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Gemificus: hey is HP around
TVParoxysm: Nope.
Gemificus: awww darn
Gemificus: was hoping to catchher all quick
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<Loaf> http://delphster.net/irc/
<Loaf> ooh, it's been updated
<Syera> The ones involving Emino are some of my favorites.
<X> ahh we're being quoted :O
<Loaf> but frazz is priceless when she's drunk
<GoldenSimmer> Lol.
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<SirEmino> Sword of Truth series is full of lulz
<Ceyllynn> terry goodkind?
<SirEmino> who can resist a fantasy world, middle age-ish with lesbian dominatrix?
<SirEmino> mhmm
<SirEmino> lesbian dominatrix and manwhore, apparently.
<SirEmino> also, nuns who apparently keeps having sex all the time.
<SirEmino> yes Ceyllynn
<SirEmino> Terry Goodwin
<Chii> Terry Goodwin... Toodwin.
<SirEmino> i imagine him being a very perverted old man with some sense of fantasy fetishes
<Ceyllynn> knew it was terry something
<SirEmino> Terry Goodkind
<SirEmino> nice last name btw rofl
*** viromancy has joined #social
<viromancy> brief hellos chaps
<Ceyllynn> hiyas viro
<SirEmino> heya V
<viromancy> hi ceyllynn, hi emi
<SirEmino> im having a blast with these book, that seemed to be written by you, in spirit
<SirEmino> books*
<viromancy> oh?
<viromancy> what books?
<SirEmino> Sword of Truth series
<SirEmino> it haz lesbian dominatrix in it
<SirEmino> and nuns that slept around
<viromancy> Ah. I don't know them. I only know the Sword of Knowledge trilogy
<viromancy> So anytime you read about lesbian dominatix nuns you think of me?
<SirEmino> mhmm
<SirEmino> only you can pull off that twisted idea
<viromancy> Emi, I don't know how to break it to you after all these years...but...I'm not a lesbian. Or a nun.
<SirEmino> but you have dark minds
<SirEmino> capable of pulling off that kind of shits
<viromancy> well I may be a little warped, here and there. But flagellating young ladies with a riding crop while dressed in a wimple is not one of my pecadillos
<SirEmino> also, a dominion spell that works by slashing off left nipple seems like very you
<Ceyllynn> who wrote sword of knowledge?
<viromancy> I'm very fond of nipples. I don't go round cutting them off just to boss someone around. I usually find that sticking a clothes peg on a guy's left nipple is enough to get a little submissiveness
<SirEmino> you might cut them for your personal vault though... *hides*
<viromancy> I don't have a nipple vault, emi. I barely have enough room in the house for the washing machine and vacuum cleaner. I'd put in more bookshelves before I'd set space aside to store the severed nipples of my enemies
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<whiterider> Your mum's been practising!
<frazzmeister> god, i hope not...
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[18:30] <simmies2> i have sims3 peoples
[18:30] <simmies2> WOOP
[18:30] <simmies2> simes2 is rubbish to be now
[18:30] <Frenchiedesu> :/ Sims 2 isn't rubbish just because Sims 3 was released...
[18:33] * frazzdesu scribles out the '3' on a sims 3 case, draws on a '4' and throws it at the ravenous consumers.
[18:33] <HystericalParoxysm> OMG it's soooo much bettter!!!!11111one
* simmies2 scribbles 3 of box and puts 1000000000000 enjor chucks in shop window
[18:37] <whiterider> What the hell is an enjor chuck?
[18:37] <simmies2> enjor*
[18:37] <simmies2> engoy*
[18:38] <whiterider> That doesn't really make much more sense, but ok
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<Renske> except from volleyball, where they pat each other on the butt when they score
<Renske> .... didnt come out right.
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<Jon> You think stabbing myself in the leg just to find out what it feels like - research for a scene in a story - is a little much? :P
<djones> no shit jon.
<Jon> I dunno. My insurance will pay for it and the doctor will probably get a laugh.
<Jon> I'm seriously considering it.
<djones> shrug
<Jon> Besides, it would pay off in realistic narrative.
<djones> Because self harm is always a good idea.
<Lethe> question is, is realism good reading
<Lethe> reading "AAAARgharagh it fucking hurts'
<Lethe> doesn't exactly progress a storyline
<Jon> I dunno. Tom Clancy makes millions of dollars writing fairly realistic books.
