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<Greenie|Ducks> My ducks are shiny. And ducky.
<Bubo> really i thought they were fishey
<Greenie|Ducks> ...
<Greenie|Ducks> Shaddap.
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* Cheeseisgood whines. Why do desert and dessert have to be so confusing? I don't know whether I predicted Spain's climate would become a mass of sand, or a large cream bun... Cheeseisgood sobs...
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<djones|bhavs> how many whites does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
<CE|PopQuizzes> One, assuming nobody starts a committee.
<djones|bhavs> depends how many times she calls it a twatwaffle
<MissHollyBeE> white can fit in a lightbulb?
<Greenie> Lmfao.
<djones|bhavs> lmao
<tmm> haha
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<Star|Away> oh! HP!
* Star|Away has a bone to pick with you :D
<Star|Away> although....I can hear the sound of the bones in my legs telling me this is a bad idea
<HystericalParoxysm> lol, what?
* HystericalParoxysm gets the beating stick ready.
<Star|Away> :P
<Star|Away> emino watched BSG and liked it today. BUT....he said you gave him BSG fan stuffs
<Star|Away> BSG fan stuffs!
<Star|Away> <---BSG fan stuffs-less
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<willr1976> well thanks anyway, may God help you all and bless you, its adultrious to lust after what you are talking about
<The_French_Sim> O_o
<shakazulu> ahh blessings
* shakazulu spontaneously combusts at the word bless and god
<The_French_Sim> I don't care about blessing, I'm an atheist.
* The_French_Sim melts.
* HP|Skintone a expulsé willr1976 de #social (God loves boobies.)
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[03:12] <HystericalParoxysm> My sister went in to have her twins... like, scheduled c-section, and her third children, that she shouldn't have been having anyway... and asked them, while they were in there, to go ahead and tie things up...
[03:12] <HystericalParoxysm> And they told her no, that she had to have mentioned that at the beginning of her pregnancy, and then there were several schedules of "are you really sure?" forms that had to happen first.
[03:13] <HystericalParoxysm> And she ended up having another one after that, that she didn't want. Though that was her fault. :P
[03:13] <HystericalParoxysm> My sister's 35... or 36... something like that.
[03:13] <HystericalParoxysm> You'd think she knows where babies come from by now, but... apparently not.
[03:13] <frazzmeister> the cabbage patch?
[03:14] <frazzmeister> if thats not where they are from, i'v wasted many and hour wandering around a garden with a baseball bat.....
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[14:11] <KYLEartist> kniting is so hard XD
[14:11] <KYLEartist> this 90 year old on her death bed lady tried to teach me after she said i needed jesus
[14:11] <HystericalParoxysm> Jesus knits?
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<Tigerlilley> maybe hes dead
<Tigerlilley> and no ones found him
<Greenie|SUGAR> Oh no.
<Tigerlilley> we should call the police
<Greenie|SUGAR> Thats a happy thought.
<Arch> hehe
<Greenie|SUGAR> "Hardons dead!" "Whos that??" "NO IDEA! BUT! HES DEAD!"
<Tigerlilley> 'where do we find him?' 'not sure but irc ips can give me a general area'
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<Adele> whats a yorkshire pudding?
<Cliff> ADELE?!
<The_French_Sim> Something made of dogs?
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<Greenie> I have to go EAT.
<Cheesy> Ewww... don't you just hate that sensation when you throw up in you mouth a little?
<Greenie> EW.
<Cheesy> And then you burp, and you taste puke?
<Greenie> CHEESE!
<Greenie> I am about to EAT! EATTT!!!!
<Cheesy> Enjoy your meal!
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[20:46:12] <JK11> curlybap, you have a copy of Windows ME in your mailbox
[20:47:04] <curlybap> hi, jk
[20:47:07] <curlybap> and wtf?
[00:12:25] <GreenStraws> Curly.. Have you checked your mailbox lately?
[00:12:37] <curly|email|bap> mailbox?
[00:12:39] <curly|email|bap> what mailbox?
