe
<SilentPsycho> You've got Nightlife, so it's not the subfolders...
<SilentPsycho> Lethe, do you have any idea?
<margz> yes i have all the expansion pack. the last one i installe din OFB
<Lethe> err, repeat the problem?
<SilentPsycho> Wendell Johnson, (1949), states it more urgently when he says “the art of listening holds for us the desparate hope of withstanding the spreading ravages of commercial, nationalistic, and ideological persuation.”
<SilentPsycho> Wait
<SilentPsycho> Copy and Paste hates me
<Lethe> haha
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<Delphy> Also, moe is my lover and whatever he says is law.
<Delphy> <3
--> SquidRNA has joined
<Moe|away> Delphy
<Moe|away> my heart is jumping up and down
<Moe|away> due to an overdose of JOY
<Delphy> :D
<Moe|away> i wish to declare my love for you
<Delphy> You may do so
<Delphy> But only after I have kissed Squid on his lovely nose.
<Moe|away> alöskdfjöalsköashjölashglkjashwfliuwqer
<Moe|away> DELPHY
<Moe|away> YOU
<Moe|away> !!$!"§!!!!
<Delphy> Do what?
<Delphy> mwahaha
<Moe|away> christ, i've got juice all over the keyboard
<Moe|away> FFS
* Delphy falls over laughing
* Moe|away wanders off to clean up this mess
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[11:36am] <frazzmeister> i wonder if that works elsewhere,.. say at a shop, some evil person whomps me with their handbag,.. i yell "boobies" and kathy appears and beats them to death..
[11:36am] <ShadowDragon> sweet
[11:36am] <ShadowDragon> that would rock
[11:36am] <frazzmeister> yes, yes it would
[11:37am] <ShadowDragon> "By the power of boobies.... I summon kathy to smite thee!"
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<Bink13y> .g/gh`
<JK11> lol
<Bink13y> oops and she hit the caps lock too
#81 · added 24 March 2006 · vote up / 2 / vote down - from #help
<Jimmy> Hi can anyone tell me how to make a outfit in the sims 2 Bodyshop like to put a picture of a one out fit in real life to put it in the gaem
<HystericalParoxysm> Jimmy, look in the Body Shop Skinning tutorials in the Create section.
<Jimmy> um can u please tell how to find it
<HystericalParoxysm> Go look. It's really, really easy to find based on what I just told you.
<Jimmy> ok i go to the create part and then where do i go
<HystericalParoxysm> Read what the links say.
<Jimmy> which link
<Jimmy> thanks for trying to help hystericalparoxysm but i just dno't see it thanks anyway
<HystericalParoxysm> If you'd read what the links say, you'd have found it already. ;)
<Jimmy> what link where is it at thats what i don't gety
<HystericalParoxysm> In the Create section. Either Body Shop Skinning and then Tutorials or just scroll down to Skinning and Clothing Tutorials.........
* HystericalParoxysm sighs and headdesks repeatedly.
<Jimmy> how do i get to skinning
<HystericalParoxysm> Read. The. Links.
<Jimmy> ok but i stiil don't know where to go to get to the links
* HystericalParoxysm has kicked Jimmy from #help (Go outside and play.)
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<damato> what are vertices?
<Delphy> points in 3d space that connect polygons
<Delphy> you are only allowed to eat them if you are pacman.
* Lethe nods
<Lethe> no eating the vertices
<damato> oops.
<Delphy> You ate the vertices didn't you?
<Lethe> go see a doctor
* Delphy tuts
<Delphy> Drink lots of prune juice, take 2 aspirin and don't call me, ever
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[03:19] MANDY_CAKES: If you delete errors I guess you get a non erroring game.
#89 · added 26 March 2006 · vote up / 24 / vote down - from #social
<JJ> $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
<JJ> $$$$$$
<JJ> sim cash
<JJ> cool
<JJ> $$$$$$
* JJ is going crazy with sim cash $$$$$$$
<JK11> that's not Sim cash
* JJ is playing The Sims 2 OFB!!!
<JK11> §§§§§§
<HystericalParoxysm> THAT'S sim cash.
<JJ> yes it is
<PreciousAlly> Isn't it ALT+123456789?
<JK11> I pressed ALT+F4
* JJ has quit (Quit: modthesims2.com)
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[06:52pm] * HystericalParoxysm sets mode: +m
[06:53pm] <HystericalParoxysm> Okay. Let's all have a nice tall glass of shut the hell up.
