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<lollipop> duz any1 1na tlk 2 lollipop?
<HystericalParoxysm> Geez, not if you're gonna talk like that.
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<maggiexlam> where is belgium
* Lethe patpats maggie and gives her an atlas
* BlueSoup wants to go one day. Mmm chocolate.
<TFS|Internship> North-East of France.
<maggiexlam> is belgium in germany?
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<teknofilPDA> got ahold of byte mag in the 6th grade
[Vie] Ooo, Early start on Porn then, well, Technoporn
[Vie] Back then it was all "OMG A 1Mhz Processor!"
<teknofilPDA> hehe
[Vie] "Can they print that?"
<teknofilPDA> yup
[Vie] "They Have Cut away diagrams!"
<teknofilPDA> rofl
[Vie] "Look at the Resisters on her!"
<teknofilPDA> roflmao
<teknofilPDA> check out the bits on that one
<ElfFenasia> ..
[Vie] "OMG, She also has a... ..omg, she is an ANALOGUE COMPUTER, I feal sick!"
<teknofilPDA> lol
[Vie] You know, I wish sombody would quote that, because its just too sad if I quote myself...
<teknofilPDA> those were the days
[Vie] That was the Pron
<teknofilPDA> I would but I can't on this pocket pc
[Vie] Today its all "OOo, Look at her!" all they look at is the case, they dont care whats underneath.
<teknofilPDA> I am a pervert, I make her run sans case
[Vie] or worse still "Computer next Door" techno porn, SO Meny dells...
[Vie] Ooo, Kinky Tech
<teknofilPDA> hehe
[Vie] Messes up her cooling though
[Vie] You like them running hot dont you?
<teknofilPDA> not if she is in an airconditioned room (60 degrees)
<ElfFenasia> oh noez
[Vie] We need lives dont we...
<teknofilPDA> I tried to take someone elses life but they wern't quite ready to part with it yet
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<shakazulu> hey, good news all im divorced woot
<shakazulu> officially
<MissHollyBeE> yay?
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<x_emo_x> so cabn somebody tell me their code for university
<Rich> x_emo_x: 1234567789abcdefghi
<x_emo_x> shouldnt there be 16 words there only 15??
<x_emo_x> i ment letters
<Rich> sorry I missed j
<x_emo_x> were at?
<x_emo_x> the end?
<Rich> yes
<x_emo_x> thnx
<Rich> no problem
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<missangelica> Sims content is like crack.. they get you with the free stuff and then do they premium charge for the good stuff. ;_;
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<Cheeseisgood> Yep... I'm just thrupid then!
* curlybap follows emi
<Cheeseisgood> *stupid
<curlybap> *nodnod* thrupid you are :)
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<whiterider> I feel that I'm neglecting my duties as channel owner when I walk into #teen and see "<shakazulu> lets pawn it and spend the proceeds on liquor"
<whiterider> ...
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[23:16] <Hunter240x> exploring what munchkin?
[23:17] <munchkinD|exploring> house, for my phone
[23:17] <Hunter240x> use another phone to call your own and make it ring
[23:17] <munchkinD|exploring> it could be almost anywhere, but so far, i've checked the kettle, the cupbaord with the teabags, where the milk is kept, underneath my keyboard and the sugar pot
[23:17] <HystericalParoxysm> I never look for anything.
[23:17] <HystericalParoxysm> I just sit quietly, clear my mind, and then get up and find it.
[23:17] <munchkinD|exploring> well you see
[23:18] <munchkinD|exploring> i have no idea where i put it
[23:18] <munchkinD|exploring> it could be anyways
[23:18] <munchkinD|exploring> anywheres* rather
[23:18] <HystericalParoxysm> Do you have something... like a big yellow container in your house somewhere?
[23:18] <HystericalParoxysm> Like a laundry basket or bin or something? Yellowish, low?
[23:18] <munchkinD|exploring> yes
[23:18] <HystericalParoxysm> It's somewhere in the room with that. Above it, I think. Maybe on a table or counter.
[23:18] <Hunter240x> HP's a psycic now?
