Dear Site Staff,

Since my other account was locked and/or deleted I need to say "Hi" using this one. My name is Delphy, from a site that I am sure you all know of - I am posting an open letter here to the site Admins and Moderation staff, and a note to members too.

First, let me explain my reasons for doing so. It came to my attention a few days ago of a thread here that has since been moved to an archive, that - to put it simply - falsly accused and slandered myself and a fellow member of staff that was fuelled by personal bitterness and general pettiness. Since that time I have noticed various other things that are troublesome here. For example - we have the MTS2 Rant thread and a general feeling of disregard and ill-will towards MTS2, while on the other hand we have links from the help section and tutorials blatently stolen from the site.

The level of maturity on this site, quite frankly, astounds me. People who are "bored" or "just having some fun" will put otherwise flammatory posts on this board. We see pettiness and callousness, and I also have seen the actual site staff joining in on this and encouraging it in a lot of places. There is a reason that we do not allow threads that bash other sites over at MTS2 - for the simple fact that it is common sense to not post them. If you have a problem with a site, such as MTS2 or TSR, then you post your thoughts and your ideas on how to improve things constructively and with intelligence in the respective sites area for that purpose. You do not go around posting flames and spite and you especially do not slander members of the MTS2 staff or steal articles written by them. You also do not rip off the content and works from MTS2 in one breath and then in the next say that you still use MTS2 for downloading. That, my friends, is being hypocritical to the utmost degree. Let me ask you also, if you hate MTS2 so much, why do you copy the forum layout and the ideas and use them here?

We have a Site Issues forum both on MTS2 and on S2C. In fact, one of the reasons that the site came into existance was through constructive comments people gave us regarding the "modding" aspect of MTS2 and the need for a seperate site for "socialising". We can clearly see that people who do post intelligently and with foresight and do not flame get thier points looked at a lot more than people who do, and they get thier requests answered.

I would like to see a stop put to the "MTS2 Rant" thread as well as *active* supression of any anti-MTS2 flaming going on on this site. I would also like to see the tutorials that Faylen wrote that have been reposted here without her permission taken down. Oh, and if you are going to have your own Sims 2 Help section, do us the courtesy and at least remove the links you have to MTS2 and do your own help. Finally, I would like to ask all staff members of this site to think about what they post and the way they post. It looks bad on you becuase you come across very immature, regardless of if you are bored or want to have fun. Your actions have consequences, believe me.

Now, speaking about consequences, let us examine them. Firstly, any and all links from SimDepiction to MTS2 are now barred. Secondly, if this thread gets locked, moved to an otherwise inaccessible place or gets deleted, *or* this account gets locked or deleted, then I have enough evidence collected to post multiple Invisionfree TOS infractions which could potentially get this entire site shut down. You do not want to annoy me - or my staff - enough to make me do that. You have been warned and I expect this warning to be taken very seriously.

Let me end this post with a note that outside of your anti-MTS2 sentiments, and the threads and issues I have outlined above, I wish you all the best with your site, once it is cleaned up and my concerns addressed.

Admin and Owner