#92 · added 28 March 2006 · vote up / 3 / vote down - from #social
* Jon would like to see the Borg do battle with the Ewoks.
<Jon> I've already established that the Enterprise would kick the Death Star's ass, but as far as races...definately Ewok Vs. Borg.
<Jon> The Borg are all cyborg-ish and all, but I doubt they could resist the urge for deep fried teddy bear.
<Jon> The entire Collective would descend upon that tiny little workd chanting, "Southern comfort food, southern comfort food. We are the Borg. We will add your greens and your okra to our own."
<Jon> The Cube would land and turn into a giant Dilithium Crystal power grill and the Borg and the Federation would have a massive backyard barbecue.
<Jon> And Worf would be running around hunting Ewoks with his Bat'leth.
<Jon> Screaming, "Come back! It is a good day to die!"
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[12:15am] <HystericalParoxysm> Man, is there a convention in town or something?
[12:15am] <Bink13y> yah the society of the brain minimalists
#94 · added 30 March 2006 · vote up / 18 / vote down - from #social
HystericalParoxysm: So, Jon, what brand of tampon do you prefer?
Jon: You know HP, it's funny you should ask that. I actually do have a preferred brand..although I've never used one. :P
HystericalParoxysm: Is that so, Jon? What brand?
HystericalParoxysm: And why?
Jon: Kotex all the way. :P
willow: why?
Jon: Um...
* Jon would rather not share the why part. :P
* Lethe is intrigued
willow: how come?!
Anna: Jon haves fun putting them in water and watching them POP
HystericalParoxysm: lol
Lethe: they probably have the nicest add or something
Jon: No, it's not that.
willow: what then?
Jon: I dunno, their commercials tout the whole gentle glide thing, so if I were a woman...I think that feature would be appealing to me. XD
Anna: rofl
* HystericalParoxysm cackles madly.
Lethe: :)
willow: right...............
HystericalParoxysm: You're so cute, Jon.
* HystericalParoxysm huggles Jon
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* LlamaLu442 lends beppo battle llama
<LlamaLu442> U need a llama spear?
<HystericalLlama> War llamas? Nooooo.
<HystericalLlama> Llamas are for cuddling!
<HystericalLlama> Llamas are not for fighting!
<LlamaLu442> But But
<Llama101> You can be the 4 llamas of the alpacalypse
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<Blooper> how do i build a treehouse?
<Angel> well... you need wood and of course a tree...
<Angel> and nails, lots of them
<Blooper> i mean in the game....
<Angel> oh, i don't know
#97 · added 2 April 2006 · vote up / 17 / vote down - from #help
<rockonsofia> Hey why cant I see my neighbors house from here?
<Lethe> errr, open a curtain?
<rockonsofia> no
<rockonsofia> i mean
<Angel> lol
<rockonsofia> when im at a house i cant see the neighbors and i have all the sims2 games
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[15:34] <-- SuperFly has quit (Connection reset by peer)
[15:34] <Ginger> Did someone named Peer disconnect SuperFly?
[15:35] * Kelly cackles.
[15:35] <Ginger> Lol what?!
[15:35] <Ginger> I'm confused
[15:35] <Ginger> I'm new to this =]
[15:35] <Targeter> peer is a right meanie
[15:35] <Ginger> Who's peer?
[15:36] <Kelly> He's a really mean guy who disconnects the most unsuspecting people.
[15:37] <Kelly> You must always stay on your guard.
[15:37] <Kelly> For you never know when peer will get you.
[15:37] <Ginger> Are you serious.
[15:37] <Kelly> Dead serious
#99 · added 2 April 2006 · vote up / 8 / vote down - from #help
<Ginger> Does anyone know a good site to get downloads?
<HystericalParoxysm> Ginger, modthesims2.com :)
<Ginger> You can get downloads off of here? Cool =)
#102 · added 4 April 2006 · vote up / -5 / vote down - from #homeworld
<Khet> anyone else see a problem with telling the plebs that the forum needs panties
<Alliance|TES3> panties?
<bluevorlon> All forums need panties
<Gaelxan> ...why?
<Alliance|TES3> down again :/
<Hablacraja> why not
<Gaelxan> applying underwear to software requires justification.