[23:18] * munchkinD|exploring starts checking the room for secret cameras
[23:19] <HystericalParoxysm> If it's not above it, it's kind of... out from it, like... if you're standing facing it, back up about five feet, shift to the right, and look around there on a surface.
[23:19] <HystericalParoxysm> That's my guess anyway. :D
[23:19] <munchkinD|exploring> nice guess
[23:19] <munchkinD|exploring> it was next to a yellow wicker bin...
[23:19] <John> :O
[23:19] <BuboticBubonicTS2> freaky
[23:19] * munchkinD|exploring begins to fear Hp even more then before
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frazzmeister> we lick toads here.
<frazzmeister> just for the buzz.
<Nini> yummy
<frazzmeister> not because we wann feck toads.
<frazzmeister> coz they are the trippy toads.
<gooie> is feck what i think it is?
<frazzmeister> i spilt beer on my boobie.
<frazzmeister> fuck its gooie.
<Nini> eew male boobies!
<frazzmeister> im not malr.
<frazzmeister> maale
<frazzmeister> male
<curlybap> male?
<Nini> I dont care =___=
<frazzmeister> i have a twat.
<Nini> I say youre male
<frazzmeister> ......
<frazzmeister> i have a twat!!!
<Nini> welcome to the club, now go outside and yell it at random people :D
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<frazzmeister> wait wait?,,, my sim lives with angelique?
<frazzmeister> okok ....
<SilentPsycho> No, angelique just sleeps over a lot
<frazzmeister> i see,
<justKYLE> gr
<-- justKYLE has quit (Quit: Chugga Chugga Chu Chu)
<frazzmeister> well..... if i must fecko girls,... .
<frazzmeister> i feamsle defgy is feood
--- curly|sims|bap is now known as curly|afk|bap
<curly|afk|bap> bbiab, maybe
<frazzmeister> but speeled in a decipegerable msaner
<SilentPsycho> It's not my fault, Iblame the Sims. I'm standing back and letting them do what they want with Self-sims
<frazzmeister> wtf did i just download/
<frazzmeister> ahh... well i have severalc of my dim in the game.... theres a version of mer fecking everyone
<frazzmeister> sim
<frazzmeister> severak
<frazzmeister> sevaerk
<frazzmeister> ..
<frazzmeister> me
--> Samekh (Samekh@mts2-5B344F2B.lynx.dialup.pol.co.uk) has joined #social
<frazzmeister> oh heck
<frazzmeister> i mean g'day Samekh''''''''''''''''
<SilentPsycho> Oh dear heavens and hells. A drunk frazzy AND Samekh. Bye bye sanity!
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<frazzmeister> CANCER IS THE BEST MATCH FOR EVERYON! hail cancer!
<frazzmeister> ...fecking capslock
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<frazzmeister> yes, i am a sexgodes.
<frazzmeister> i thinke im sobering...nedd more beer,, the web cam made me paranoids agin
<SilentPsycho> sexgodes? Is that the term for a hermaphrodite sex divinity?
<frazzmeister> lde!
<frazzmeister> sure, why not,'
<frazzmeister> i wouldnt mind hanging a dick above my twat,,,, like misltetoe... purty.
<Longdaysend> wow..did i pick a bad time to visit ?:D
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<photo_me2004> DAMNIT!
<Adub778> What?
<Adub778> Y
<photo_me2004> IT GETS STUCK IN MY HEAD!
<GreenStraws> What what what?
<Adub778> Phantom of the Oprah is stuck in my head
<GreenStraws> o_o Photo. You didn't.
<photo_me2004> do do do. do do do. do do do doo doo do...
<GreenStraws> Oh no. The sad thing is, I know EXACTLY what song that is.
<GreenStraws> And now it is stuck in MY head.
<photo_me2004> omg.... -gigglesnort-
<Adub778> ME too
<Adub778> Thanks a lot
<photo_me2004> you love me
<GreenStraws> <3
* Adub778 laughs at photo's gigglesnort
<photo_me2004> and now i'm singing it.......
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* curlybap just fingered himself and it works!
<justKYLE> haha i love mad tv
<curlybap> ...damn that came out wrong
<curlybap> i meant ctcp finger
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[21:15:49] <Cheeseisgood> Suddenly I SEE!