[00:12:48] <GreenStraws> Yeah. Well, in it you will find:
[00:12:53] <curly|email|bap> you damn people keep telling me you're sending me windows ME!
[00:13:06] <kindpeoplerule> windows me sucks
[00:13:11] <curly|email|bap> precisely!
[00:13:17] <curly|email|bap> i think that's the idea
[00:13:19] <GreenStraws> Lolli's typos, a Windows ME operating system, a rotten banana, and a dead fishie.
[00:13:20] <curly|email|bap> the scheme
[00:13:21] <curly|email|bap> the plot
[00:13:31] <curly|email|bap> wtf is with you people!
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* Greenie shoves bradybrad7 into the vat of pudding.
*** bradybrad7 has quit (Quit: Live Chat Java User)
<Cheeseisevil> He drowned...
<Greenie> Omg!
<Cheeseisevil> MURDERER!
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<jammy945> My Laptops Shit To My Sims Game ONly Runs Fast Cause I ONly hAVE 3 gAMES On At A Time Sims 2 Sims 2 Open 4 Buissness And Pets
<HP|Skintone> Why Do You Type Like This?
<HP|Skintone> Are You a Newspaper?
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[17:18:15] * dj|darkmatterwang is now known as dj|darkmatterwank
[17:18:23] * dj|darkmatterwank is now known as dj|darkmatterwang
[17:18:29] <dj|darkmatterwang> stop cahnging my nick white
[17:18:43] <&whiterider> Dark matter wank!!!
[17:18:55] <dj|darkmatterwang> your all jealous of my dark mattery spunky goodness
[17:19:13] <&whiterider> I have no need to be jealous, I can get it whwenever I like :D
[17:19:20] * shakazulu vomits
[17:19:22] <dj|darkmatterwang> white has it on mail order
[17:19:29] <&HystericalParoxysm> The texture thing is a biiiiiiiig file but it's one time and then your game is always beautiful.
[17:19:41] <dj|darkmatterwang> the dark matter, not shaks vomit, and i lvoe how hp is calmly ignoring the whole convosation
[17:20:13] <Greenie> Gotta love HP.
[17:20:25] <dj|darkmatterwang> no i don't
[17:20:31] <dj|darkmatterwang> i don't gotta, i jsut do it out of fear
[17:21:08] * HystericalParoxysm changes topic to 'Welcome to #Oblivion, the chat for mudcrabs, mystic elves, and necrophiliac...err, necromancer... err... alchemists... to hang out and talk about where to score some skooma.'
[17:21:27] <Viromancy> if your wang is dark matter, doesn't that mean it's totally invisible, unfindable by any normal means and of interest only to theoreticians?
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<HystericalParoxysm> Someday, I'll start a cover band. And we'll do death metal versions of lullabyes and opening themes to classic children's cartoons.
<frazzmeister> metal versions of soft songs are ace... also,.. lounge jazz versions of death metal...
<HystericalParoxysm> Perhaps DIE ALONE would be more death metal.
* HystericalParoxysm edits.
<frazzmeister> mary had a demon lamb, its fleece was red with blood?
<HystericalParoxysm> Ohhhh you can be our songwriter
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<Star> and with their eyes all popped out like that...you know they've been blowing something
#702 · added 1 July 2007 · vote up / 5 / vote down - from #social
<Star> hehe I won't tell you what I thought gangbanging meant
<Star> but I did run around Lineage 2 saying people were gangbanging me lol
<Star> before I knew what it really meant
<Star> then pf was all omg, star...stop saying that!
<Star> I just thought it meant when people ingame group up and pvp you
<Star> apparently I was -really- wrong :P
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<dj|bored> frenchie DOESN'T wash yoru nose out with high powered water?
<Lolli> Ah well if people can't handle the weirdness..
<dj|bored> how RUDE
<JohnBrehaut1> lmao
<Lolli> ;( He doesn't
<Lolli> I feel so unattractive..
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<whiterider> Spatuli!
<whiterider> OMG!
<Lolli> Spatuli?