<bluevorlon> not in a just world gaelxan
<bluevorlon> underwear needs no justification
<Martian> panties
<Martian> now there is a worthy cause.
<bluevorlon> exactly
#103 · added 4 April 2006 · vote up / 5 / vote down - from #social
<SilentPsycho> I turned Pascal Curious into a vamp, but Nervous Subject panicked and wanted to change him back
<SilentPsycho> Guess he wasn't into Necrophilia
#104 · added 4 April 2006 · vote up / 8 / vote down

[18:37] [Samekh2] Hey Delphy.
[18:37] [Samekh2] I didn't see you there.
[18:37] [Delphy] I didn't see me either.
[18:37] [Delphy] It's lucky I found myself
[18:37] [Delphy] I could have gotten lost!
[18:37] [Samekh2] Truly.
[18:38] [Delphy] Then that forest would have been lacking trees. Did I tell you about my cheese adventure?
[18:38] [Samekh2] I have missed seeing you around you tart, Delphy.
[18:38] [Delphy] I know. How is your washer?
[18:38] [Samekh2] What sort f cheese?
[18:38] [Delphy] Blue of course. My screwdriver is bent.
[18:39] [Samekh2] What sort of blue?
[18:39] [Samekh2] Saying Blue Cheese? What?
[18:39] [Delphy] It's a purpley blue, like my old school bag.
[18:39] [Samekh2] I need names.
[18:40] [Delphy] I think his name was Barry, which reminds me of a story I heard when I out yesterday about the pringles can and the bottle of meths.
[18:40] [Samekh2] Barry Cheese, there is no such thing.
[18:40] [Delphy] Oh but there is. Haven't you ever been to that chip shop round the corner where they sell those scallops with taco sauce?
[18:41] [Samekh2] You may be eating a prussian blue or a.... when I remember it I'l come to your aid.
[18:41] [Samekh2] It must be French.
[18:41] [Delphy] Are you thinking of the dog? Becuase I had a maths class once and it was very hard.
[18:42] [Samekh2] Ah. Cam picked a back of Ceps worth 20 quid on the open market today.
[18:42] [Samekh2] There are better Fungi.
[18:42] [Delphy] There is a nice open market back in my home town. It sells nice muffins. Have you ever eaten a muffin? Please dont be mad at me.
[18:42] [Samekh2] I have eaten muffin. I'm not mad at you.
[18:43] [Samekh2] Have you ever eaten Boletus Edulis?
[18:43] [Delphy] Okay phew. Becuase I'd have to go round that tree and eat some mushrooms.
[18:44] [Samekh2] Cam picked a carrier bag full today.
[18:44] [Delphy] We have to pay for carrier bags here.
[18:44] [Samekh2] Here too.
[18:44] [Delphy] You know, fish get caught in them, and my cat once had a fun time trying to find one.
[18:44] [Delphy] Also, some people can't fight thier way out of paper bags. Did you know that?
[18:44] [Samekh2] Do you have a cat? God then I love you.
[18:45] [Delphy] I know you do. I found myself.
[18:45] [Samekh2] In a bag that a cat couln't find itself out of?
[18:46] [Samekh2] That's what us big pussycats do.
[18:46] [Delphy] I was looking on the list and thinking "My back is itchy" and then I suddenly remembered I needed to pay my electric bill, but the doorbell went and I had to answer it and it was the postman and he was telling me about this girl down the road and she has this weetabix box and there is a toad in it and it's on a washer. Did I ask you about your washer yet?
[18:46] [Samekh2] The toad?
[18:46] [Jax2] LICK THE TOAD!
[18:47] [Samekh2] What sort of toad? Do not lick it.
[18:47] [Delphy] I did not lick the toad, but I know somebody who did and he went all blue and ate some cheese.
[18:47] [Delphy] I like asparagus too.
[18:47] [Samekh2] Delphy has a neighbour with a pet toad that's all. Fuck off.
[18:48] [Samekh2] So many predators.
[18:48] [Delphy] I believe the fox eats cats too.
[18:48] [Delphy] My poor pussy.
[18:48] [Samekh2] A fox lives in a box with sox on it's cox. Isn't that the truth.
[18:49] [Delphy] I'm glad you said that. It is the truth! I firmly believe that socks have rights. Did I tell you about that time I lost my blue sock?
[18:49] [Samekh2] No.
