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Ability Monster / Item Where Win Steal Bribe
Sos Regen12x Healing Spring
 AchelousMt. Gagazet flooded cavern  Healing Spring x16 for 102,000
 OctopusUnderwater Via Purifico  Healing Spring x20 for 90,000 gil
 PhlegyasUnderwater Via Purifico  Healing Spring x6 for 33,600 gil
 KottosMonster Arena (Mihen Highroad)Healing Spring x20 (common)
x40 (Overkill)
Dark Matter x1 (rare)
x2 (Overkill)
Stamina Spring x4 (common)
Soul Spring x2 (rare)
Prize for unlocking: Soul Spring x99
 CatoblepasMonster Arena (Mt. Gagazet / Gagazet Cavern / Zanarkand Ruins)Three Stars x1 (common)
x2 (Overkill)
Dark Matter x1 (rare)
x2 (Overkill)
Healing Spring x3 (common)
Stamina Tonic x1 (rare)
Prize for unlocking: Blossom Crown for unlocking Catoblepas and 30 Mega Elixirs for unlocking Shinryu
 VorbanMonster Arena (Omega Ruins)Friend Sphere x1 (common)
x2 (Overkill)
Dark Matter x1 (rare)
x2 (Overkill)
Healing Spring x2 (common)
Stamina Tablet x1 (rare)
Prize for unlocking: Designer Wallet x60
 Sleep SproutMonster Arena (Fungus)Teleport Sphere x1 (common)
x2 (Overkill)
Dark Matter x1 (rare)
x2 (Overkill)
Poison Fang x4 (common)
Farplane Wind x1 (rare)
Prize for unlocking: Healing Spring x99

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