<whiterider> Give me your address. I have to send you spatuli now Frenchie's in the country.
<whiterider> Spatuli. Plural of spatula. :P
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<whiterider> That's... impressive. I have so many pop-up notice things in TS2, that they're dropping off the bottom of my screen
<SilentPsycho> Psh, I get that every time I play a University house.
<SilentPsycho> Fuckwit managed to get on the Deans List
<SilentPsycho> Fuckwit managed to get 1500 simoeleons
<SilentPsycho> Cannon Fodder managed to get on the Deans List
<SilentPsycho> Cannon Fodder managed to get 1500 simoeleons
<SilentPsycho> Random Victim managed to get on the Deans List
<SilentPsycho> Random Victim managed to get 1500 simoeleons
<SilentPsycho> Preppy Cow managed to get on the Deans List
<SilentPsycho> Preppy Cow managed to get 1500 simoeleons
<SilentPsycho> Drives you bloody mad after a while
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<whiterider> The whole server is 13+. Have you seen the smut in #social?
<djones> true
<djones> im the cause of most of it too
<Stormwench> I went in there for about 2 mins... and decided I must be a prude
<djones> i don't want to be banned
<whiterider> No, you're not, Daniel. #social smut was exactly the same before you came here ;)
<Stormwench> maybe he could raise it to more intellectual smut
<whiterider> Nope
<whiterider> It's our own special brand of smut. Just ask Pf. It'll never change.
<djones> intellectual smut?
<djones> i.e
<Stormwench> let them keep the smut - s long as it does not try to slide over here... which it has from time to time :)
<djones> why hello kind siur, would thee mind if i doth thine undergarments?
<Stormwench> ROFL
<djones> why quite hello mine maiden, thine tempestial wench (wink wink), hither yes, please do remove these most chaffing pants, and why, what is this, it seems your food intake chute has been entangled in my mandables, my most sincere apolgoies
<Stormwench> people forgot that if you decide to rename your self something appropriate to the social discussion it may not be an appropriate name change in any other channel
<whiterider> ... you just said "Would you mind if I do your pants"
<whiterider> Your meant to 'do' the person
<whiterider> Not the pants
<Stormwench> ROFLMAO
<djones> i've been corrected on shakespearean pron
<Stormwench> it was starting to sound like bad SciFi there
<djones> thats a new one
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<Delphy> make me stuffs!!!
<Delphy> that I'll never use!
* Tyler makes Delphy some panties.
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<&Star> can sims die on community lots?
<&Star> also......mortimer (sp) won't dieeeee
<&Star> keeps coming back the old geezer
<&whiterider> My Mortimer died of old age, on Alexander's birthday
<&Star> well, I shot him
<&Star> but then I got an error and he came back
<&Star> and then I shot him again
<&Star> rinse and repeat
<&Star> I just shot lillith whateverthefuckherlastnameis and the dog is jumping on her dead body haha (dog is actually playing razzle)
<&Star> but she's jumping all over her lol
<&Star> omg there's an option on the gun to shoot the grim reaper
<&Star> who will come for him?
<&Star> aww he left...now I have to shoot another sim
<&Star> well, jennifer burb is crying for lillith - she's next!
<&whiterider> lmao...
* &whiterider pats the sadist
<&Star> white....they're cylons
<&Star> I have to do it
<&whiterider> You've been watching faaaaar too much BSG m'dear...
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<frazzmeister> frog
<frazzmeister> ...frog?
<frazzmeister> *rofl
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* Delphy|Pondering sets mode: +b meep!*@*
* Delphy|Pondering sets mode: +b argh!*@*
* Delphy|Pondering sets mode: +b how!*@*
* Delphy|Pondering sets mode: +b about!*@*
* Delphy|Pondering sets mode: +b we!*@*
* Delphy|Pondering sets mode: +b type!*@*
* Delphy|Pondering sets mode: +b sentences!*@*
* Delphy|Pondering sets mode: +b in!*@*
* Delphy|Pondering sets mode: +b bans!*@*
* white|htmPE sets mode: +b no!*@*