[18:49] [Delphy] I found it in the end, in the washer. It was mixed with my black ones, but I didn't notice becuase I had dropped my glasses, and had to find a screwdriver.
[18:49] [Samekh2] I missed the blue sock incident.
[18:49] [Delphy] You should have been here.
[18:49] [Delphy] Why weren't you here?
[18:50] [Samekh2] You needed me?
[18:50] [Delphy] Do you hate me? I really should be banned, you know.
[18:50] [Samekh2] Two she.
[18:50] [Delphy] Two? That's interesting becuase the girl with the toad has a "friend". She's cute, but she looks at me like I am weird. Am I weird? Do you think so?
[18:51] [Samekh2] Delphy, if you are really pissed, you can sort of ally yourself with me and I will field your fan mail, and just be weird at weird people.
[18:52] [Delphy] I do need a personal assistant actually. Did I tell you what I did with the last one?
[18:52] [Samekh2] I don't need to know sir.
[18:53] [Delphy] I think you want to know, so I'll tell you anyway. You see, she had this letter opener and it was very sharp and when I went to pick up my mail I pricked my finger on it, which was really the last straw becuase she'd be going to lunch every day and eating cheese. Then I had to run out and get a bandaid, and that reminds me of when I fell off my bike. Do you ride a bike?
[18:53] [Samekh2] Sorry Delphy, I am a bit of a dog that can't not bite.
[18:54] [Samekh2] By instinct I dislike dogs, so I'll do it as a cat.
[18:54] [Samekh2] You'd what?
[18:54] [Delphy] So does that mean I can pet your pussy then? Please let me, I bet it's nice and soft. Don't kick me for that please
[18:55] [Samekh2] Delphy. I love you but you can be extremely lacsivious.
[18:56] [Delphy] I can't help it you know, I think it's the number two after you nick, which reminds me of those girls again.
[18:56] [Samekh2] White wine and eighties ska.
[18:56] [Delphy] Speaking of shit did I tell you when I was in a horse stall and I had to go outside and then I thought about some wine and a nice restaurant. I went to one recently, did you know that?
[18:57] [Samekh2] You have to explain this again in a minute Delphy, I am going for a tab. Come back because I am interested.
[18:57] [Delphy] I shall wait for you but please do not go for long. I miss our scintillating conversations you know.
[18:59] [Samekh2] The practicalities are, I can only find one slipper. I need a wee. There is a massive chunk of Afgani Black in the kitchen. Cameron is snoring and peaceful. I need a wee.
[19:00] [Delphy] Perhaps you should go to the bathroom then? I need to open a window it's hot in here.
[19:00] [Samekh2] You miss me you tart? I don't believe you. I'll believe me when you talk about the fairy tales you remember.
[19:01] [Delphy] I don't believe you then, but fairy tales does sound interesting. Perhaps you know of the one with the forest and the house made entirely of panties?
[19:02] [Samekh2] What do you dream of Delphy?
[19:10] [Delphy] I always wondered why that was. Perhaps some strange church holiday we don't know about? Do you go to church, you seem the type.
[19:10] [Samekh2] Do you have robotic limbs Delphy?
[19:11] [Delphy] Only some.
[19:11] [Samekh2] What type?
[19:11] [Delphy] I think it was a diesel 100,000 HP motor with a type D stack.
[19:11] [Samekh2] Fun, but I am never succcumbed by this stuff.
[19:12] [Samekh2] I prefer the cure.
[19:12] [Delphy] I do too, although lately I have been getting into vocal trance. Do you like that too?
[19:13] [Samekh2] I have no idea what vocal trance is. I like...
[19:13] [Delphy] You like me, don't you? Please dont hate me.
[19:13] [Samekh2] My dad sang in quiors.
[19:14] [Samekh2] They are truly apropes?
[19:14] [Samekh2] New word I learnt.
[19:14] [Delphy] I think so.
[19:15] [Samekh2] Yes.
[19:15] [Delphy] Do you think they should anti disestablish that mentarianism?
[19:15] [Samekh2] No, they were eitghties.
[19:16] [Samekh2] You want to ascribe those ideas to modern music?
[19:17] [Samekh2] First things first. Four year old's love ska and particularly Busta Bloodvessal.
[19:17] [Samekh2] They seem to hate Blondie for some reason.
[19:18] [Samekh2] Delphy twat are you here?
[19:18] [Samekh2] Wake up Delphy.