<Jekyll> just don't go for the arteries and remember to take pics, jon
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<lilmisschatterbox> where do i find 'help'? lol..sorry :P
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---» aaliyah (aaliyah@fd-8AFEE33.lightspeed.livnmi.sbcglobal.net) has Joined #social
<aaliyah> hey
<aaliyah> i think we should talk about sex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<Chii> :o
<aaliyah> i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee cockssssssssssssssss
«--- aaliyah (aaliyah@fd-8AFEE33.lightspeed.livnmi.sbcglobal.net) has Quit (Broken pipe)
<Ri> ...
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<daluved1> And now..a nap
* daluved1 is now known as dal|nap
<Arisuka> I dunno what it is, but the panelling and the plants are the elements I'm trying to look for :)
* WWW falls asleep on Dal's boobs
<Arisuka> have a great nap!
<Sparkle> Cookie filled dreams!
<WWW> Yeah, they're totally awesome! I get what you mean!
<joninmobile> dal's boobs are totally awesome?
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[13:55:13] <ChaoticNeutral> this is so USian https://38.media.tumblr.com/23e6d35d58ecc71427d4fbe4ace56f82/tumblr_ncs03q0oQh1qm0775o1_1280.jpg
[13:55:42] <TeeHeeShe> that shouldn't turn me on should it
[13:55:44] <TeeHeeShe> <.<
[13:55:56] <TeeHeeShe> I am of course (mostly) joking
[13:57:22] <ChaoticNeutral> if it's wholegrain bread and high quality meat, i'm sold
[13:57:32] <ChaoticNeutral> i'm grossed out by most pizzas, but i've known a few that were special
[14:01:26] <ChaoticNeutral> known
[14:01:27] <ChaoticNeutral> intimately
[14:01:34] <ChaoticNeutral> like
[14:01:35] <ChaoticNeutral> deep
[14:01:36] <ChaoticNeutral> inside me
[14:01:51] <DemonFolf> O_O
[14:02:10] <DemonFolf> don't fuck pizza pls, Kthxbai
[14:02:21] <heaven> Remind me not to join you for pizza night at your house.
[14:02:42] <DemonFolf> lol
[14:02:50] <ChaoticNeutral> lol
[14:03:03] <ChaoticNeutral> Y U MAKE EVERYTHING GROSS
[14:03:08] * ChaoticNeutral goes get intimate with tea
[14:03:11] <DemonFolf> This is #Create
[14:03:32] <DemonFolf> the basis of everything is tits and getting durty!
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[19:13] ChaoticNeutral i need a cool title for an agent, hyphenated, fantasy style
[19:13] ChaoticNeutral like... "light-bringer" or "lore-keeper"
[19:13] ChaoticNeutral but representing an agent that can either spy or assassinate
[19:14] PharaohHound Death-stalker
[19:14] PharaohHound Pain0maker
[19:14] ChaoticNeutral it has to be discreet, it's their surname
[19:14] PharaohHound Sneaky-stabby
[19:14] ChaoticNeutral I AM AGENT SNEAKY-STABBY
[19:14] ChaoticNeutral haha
[19:14] PharaohHound "Uh, sir, about your name..."
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[12:55] <@PharaohHound> Oh my god
[12:56] <@PharaohHound> I just tried to look at a video on the Colbert website
[12:56] <@PharaohHound> It says "sorry, but this video is unavailable from your location. Probably due to your overly polite attitudes."
[12:56] * PharaohHound dies laughing, but still grumbles about Americans and geofencing
[12:57] <Minaki> silly americans :p
[12:58] <Buzz> Well, I meant to tell you all along, but you really are overly polite, dawgie.
[12:58] <@PharaohHound> Fuck you, Buzz :D
[12:58] <Buzz> See what I mean?
[12:59] <@PharaohHound> Positively saintly, I am
[12:59] <Buzz> Indeed.
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[02:08] <Buzz|work> I think rox is bouncing on her modem.
[02:09] <TechnoWolf> uhh
[02:09] <TechnoWolf> She doesn't have anything better to bounce on?
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[17:50] PharaohHound : How are you?
[17:52] kitty: getting hungry! Dinner is in a few hours.
[17:52] -->| pbox (pbox@fd-C9BD1C2C.vie.surfer.at) has joined #staffchat
[17:52] pbox : hallo
[17:54] PharaohHound : Mmmm, dinner
[17:54] PharaohHound: Uh,
[17:54] pbox flees