[21:15:59] <curly|SimPE|bap> why the hell this means so much to me
[21:16:02] <curly|SimPE|bap> suddenly i see
[21:16:13] <curly|SimPE|bap> ...that i've forgotten the words
[21:16:14] <Cheeseisgood> Oh lord...
[21:16:16] <Cheeseisgood> Me too...
[21:16:19] <djones> good song...
[21:16:22] <curly|SimPE|bap> hehe
[21:16:25] <Cheeseisgood> Hmmm...
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<The_French_Chef> It's alive! Alive! :D
<frazzmeister> the wine?
<The_French_Chef> XD The meal
<frazzmeister> aha
<The_French_Chef> I'm frankencooking :D
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<GreenStraws> I think my brother just got killed.
<John> ahhh
<GreenStraws> Oh wait no. Its just my mom.
<John> What happened?
<GreenStraws> Shes trying to run over him with the car.
<John> :O
<John> why ?
<GreenStraws> No idea.
<GreenStraws> Shes CRAZY I tell you!
<GreenStraws> A DEMON!
<John> Hit her over the head with a ahmmer :P
<John> hammer*
<GreenStraws> Well, maybe not the holy water. But the nachos are a must.
<John> :)
<GreenStraws> Hee.
* GreenStraws is somewhat hyper.
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<darkwytche> I once bit the knob off one of the unicorns.
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[20:46] * dannyjanny (dannyjanny@26B78E1E.63C9FEB2.3862C459.IP) has joined #social
[20:46] <dannyjanny> how do u make a sim?
[20:47] <djones|whiticide> STAB
[20:47] <shaka|pogo> how do you make a sim, zomg
[20:47] <shaka|pogo> thought it was obvious
[20:47] <&whiterider> dannyjanny, u is not a correct form of word to be paired with the conjugation "do"
[20:47] <&whiterider> "Do" is almost exclusively used with "I" or "you". "U" is neither.
[20:48] <&whiterider> U is not a pronoun, and hence cannot be used with any pronoun conjugation of any verb
[20:48] <dannyjanny> fine then, how do YOU make a sim?
[20:48] <djones|whiticide> how do i make a sim?
[20:48] <djones|whiticide> well i use my brain
[20:49] <dannyjanny> good bye.
[20:49] * dannyjanny (dannyjanny@26B78E1E.63C9FEB2.3862C459.IP) has left #social
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* dracconusg is know weirded out by you
<djones|fucktard> :p
* GreenStraws dies laughing.
<djones|fucktard> dracconusg can't type either
<djones|fucktard> woot
<GreenStraws> Huzzahhh!
<dracconusg> yes I now I spelled it wrong
<djones|fucktard> HUZZZAAAAAHHHHHH
<djones|fucktard> oh dear god, teh irony
* GreenStraws roasts a boar in mid-evil celebration!
<djones|fucktard> dracconusg don't worry, im harmless
<djones|fucktard> mwuahahaha
<djones|fucktard> boar
* djones|fucktard roasts white
<djones|fucktard> ummm
<djones|fucktard> i mean
<djones|fucktard> ummm
<GreenStraws> OOooh.
<GreenStraws> You = screwed
<djones|fucktard> this is going to end up on delphster.net isn't it
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<djones|sims> white smells
* whiterider (onoes@mts2-EF7A9ABB.winn.cable.ntl.com) has joined #social
* ChanServ sets mode: +oa whiterider whiterider
* djones|sims was kicked by whiterider (of roses)
<&whiterider> :D
* &whiterider is teh psychic
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* djones|bacon is a lord amongst men and as such should be treated with the utmost reverance
<tmm> it might help if you lost the |bacon
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<Bunny> I wonder if the monkeys know they are being filmed for dscovery and try to put on a really good show
<Cheeseisgood> XD
<Bunny> or if they always do it like that?
<Cheeseisgood> Well, from what I've seen, no.
<Bunny> you watch monkeys doin it often?
<Cheeseisgood> Occasionaly.
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<Pygsmypuff> it would be cool to be an arciologist
<HP|4n1m80r> It'd be even cooler to spell it correctly. :D
<jhd1189> HP, are you only nice to me because I can spell?